Thursday, February 3, 2011

Labour dispute may bring British Colubmia's ports to a standstill

A percolating labour dispute between the ILWU and the BC Maritime Employers Association may see the Port of Prince Rupert as well as all other ports in BC idled.

With contract negotiations apparently not going well, warnings were issued this week of the danger to the Canadian economy that any labour disruption on the waterfronts could provide.  As the two sides settled in for the final discussions on the dispute, some shipping lines were already making their plans to re-direct their vessels to American ports.

The potential for labour trouble has provided for a number of articles on the situation on the BC Waterfront, some of those can be found below.

Vancouver Sun-- Labour dispute blamed on slowdown at B. C. ports
Vancouver Sun-- Port Metro Vancouver loses cargo to U. S. competitors
The Northern View-- Possible work stoppage threatens to close Prince Rupert Port
Aldergrove Star-- Ports already feeling pain of possible strike

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