Friday, August 7, 2020

COVID-19 case count increases continue, with 53 cases recorded in BC today

Heading into another British Columbia summer weekend, the province's top health officials are continuing to stress the need to reaffirm our commitment towards bending the COVID curve back downwards.

That after another day of case reports on the upswing, as has been the case for much of the last few weeks.

In the Friday COVID statement, Dr. Bonnie Henry and Health Minister Adrian Dix relayed the latest details for British Columbians to take into the weekend. 

“Today, we are announcing 53 new cases, including three epi-linked cases, for a total of 3,934 cases in British Columbia. 

There are 386 active cases of COVID-19 in the province and 3,353 people who tested positive have recovered. 

There are 11 individuals hospitalized with COVID-19, four of whom are in intensive care. The remaining people with COVID-19 are recovering at home in self-isolation." 

For the Province wide review for Friday, the Health Authority regions of BC reported in as follows:

1,167 cases of COVID-19 in the Vancouver Coastal Health region, 2,069 in the Fraser Health region, 147 in the Island Health region, 389 in the Interior Health region, 93 in the Northern Health region, which remains stable and at the same amount as that of Wednesday.  

There are also 69 cases of people with COVID who reside outside of Canada. 

There was some positive news on the day, with the advisory that have been no new COVID-19 related deaths, which means the total of deaths in British Columbia remains at 195. 

As for the path ahead and the need to be cautious to bring down the ever increasing case totals both officials offered up the following themes.

“As we see new COVID-19 hot spots emerge and the new cases creep up in every health authority, we have to keep our firewall strong. Like a wildfire, COVID-19 has the potential to rapidly burn out of control and we need to put out these flare-ups. 

Today, more than 1,500 people throughout our province are self-isolating, unable to leave their home unless it is to get medical care, because they have COVID-19 or have had a high-risk exposure to the virus. This is a concern and something we can change. 

We can make a difference and we know what we need to do, because we have done so already. We are calling on everyone to make COVID-19 safety our way of life – this weekend and every weekend. 

In step with our increased interactions comes the need to ensure we are taking the steps to protect ourselves and those around us. We have adapted our activities, put layers of protection in place and safely restarted our province. 

Now is not the time to relax and let down our guard. Let’s keep our bubbles small, use our layers of protection and give people the space to stay safe."

You can review the full Information statement from the Friday review here.

The BC Centre for Disease control has some valuable Coronavirus notes related to COVID-19 you can explore that information here.

You can learn more about the outbreak from both the Province and the Federal government from the links below:

Federal Government site

British Columbia Government site

The World Health Organization website also offers up the latest advisories on the global situation.

More from  Northern Health can be reviewed here 

You can review our archive of past statements and local information here.

Local governments and organizations have also provided for increased awareness of COVID-19 issues, the string of statements that came quickly at the end of the week can be reviewed here.

For notes from across Canada and British Columbia we have been archiving the latest items through our political portal Darcy McGee

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Heads Up on Wal Mart's Canada wide in store 'Mask's On' policy set to take effect next Friday

The Prince Rupert WalMart as well as the one in Terrace will
have a Mask On policy for customers and staff
in place as of next Friday

Shopping and working at some retail stores in the Northwest is about to change, that after Wal Mart one of Canada's largest retailers yesterday announced plans for a nation wide Masks On policy at its stores from Coast to Coast.

The move is the latest Health and Safety initiative put in place by the international company, following on a number of other expansive measures from earlier this spring.

As of August 12th all customers and staff are being asked to wear a mask, or other type of  face covering when shopping in their stores, with Wal Mart noting how Health Canada guidance advises that wearing one can reduce the spread of infectious respiratory droplets.

WalMart has put the measure in place regardless of the local guidance on wearing masks that may be in place in the host community for their stores.

The Canadian move follows a similar measure put in place in the United States stores last month, across Canada Walmart operates over 400 stores, including the Prince Rupert location in Rupert Square and the larger store in Terrace.

With Wal Mart now taking the Masks On message to customers and staff, retail observers will be watching to see if other Canadian retailers follow their lead.

For more notes on the Commercial sector in the Northwest see our archive page here.

Further background on the provincial response to COVID-19 can be reviewed here.

City of Prince Rupert seeks public comment/feedback on PRPA plans for temporary use of land on Park Avenue

Prince Rupert City Council is seeking comment from those
who may be affected by  temporary use request from the
Prince Rupert Port Authority for land along Park Avenue

Members of Prince Rupert City Council will be looking to the public to provide some feedback on a request from the Prince Rupert Port Authority to make temporary use of some land along Park Avenue. 

With the application seeking use of the land for a period of up to two years now under consideration.

The topic was introduced to City Council as a late addition to their July 20th City Council session and did not generate much in the way of discussion from the city councillors on the night.

At that session, the city's corporate administrator Rosa Miller outlined that the port would be using the land as an area of preparation of lands and subsequent operation of an off dock container facility.

The land in question is part of the large parcel of property that had once been identified as a potential residential area, though those plans of a few years ago never gained much momentum and now appear to have been abandoned as the developer of the time departed, the property one which was recently put up for sale.

As we outlined on July 23rd, the Prince Rupert Port Authority is currently investigating the lease and potential purchase of the vacant property on the western end of Park Avenue, providing a glimpse of a concept for a buffer zone between port related activity in the Fairview area and the residential areas adjacent, as well as to enable for complementary light industrial use. 

That potential proposal however is a bit far off into the future, for the more immediate period of time, the two year temporary use proposal is up for review by Council and they will weigh their decision on the feedback received.

Towards that the city has called for all persons who believe the interests of their property are affected by the temporary use permit to provide for comments to be read aloud and considered at the August 24th Council session.

With the City's planning office currently vacant and no Planning Director on staff, Corporate Administrator Rosa Miller appears to be the person to talk to related to the proposed land use topic.

Any written submissions must be received by her office no later than noon on August 24th, you can forward your submission to the City of Prince Rupert at City Hall, 424 3rd Avenue West, Prince Rupert V8J 1L7 or electronically to

Those wishing to review more information on the PRPA application for temporary use of the land can contact Ms. Miller at 250-627-0934 for more details on how they can inspect the documentation.

The call out for public comment isn't exactly a loud one, so far the only notice of the opportunity to provide feedback has come from the back pages of the weekly newspaper, where only the really devoted readers of the local publication may have stumbled across it.

For whatever reason, these types of civic advisories never seem to be added to the city's growing list of information streams; whether they be the official city website or the social media pages for the City of Prince Rupert or that of the Mayor.

The lack of a larger call of notification and for active community engagement is something which  perhaps may impact on the amount of comment that the Council members receive on such issues, and perhaps should be a theme for discussion for city councillors to take up at their only public meeting of the month on August 24th.

For more notes related to past City Council discussion themes see our archive page here.

Province of British Columbia looks to honour outstanding British Columbians with Good Citizenship Award

The British Columbia Government has put out the call for nominations to recognize individuals who have made an outstanding contribution to the well being of the communities that they live in.

Last year eighteen British Columbians were awarded the Medal of Good Citizenship, saluted for the wide range of community involvement and dedication to their fellow residents. 

In the Northwest Dr. Peter Newbery of New Hazelton made the 2019 honours list, a celebration of his many contributions to life in the community.

The full list of past recipients can be reviewed here.

North Coast MLA Jennifer Rice shared word of the nomination process on Thursday, providing some thoughts on the program through her Social media stream.

The nomination process is in motion on a year round basis, with no time limit or deadline in place other than to fit into the parameters of the year to year honours.

The announcement of those selected for the award is usually made in the fall or early winter.

To learn more about the nomination process and submit someone you believe is deserving of the honours see this background piece from the province.

For more items of interest on the work of North Coast MLA Jennifer Rice at the Legislature see our archive page here.

Nisga'a Highway set for makeover

Highway work is on the horizon for the Nass Valley starting next week

The road into the Nass Valley will be getting some new pavement next week as the Ministry of Transportation and infrastructure begins work on two segments of Highway 113.

Up for some new pavement along the Nisga'a highway is a thirteen kilometre stretch between Wesach Creek Bridge and Big Cedar Bridge, while the second segment will see sixteen kilometres of highway paved from the Lava Lake Information Kiosk to the Nass Triangle.

The near five million dollar project will also see some first time paving taking place on Hubert Street in Gingolx, that work in partnership with the Gingolx Village government.

The paving work has been contracted to Peters Brothers Construction Limited, Once the project begins, drivers can expect minor delays and, at times, single lane, alternating traffic. 

In these challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic, the province is making note of the protocols and policies in place towards the project. With the contract following the requirements of the provincial health officer to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. These measures include physical distancing and other protocols to ensure worker and public safety. 

You can learn more about the Nass highway work here.

For more notes related to Highway 16 corridor infrastructure see our archive page here.

Prince Rupert's Official Community Plan consultation goes online through Rupert Talks platform

More surveys, an online town hall and an opportunity for
one on one  appointments with the Mayor mark
the next phase of the city's consultation
on the Official Community Plan

(Screenshot above from PR 2030 Vision presentation)

The next step forward for the City of Prince Rupert's update on the Official Community Plan will be moving to an online program with Mayor Lee Brain taking the lead in sharing the details, providing the blue print for the path ahead through a newsletter to the community on Thursday.

As part of his correspondence to the community posted to the City website, social media feed and to the Mayor's Facebook page yesterday, Mr. Brain introduced the road ahead and reviewed some of the findings of the OCP survey of earlier this year. 

That was a public engagement which saw 125 surveys completed, from those notes the city has determined that there is strong support for the 2030 Vision as outlined last December by the mayor at the Lester Centre. 

The responses to the different elements in the Vision 2030 strategy show very strong support for each element, including Active Recreation Planning, downtown revitalization, indigenous inclusion, and arts/culture and open space frameworks, among other areas. In fact, there was very little disagreement with any aspect in the 2030 vision. 

The results of the survey also indicate that residents strongly value the diverse and inclusive nature of the Prince Rupert community, and highly value its environmental qualities. Respondents want the City to improve its physical infrastructure, revitalize the City Core, have more waterfront access, and see a need for encouraging a variety of housing types. 

In addition to the policy areas addressed by Vision 2030, the new OCP is proposed to address a number of other policy areas, including: 

1) Sewer, water and road infrastructure 

2) Climate change/greenhouse gas emissions 

3) Food systems/food security 

4) Social and cultural services

It is towards those four areas that the next survey period will focus; with residents asked to contribute either online or through mailed surveys which are being distributed households across the city.

To participate the online versions of the surveys are available through the Rupert Talks program

The deadline for completion of the surveys is September 11th

The city is also planning for an online town hall to provide for further discussion on the four elements and seek further input from the community.

The city is putting forward a bit of an incentive towards filling the surveys out by offering the chance to be entered in a draw for ten fifty dollar gift cards for randomly selected participants who submit the completed questionnaires.

When it comes to the chance for engagement on the Official Community Plan work, the city is directing residents to provide comment on the proposed land use planning for the city, towards that they are encouraging residents to use this online element and click on the "Places" tab to leave comments on the interactive map provided. 

The City also notes that other sources of information on the OCP will include informational videos on the city website and on Channel 10, as well as the existing Official Community Plan, the Redesign 2030 Vision and other inputs that have been considered during the renewal of our OCP. 

The members of City Council apparently have not it seems found a work around over COVID restrictions when it comes to the prospect any kind of public gathering to go over the city's planning for its OCP overhaul and seemingly won't have much to do with the next consultation period with the public in the weeks and months to come.  

Instead, rather than the public gatherings we may be familiar with from days past, the Mayor and Rob Buchan, the consultant planner that the city has hired on to oversee its OCP work, will be hosting short by appointment meetings those with an interest in the topic. 

The work on the Official Community Plan is moving ahead in the same period of time that the city is going without the services of a City Planner and planning staff in place at City Hall, in June City Manager Robert Long announced that he would be "re-substituting" as he put for the now retired planner Zeno Krekic.

So far the Mayor and City Council have not indicated if they have any replacement plans for the now vacant planning office.

You can sign up for one of Mayor's personal  discussion sessions by contacting Executive Assistant, Brianne Bunko at to set up an appointment.

In June some of the City Council members spoke to the concern of not allowing COVID to become a block for Community Engagement, at that meeting Mayor Brain observed on how he viewed the path ahead.

"Part of the OCP process will be and I believe in the summer time we'll probably hear when the public engagement piece is going to come, but the community is going to have an ability to come together in a very meaningful way, it's not just going to be a survey, it's going to be coming together really discussing these topics, lots of advertising, making sure everybody has the ability to have their voice heard, so that there's no stone unturned. 

Because, we're going to be updating pretty much every single bylaw this town has through that process, to really bring us up to the 21st century and make sure that the trajectory over the next ten years is really going where people want it to go, not just from a planning  process but from what the community desires to see" -- Mayor Lee Brain on the city's OCP planning process in June

The only public City council session of the month comes up on August 24th, a date when we may get some kind of idea as to how the six elected City Council members may view the approach that has been announced and whether it fits their vision of how the community engagement process should move forward. 

It will also offer up an opportunity for them, if inclined,  to provide some kind of an indication as to what role, if any, that they plan to have in the consultation process.

Some of our past notes on the theme of the OCP review can be explored below:


June 10 -- City's Official Community Plan review to put focus towards online engagement

June 8 -- Council to hear update on Official Community Plan process tonight

February 4 -- City of Prince Rupert seeks comment on Official Community Plan Renewal initiative

January 14 -- Vision Steward Council to put Prince Rupert 2030 Vision plans in motion


December 13 -- Collaboration the focus for Prince Rupert 2030 Announcements, setting the template for the future as program of civic renewal moves forward

The Mayor's newsletter and background elements can be accessed through the city's website here.

Further background on the city's plans for the future can be found through our Redesign Rupert/Sustainable City archive

For more notes related to City Council Discussion topics see our archive page here.



Thursday, August 6, 2020

Thursday COVID report notes of 47 new cases in BC, 2 of them listed in Northern Health Region


In their Thursday update, Doctor Bonnie Henry and Health Minister Adrian Dix reported on 47 new cases of COVID 19, including one epi-linked case, today making for a total of 3,881 cases in British Columbia

Of the count for today, they also noted that there are currently 371 active cases of COVID-19 in the province and 3,315 people who tested positive have recovered. 

11 individuals have  been hospitalized with COVID-19, five of whom are in intensive care. 

The remaining people with COVID-19 are recovering at home in self-isolation. 

For the breakdown by Health Authority they noted that 1,143 cases of COVID-19 in the Vancouver Coastal Health region, 2,045 in the Fraser Health region, 146 in the Island Health region, 385 in the Interior Health region, 93 in the Northern Health region an increase of two from Wednesday's listings. 

69 cases of people who reside outside of Canada also have the coronavirus. 

Today's release of information also outlined that there area no new COVID-19 related deaths, for a total of 195 deaths in British Columbia.

With each day providing for a continuations of the ongoing increase of case reports, both public officials looked to how residents of the province have handled the COVID situation in the past and how that can guide us towards the future. 

 “British Columbians have shown that they know the precautions to take to keep themselves, their children and families safe. 

When faced with setbacks, we regroup, come together, learn and adapt our approach. We keep moving forward with the full resources and support of public health teams throughout this province. 

When new cases emerge, no matter where they may be, public health teams immediately mobilize to identify the source of transmission, notify contacts and contain the spread. 

It can be tempting to shut our doors and turn our backs on each other, but rather this is the time to show kindness and compassion, to be there for each other during these challenging days. 

If someone you know is self-isolating or from a community where there are a number of cases, this is the time to offer support and help them get the services and care they may need.

Let’s continue to play safe and stay safe this summer, supporting each other with compassion and understanding. As we look to the fall, let’s use the fortitude and resilience that everyone in B.C. has shown to continue to move forward safely.”

For the full statement from Thursday see the report here.   

The BC Centre for Disease control has some valuable Coronavirus notes related to COVID-19 you can explore that information here.

You can learn more about the outbreak from both the Province and the Federal government from the links below:

Federal Government site

British Columbia Government site

The World Health Organization website also offers up the latest advisories on the global situation.

More from  Northern Health can be reviewed here 

You can review our archive of past statements and local information here.

Local governments and organizations have also provided for increased awareness of COVID-19 issues, the string of statements that came quickly at the end of the week can be reviewed here.

For notes from across Canada and British Columbia we have been archiving the latest items through our political portal Darcy McGee

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Kitasoo/Xai'xais Nation lifts lockdown on Klemtu after COVID tests bring negative results

The internal lockdown of Klemtu lasted roughly 24 hours with Community officials today lifting the restrictions put in place on Wednesday; that after test results related to a suspected case of COVID came back as negative.

In their notice, posted to the community Facebook page this afternoon, they note that as a result of the test result, there currently are NO cases of COVID in the community at this time.

The Council also puts forward their thanks to everyone in Klemtu for their quick response and understanding of the measures that were taken upon the original report of the suspected case.

They also advise as to the need to continue with precautionary measures and limit travel to that of only essential purposes.

Advisory lifting the lockdown at Klemtu after
test  results for COVID 19 came back as negative

(click to enlarge)

As we noted yesterday, the lockdown of the community effectively limited residents to their own homes unless they were essential workers in the Klemtu region. The Council continues to have a string of measures and restrictions in place related to outside contact with the Central coast community.

More notes related to COVID in British Columbia can be explored from our archive page.

Rules of the Road with Prince Rupert Fire/Rescue

The Prince Rupert Fire Rescue Department is using their social media feed this week for instructive purposes. With the PRFD offering a bit of guidance for those sharing the roadways with their apparatus as the city's Fire/Rescue personnel attend to emergency calls around town.

ICBC also has some helpful advice for new or long time motorists as well, providing some background on how to navigate the roads correctly when Emergency vehicles cross your path.

For more notes on the work of Emergency Responders across the Northwest see our archive page here.

With new commercial opening now underway; Metlakatla-Lax Kw'alaams make plans for upcoming Joint Demonstration Commercial Fishery

Some of Prince Rupert's fishing fleet is out on the
waters of Area 4 with a sixteen hour opening underway

The Commercial fleet has taken to the fishing grounds off the North Coast today with the latest Commercial Sockeye gillentter opening from DFO underway as of today, a sixteen hour opening in Area Four which comes as a positive estimate of fish returns was delivered.

The commercial opening comes at the same time as a Recreational opening for Sockeye get underway, that fishing opportunity hosting a limit of one per day for those taking to the recreational fishery.

While those two fisheries move forward, two local First Nations are preparing for the first licenced Demonstration Fishery for the Skeena estuary.

In a post to the Metlakatla First Nation Facebook page the background to the upcoming members only fishery which will take place in the near future, with members of both the Metlakatla First Nation and Lax Kw'alaams Band to participate most likely as part of a lottery.

In their notes they outline how it will work: 

A few things still need to be ironed out with DFO and the processors (opening date, monitoring, landing stations, COVID-19 safety, and fishing participants). The allocation for this demo fishery will be based on what is caught in the regular commercial tomorrow. Revival tanks are mandatory for non-retention salmon species.

More information on that fishery will be relayed through their social media platform.

Today was also a good day for members of the Nisga'a membership in the community, with a long line of members snaking around the Nisga'a Hall this afternoon, that as a fish distribution program began to move forward.

Members were notified of the opportunity earlier today through Gitmaxmak'ay Nisga'a Society social media.

For more notes on the North Coast Fishery can be explored here.

City of Prince Rupert Opens up application period for Community Enhancement Grants, cautions on potential impact of COVID on funding

The application period is now open for Community Enhancement
Grants  with a deadline of September 18th. 
Prince Rupert City Council will review and announce the
successful applicants by January of 2021
(Photo from City of PR)

Local community groups and organizations have a little less than seven weeks to get their paperwork in and the applications delivered to the City of Prince Rupert, as the city opens up the 2021 Community Enhancement Grant application process.

The grants available offer up cash funding, special grants, service-in-kind and inventory options.

They are available to various Non-profit/Volunteer Community groups and organizations, with those interested required to complete in full the application forms available at City Hall or on line, as well as to submit all required supporting documentation.

The City of Prince Rupert Policy on Community Enhancement Grants

The deadline for this years application process is Friday, September 18th at 4PM with applications to be directed to Executive Assistant Brianne Bunko.

It's anticipated that those who apply this year will learn of the status of their application by January of 2021.

However this year, the city notes that any decisions related to the granting and disbursement of funding could impacted by revenue constraints related to the impact of COVID-19 on the city's finances.

Should you need more information on the process for this year contact Ms. Bunko at 250-627-0934

More background on the process is available here, while  the application form and guidelines  can be found below:

In the 2020 round of funding announced last November,  the City of Prince Rupert provided some long standing recipients with additional resources, though some others were left outside looking in for the year, with a recommendation to try again when the next intake period arrives.

More notes on items of interest from the City of Prince Rupert can be found from our Council Discussion archive page.

Port Edward's August update puts focus on roads, water and speeding drivers

Port Edward Mayor Knut Bjorndal
hosts a review for the community this 
month through the District website
The District of Port Edward is showcasing its road reconstruction plans this month in their regular update for residents with Mayor Knut Bjorndal providing a snap shot into the work ahead to rebuild some of the infrastructure for the community.

Making note of their success in accessing grant funding of 2 million dollars towards the work from the Federal government, the Mayor outlined how that money combined with some capital reserves will see a two year road program move into motion.

"I am pleased to announce that we have now tendered the reconstruction of Wildwood and Evergreen (from the Wildwood intersection to Skeena Drive). Rebuilding our roads is our top priority for your council. Many of our roads are very old and rough shape as they were built over muskeg. This is very common in this area. Properly constructed new roads with sidewalk and ensuring storm water drainage is installed will be the focus for current and future capital projects. The District has had several roads re-engineered after hiring a new engineering firm to support this and other infrastructure projects."

We had some background on that road remediation plan last month, which you can review here.

Mr. Bjorndal also made note of some ongoing issues when it comes to the District's water plant having suffered a minor mechanical issue resulting in some water discolouration in July.  

As we noted yesterday, a similar situation developed this week with the District issuing a new notice to residents advising of the issues.

The District has also announced that as part of the province's move into the third phase of the BC Restart plan that they have hired on summer students to support the Public Works Department in their work.

Mayor Bjorndal also highlights some concerns he has heard from the community about speeding drivers along Skeena Drive, with a reminder of the posted speed limits in the District and that any incidents of such behaviour should be reported to the RCMP.

On the theme of traffic, the August update notes that as of September 1st vehicles will no longer be permitted on the boulevards around the District with all vehicles currently in place to be removed by the end of August. Those who do not follow the new rules could see their vehicles towed after the issuance of a second ticket within a 48 hour period.

The Mayor and Council have also confirmed that BC Transit will no longer operate the late evening bus runs to Prince Rupert owing to low ridership, those runs cancelled include the 930 and 1030 PM trips.

Some good news for recyclers in the community was delivered as well in the update, with Regional District providing for an additional bin in the District to be used for plastics and cardboard.

The ongoing concern over Dogs running at large in the community also makes for some focus from the Council, with a reminder for dog owners to keep their pets on a leash at all times, as well as to announce that the District will begin construction of a new dog park later this fall.

As well, it's back to business as usual at the Municipal Hall, or as usual as things can be in a time of COVID, with the District noting that residents are once again welcomed and encouraged to attend Council meetings, though under the current rules they can only allow for 4 individuals in the Council Chamber at any given time.

The next Port Edward Council meetings come up on August 11th and September 8th

Further notes related to the District can be explored from our archive page.

Prince Rupert Port Authority launches community engagement on environmental effects of Ridley Island Logistics platform plans

One of a number of presentations on the proposed Logistics platform for 
Ridley Island that the PRPA is currently seeking comment on

(From PRPA)

One the Prince Rupert Port Authority's large scale projects for the next few years has entered another public consultation phase with Port seeking feedback from the public on their environmental effects evaluation documentation for their proposed Ridley Island Export Logistics Platform.

We first took note of the PRPA's plans back in April when the first sought out some public comment on their project which comes with a price tag anticipated to be around the 250 million dollar mark.

The environmental effects engagement period gets underway today with a public comment period open for participation until Friday, September 4th.

Towards some background on the project, the public is invited to review the Evaluation document from the PRPA website, or to visit the Interpretive Centre in the Atlin Terminal to review a printed copy.

The proposed logistics terminal development is to be located on the southern portion of Ridley Island adjacent to Porpoise Harbour and across Porpoise Channel from Lelu Island.

Location for the proposed Logistics platform on Ridley Island
(From the PRPA)

At its full build, the site will host rail and road infrastructure, a new intermodal container yard, new Transload facility and New Break Bulk Facility as well as administration and maintenance buildings.

Upon completion and when operational it is anticipated to provide employment for up to 50 workers per shift over the course of a three shift day.

Some of the products that will be handled by the new facility include agricultural goods, resin pellets, potash, lumber and pulp.

Truck transit between the new logistics platform and Fairview Terminal would see up to 2,000 transit per day while 4.5 trains per day would be in and out of the platform.

Should the project move forward construction is anticipated to start later this year with a completion expected sometime in the third quarter of 2022.  The site is anticipated to have a life of over fifty years.

The full scope of the project can be explored here

More background on the community engagement process, including some video related to the project and how you can submit your comments can be found here.

Further notes on the Prince Rupert Port Authority can be found from our archive page here.

Wednesday, August 5, 2020

47 new cases of COVID province wide noted in Wednesday report

Wednesday's overview of COVID cases delivered yet another spike upwards in new cases, with Health Minister Adrian Dix and Dr. Bonnie Henry issuing a statement this afternoon to review the latest findings.

"Today, we are announcing 47 new cases, including one epi-linked case, for a total of 3,834 cases in British Columbia. 

There are 351 active cases of COVID-19 in the province and 3,288 people who tested positive have recovered. 

Currently, nine individuals are hospitalized with COVID-19, six of whom are in intensive care. The remaining people with COVID-19 are recovering at home in self-isolation."

Across the province, the active and past case count review noted: 1,132 cases of COVID-19 in the Vancouver Coastal Health region, 2,015 in the Fraser Health region, 146 in the Island Health region, 384 in the Interior Health region, there are 91 confirmed cases of COVID in the Northern Health region which is the same amount as that noted on Tuesday.

66 cases of COVID have been reported from people who reside outside of Canada. 

While the numbers of new cases has gone up, the accounts of the passings of British Columbian's did not increase today.

 "There have been no new COVID-19 related deaths for a total of 195 deaths in British Columbia. We offer our condolences to everyone who has lost their loved ones during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

There have been no new health-care facility outbreaks. In total, three long-term care or assisted living facilities have active outbreaks. 

There are no new community outbreaks. However, there continues to be community exposure events throughout the province and on flights into and out of British Columbia. 

Alerts are posted on the BC Centre for Disease Control's and on health authorities' websites, providing details on where the potential exposure occurred and what actions you need to take – whether you need to immediately self-isolate, or monitor for symptoms." 

For the full statement from Wednesday  see the report here.

The BC Centre for Disease control has some valuable Coronavirus notes related to COVID-19 you can explore that information here.

You can learn more about the outbreak from both the Province and the Federal government from the links below:

Federal Government site

British Columbia Government site

The World Health Organization website also offers up the latest advisories on the global situation.

More from  Northern Health can be reviewed here 

You can review our archive of past statements and local information here.

Local governments and organizations have also provided for increased awareness of COVID-19 issues, the string of statements that came quickly at the end of the week can be reviewed here.

For notes from across Canada and British Columbia we have been archiving the latest items through our political portal Darcy McGee

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Klemtu initiates lockdown process owing to suspected COVID case

The First Nation community of Klemtu has issued an emergency advisory for its membership, putting in place a full lock down of the community some 225 kilometres south of Prince Rupert.

The move by the Kitasoo/Xai'xais Nation comes after a suspected case of COVID-19 was reported in the Central Coast community.

At this time, the local government authorities have told all but essential workers in the community to stay home, not to visit any households outside of their own and only go out if absolutely necessary to pick up groceries or other essential needs.

Those venturing out of their homes will be required to wear mask at all times.

The Council in the community notes that the suspected case has been isolated to one family and they are now quarantined with instructions not to leave their home while they await the results of tests. 

August 5th Emergency Advisory for Klemtu residents
(click to enlarge)

Further notes on their measures can be reviewed from the Kitasoo/Xia'xais Community Facebook page.

Klemtu is one of a number of Coastal First Nation communities that have isolated themselves since the arrival of COVID in Canada, restricting access to only those who are residents.

More notes related to COVID in British Columbia can be explored from our archive page.

Water colouration advisory issued for District of Port Edward residents

Port Edward residents may notice a slight change in the colour of their water
as work continues on the District's water treatment plant

(photo from Sustainable Solutions video)

For the second time in less than a month, Port Edward residents have been notified that once again, they may notice some changes in colour to their water supply for another week.

On Tuesday, the District issued an update on the issue for community members through its Social media feed  and website.

The District notes that the water is within permit parameters for drinking water quality and continues to be filtered and treated.

The water situation comes as a result of ongoing work on the District's Water Treatment plant.

The District issued a similar advisory to the public back in mid July

For those looking to  learn more about the history of the Port Edward Water Treatment facility, an interesting article and video on the topic can be explored here.

For more notes related to the District of Port Edward see our archive page here.

Federal assistance programs for Fish Harvesters to take applications starting August 24th

Some long anticipated Federal assistance for Fish Harvesters
like those above at Fairview Floats in Prince Rupert 
is on the way  starting later this month

The long anticipated details for the Federal Government's pandemic related assistance program for Fish Harvesters were revealed today, with the Department of Fisheries and Oceans outlining the scope of the Fish Harvester Benefit and Fish Harvester Grant program, with the near one month application period to open later this month.

The programs which are expected to deliver over 469 million dollars to Canada's fish harvesters, come from an announcement by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau back in May that promised financial relief for harvesters in the Canadian fishing industry.

Today, Minister Bernadette Jordan noted of the importance of the fishing industry to Canada and noted the challenges currently behind faced by harvesters. 

 “Our fisheries operate under a unique structure and have faced distinct challenges throughout this pandemic. That’s exactly why we created the Fish Harvester Benefit and Grant Program– to meet those needs head-on. We’ve been working around the clock to develop a simple, accessible system to deliver over $469 million to Canada’s fish harvesters as smoothly and quickly as possible. That’s why it was important for us to announce this in advance of August 24th, to ensure applicants have time to prepare. Our goal is, and has always been, to get the hardworking women and men of Canada’s fisheries the support they need, and that’s exactly what we’ll continue to do.” 

The Fish Harvester Benefit will offer income support to self-employed fish harvesters and sharepersons. The benefit covers up to 75% of income losses beyond a 25% threshold for the 2020 tax year when compared to 2018 or 2019. The maximum benefit is $10,164.  

The details towards who is eligible and who is not and what you need to do to apply for the Fish Harvester Benefit can be reviewed here.

The Fish Harvester Grant is a non-repayable grant for self-employed fish harvesters with a valid commercial fishing licence in 2020, and non-deferrable business costs of up to $40,000. The grant program provides non repayable support of up to $10,000, dependent on the level of the fish harvesters’ historic fishing revenue in 2018 or 2019. A lesser grant amount may be provided on a sliding scale relative to revenue or actual expenses.

The details towards who is eligible and who is not and what you need to do to apply for the Fish Harvester Grant option can be reviewed here.

The Application period will be open from August 24, 2020 to September 21, 2020. 

Successful applicants will receive immediate notification of their payment(s) amount and their first payment will be deposited in their bank accounts within 5 business days following their application. Payments by cheques will also be issued within 5 business days with delivery of cheques subject to regular mail delivery timelines.

The full announcement from the Department of Fisheries and Oceans can be explored here.

The benefit and grant program application period arrives as the season appears to be delivering a bit of burst of activity for local harvesters, with a strong volume of fish arriving in recent weeks.

More notes related to the North Coast Fishery can be reviewed here.

PNG proposes upgrade for Salvus to Galloway gas pipeline to Northwest

Pacific Northern Gas has outlined its proposal for an infrastructure upgrade project for its Western Transmission gas pipeline which serves the North Coast with work to take place on the stretch from Salvus to Port Edward.

The proposed work is outlined on the PNG Website, with the gas company outlining the route of the pipeline on the existing corridor.

The Salvus to Galloway segment of the Western Transmission gas line runs through a remote mountainous region of Highway 16 West and south of Work Channel, starting at Salvus approximately 50km southwest of Terrace, up to Galloway Rapids approximately 9km southeast of Prince Rupert. All work is expected to take place within PNG’s existing pipeline corridor, referred to as a right-of-way, and nearby permitted temporary workspace.

The work is required as some of the pipeline sections are nearing the end of their useful operational period.

The consultation process starts later this month with the construction process proposed for 2021-2023, as part of the consultation process, a number of virtual engagement sessions are planned.

The two sessions in August will take place August 19th and 26th, from 6:30 to 8:00 PM, you will need a computer and phone to participate in the community engagement process.

Access to the virtual consultation can be found from the PNG website

As part of their notes on the project, PNG notes that consultation is planned throughout all phases of the project.

The application for the $80-million project is expected to be filed this fall, with a BCUC decision in spring 2021. Following approval, construction would begin in the summer of 2021 and continue in phases each summer completing in fall 2023. PNG is consulting with Indigenous communities and engaging with the public in advance of the BCUC application submission and would continue engagement throughout all project phases.

If approved, it's anticipated that the cost of the project will be 80 million dollars, one million dollars for every kilometre of the pipeline route to be repaired or replaced.

More notes on PNG in the Northwest can be reviewed here.

Popular Men's Jubilee tourney cancelled for 2020

It's one of the most anticipated weekends on the Northwest golfing calendar, but this year, the Prince Rupert Golf Club's Men's Jubilee will not take place, the popular event scrapped owing to COVID.

The advisory for golfers was relayed last week by the Prince Rupert Golf Course, noting through their social media page that the changing guidelines from the BC Government and the recent uptick in COVID in Northern BC were the determining factors.

The mid august event which was set for August 14-16 attracts some of the top recreational golfers in Prince Rupert and from across the Northwest and is one of the main features of the golf season in the city.

For those golfers who had already pre paid for the August event, refunds are available from the Pro Shop.

For more notes on news from the Prince Rupert Golf Club see their Facebook page.

Further items of interest on golfing in the Northwest can be explored from our Archive page.

RCMP seek wanted Terrace man in Northwest

The Terrace detachment of the RCMP is asking the public for help in locating a Terrace resident wanted on an unendorsed warrant for breach of release orders.

Mounties in the Northwest are looking for Mitchell Scodane, the 25 year old First Nations male is five foot ten inches in height, weighs 166 pound and has black hair and brown eyes.

It is believed he may be in the New Hazelton area.

Should you have information on his whereabouts, you are asked to contact your local detachment of the RCMP or through CrimeStoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS or

More background from the Terrace RCMP can be reviewed here.

For more notes on the work of Emergency Responders in the Northwest see our archive page here.

No Tsunami Danger for BC following another significant Alaska Quake

Another Strong earthquake has been recorded in NW Alaska

Emergency Info  British Columbia has issued an all clear following another large Alaska Earthquake had generated a Tsunami warning this morning.

The 5.2 magnitude quake struck at 9:18 AM BC Time 104 kilometres Southwest of Sand Point in Northwest Alaska, near the same location as a number of significant earthquakes in late July.

While strong, it was not at the same force as the July 21st quake which registered 7.8, that quake resulted in a tsunami warning for BC that lasted until just after midnight.

The Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre was quick to post the No Tsunami warning to their feed shortly after the quake had been measured.

More notes on past seismic activity in British Columbian and Alaska can be reviewed here

Drive In Downpour Downer

The Jim Ciccone Civic Centre remained empty Tuesday night
as the nasty weather meant not Drive In Movie experience

The pandemic didn't win, but in the end, a more familiar nemesis, the weather proved to be too much for some good intentions on the North Coast.

The plans by CityWest and the City of Prince Rupert to host a Drive In Movie experience found one element that over ruled their Tuesday evening plans ... the Weather.

The highly anticipated event was scuppered last night as high winds meant that those of the 50 car full of would be movie goers who had qualified by draw and arrived at the Civic Centre last evening were sent home, the event cancelled owing to the untimely burst of nasty weather for the North Coast.

CityWest shared the news through their Social media feed shortly before the scheduled showtime planned for 9:30 on Tuesday evening.

As we noted in late July, the Drive In movie plan, had offered up a bit of community bonding in a socially distant atmosphere was planning to showcase the movie ONWARD.

While there are no promises, CityWest hopes to revisit the Drive In plans, though as they note on Social Media, perhaps not in what has been a rather cursed year of 2020. 

Judging by the comments left so far to the cancellation notice on the CityWest Facebook book page, that would be a well received initiative, should they follow up on it!

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