Saturday, August 15, 2020

Rain related debris reported on Highway 16 near Port Edward turnoff

Rain related debris and pooling water at the Port Edward turnoff area 
has made for challenging driving conditions Saturday night

The weekend of heavy and constant rain has made for some challenges along Highway 16 near the Port Edward area, with a few social media accounts making note of a field of debris and mud on the highway in the vicinity of the Port Edward turnoff.

The Highway cameras at the location do provide a bit of a visual guide as to the extent of the  debris and water pooling on the highway, from the Galloway bridge area through to the turnoff.

Highway 16 at the Galloway Rapids Bridge as of 6:48 PM

The turn South at Highway 16 and the Port Edward Road as of 6:48 PM

The North Coast Review contacted Drive BC which noted that they have spoken with the contractors for the area who advise that "the situation is apparently the result of some run off from a nearby ditch. They are sending out traffic control and will be cleaning the debris from the bridge. We are hoping they will have single lane alternating traffic in place very soon." 

You will be able to find updates from the Drive BC website or twitter feed

So far the Prince Rupert area has seen over 130 mm of rain having fallen with another 30 mm expected  by the time Sunday arrives.

A video posted to the What's Up Prince Rupert Facebook page provides a good look at the volume of water motorists had to contend with

Screenshot from the What's Up Prince Rupert
Facebook page of Saturday's highway water

We will update the situation as more information becomes available.

More notes on the stalled weather system can be explored from the Environment Canada website, while further items of interest on the Highway 16 corridor can be found here.

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