Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Rupertites and Northwest residents involved in Sports away from the North Coast 2022-23

With University and College sports program back into full swing we have taken a look at the players listings from across Canada and tried as best we can to plant some pins on maps towards where Prince Rupert athletes and those from the Northwest have put down some roots for now.

Below is our listing of the current athletes that we know of to this point, that have taken their talents to other locales as part of their university or college experiences. 

The archive is an always evolving project, and updates will be part of the ongoing process as the various sports prepare for their season through the fall and winter months.

You can offer up a heads up on who, is going where, through our twitter feed or contact us by email at .

Click on the name to explore their stats packages, while we also feature news items related to the Prince Rupert athletes listed below.

We invite you to Return often to the page, as we discover new names in new places across the University and College sports scene.

The fixed link for the archive can be found in the North Coast Review Sports and Outdoor Activities listings at the right hand bottom side of the blog.

Don't go too far away, our archive notes on those Rupertites and others from the Northwest playing in the various levels of Junior or University hockey will be previewed later this week. 




Liam McChesney

Illinois Redbirds (NCAA Division 1)

Team website


Redibrids News Items 2022-23






VIU Mariners (BC College Sports)

Mariners news Items 2022-23



Eric Lees
Camosun Chargers (BC College Sports)

Team Website


Chargers news Items 2022-23



Men's Soccer 

St. Thomas Tommies ( Canadian College Sports)

Team Website

Tommies news Items 2022-23


Other Northwest Student-Athletes for 2021-22

By Home Community

Click on names to review Stats for this season


Myah Bowal -- UNB Reds Women' Hockey
Tyler Dozzi -- UBC Cross Country
Sasha Haldane --Thompson Rivers Volleyball.
Cassidy Kitchen -- Vancouver Island University Women's Volleyball 
Jackson Netzel --- UNBC Men's Basketball
Jacey Neid -- Vancouver Island University Women's Volleyball
Jacob Ringma-- Nippising Lakers Men's Volleyball
Correina McNiece -- Camosum College Women's Volleyball


Cara Brawdy -- UNBC Women's Soccer
Eliyah Brawdy -- UBC Kelowna Women's Track/Cross Country  
Grant Hooper -- Vancouver Island University Men's Soccer
Saymon Loki -- UNBC Men's Basketball
Josh Maser -- University of Calgary Men's Hockey
Trent Monkman -- UVic Men's Basketball
Tamiya Ness -- University of Winnipeg Women's Basketball
Karsyn Niven -- Trinity Western Women's Hockey
Melissa Pesch -- Capilano College Women's Volleyball
Owen Sikkes -- RMC  Men's Hockey
Jillian Turko -- Acadia Women's Rugby


Paige Payne -- UNBC Women's Soccer 

Haida Gwaii

Jesse Barnes -- Brock Badgers Men's Basketball
Devan Boyko -- Vancouver Island University Men's Basketball 
Caysen McDiarmid -- Simon Fraser University Men's Track

Vanderhoof/Fort St. James

Ella Boon -- Trinity Western University Women's' Hockey
Emma Floris -- University of Windsor Women's Track 
Colby Wilson -- University of Saskatchewan Women's Hockey


Previous archives available here.

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