Sunday, November 27, 2022

Blog Watching: Week ending November 27, 2022

The tragic events of Monday in downtown Prince Rupert consumed much of the attention for Prince Rupert residents through the week, as well as of note for those across Northwest and the province for that matter.

Many having spent the last six days  trying to understand the unfathomable horror that took place in the Ocean Centre that claimed the life of Patty Forman.

The rest of the week seemed small and insignificant, framed in the tragedy, though a few of our other items did capture some attention.

Among those two notes from this week's City Council session, with an update on the Ocean Centre Bus Pullout of some interest, as was City Council's first mention of plans towards the city's water treatment infrastructure and the potential for private sector involvement.

Some funding assistance for Trinity Men's Recovery House also was of some interest to readers, as was a story we had on Friday afternoon outlining the latest progress towards a major industrial development on Ridley Island  for the Vopak Bulk Fuels marine Terminal 

From the weeks review however, the most read items were those of accounts of the relay of information towards the  horrific events of Monday.

Large Police presence at Ocean Centre Mall -- Monday's tragic events at the Ocean Centre mall dominated  the week's news, with our updates gaining significant interest following the first RCMP information release. You can review those items and  some of other coverage we observed of here. Also of note, is tonight's Community Walk for Healing, which you can learn more about here. (posted November 21, 2022

 That article was followed by: 

Ocean Centre Bus pull out project behind schedule, likely not to be fully completed until next spring -- Monday's City Council session brought an update on progress for what is now a somewhat behind schedule work on the Ocean Centre Bus pullout. You can review all of the council themes from Monday here.    (posted November 23, 2022

City's water infrastructure planning makes for discussion Monday at Council Session --   While the Mayor, Council members and city staffers all said things were still very early into the exploration period, the prospect of  a potential private sector partnership and formation of a new Civic company on water issues has captured the attention of a local community advocacy group.  You can review all of the council themes from Monday here(posted November 23, 2022) . 

Trinity Men's Recovery House to benefit from funding commitment by BCMEA -- One of Prince Rupert's key addictions services has gained additional support from the waterfronts largest employer group, with Trinity Men's Recovery house gaining a funding commitment from the BCMEA.  (posted November 22, 2022

Federal Environmental Determination moves Vopak Ridley Island Terminal plans further along towards potential development. --   Our story of Friday afternoon noting of the the latest progress for what could be the next significant industrial development in the community found a large readership in just a few days. With Vopak Pacific Canada receiving its Notice of Determination towards their plans for a bulk liquids marine terminal. (posted November 25, 2022) . 

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