Thursday, November 24, 2022

City of Prince Rupert seeks community feedback on plans for changes to Council Procedures Bylaw

Corporate Administrator Rosa Miller provided a short synopsis for City Council
members Monday towards the proposed new Council Procedures Bylaw

How City Council plans to conduct its proceedings in the future is up for a review and a few changes for 2023, with the plans to create a new bylaw outlined Monday night by the City's Corporate Administrator Rosa Miller.

In her presentation for Monday evening, Ms. Miller offered up a short synopsis of the document and the path forward for the new bylaw and its changes

"The existing council procedure bylaw with amendment was oringally created in 2005 with subsequent amendments in 2013 and 18.  

In order to ensure procedural accuracy we felt it necessary to update the bylaw to reflect up to date procedures and processes to ensure all council meetings meet he requirements set out in the Community Charter.

Specifically we are looking to repeal the previous ones and bring this new bylaw one in."

Towards the Changes the Corporate Administrator identified the following as some of the key elements of the proposed new bylaw.

"Add the addition of a consent agenda which adds clearer definitions for Agenda timelines

Clearer definitions for the process for the Committee of the Whole. 

Which would include ... presently there is a section in the bylaw that refers to seven day notice to the Corporate Administrator for delegations; there is no contemplation of speaking to matters on the regular agenda.

This particular bylaw does speak to that and it does allow a section in the regular meetings for community members to speak to items specifically on the agenda.

There is also still the ability to come with a delegation with seven day notice to the Corporate Administrator"

Council members provided for the first second and third readings to the Bylaw.

No one on Council asked any questions, or offered  any comments related to the proposed change in bylaws from the Monday night presentation. 

Ms. Miller's synopsis of the proposed content of the new procedures bylaw can be reviewed through the City's Video Archive, starting at the 1 hour twenty one minute mark.

The document features 23 pages of notes on how Council proceedings would be conducted.

The full bylaw proposal can be reviewed here.

Towards community engagement to the topic the City announced its call for comment this morning, providing some details as to how residents of the community can participate in the comment period.

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The deadline to provide that comment is set at 4PM January 6th 2023, with comments to be directed to Ms. Miller's office at the options listed above.

Council having provided for first, second and third readings on Monday, will have opportunity to move the Bylaw forward for adoption when they resume their duties in the New Year.

More notes on Monday's Council session can be reviewed through our Council Timeline Feature.

Further items of note from City Council can be explored through our Council Discussion archive.

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