Friday, July 21, 2023

Summer Break from Blogging

We'll be draining some of the savings account for the next few weeks on gas stations, restaurant meals and such as we take a short break from our accounts of the newsworthy happenings of Prince Rupert and area.

As we head out, we take leave of our blogging themes for the next little while, with a return target of somewhere along the lines of early to mid August or so.

Not having aligned our schedules with City Council ...  as we noted earlier; we've provided for a preview of their work at City Hall on Monday evening

Though any updates on that work and any other stories of interest from the region from our space, will have to wait for our return. 

As well, our regular features on real estate, the weekly review of the most read items and such, will all be on sabbatical until we turn the ole NCR computer back on.

Likewise a note for those of our readership with a passion for offering up comments; the comments approval process will be on hold once the rubber hits the highway; the resumption of the moderating process comes with our return.

While we take a break from the delivery of new and original content, feel free to browse our archive pages found as part of our right hand column and catch up on some of the themes you may have missed in recent weeks.

City Council Preview for Monday, July 24, 2023 session

We will be taking a break from the blog for a few weeks (more on that to come) but before we hit the highway, a Preview of Monday's City Council Session. the only public meeting for Council for the month of July.

And while we're providing for the heads up on what they plan to work with on Monday, our review of the Council Session and any decisions that will come out of it,  will have to wait until we return in August.

But for those who like to know what their elected city officials are up to these days down on the 400 Block of Third West, here's their plans for Monday.

The night offers much of interest, with a pari of  presentations set for the Committee of the Whole; the first a look at plans for municipal website renewal followed by notes related to the City's Transportation plan

In the regular session there is much ahead as well.

Included are a number of Reports for Council, from a look at Civic Recognition planning to Variance reports from the CFO and a Fire/Rescue update from the Fire Chief. Council will also receive a report related to infrastructure replacement planning.

A number of correspondences make for the Consent Agenda part of the evening, included are letters from the Mayor of Surrey and the Province related to the recent Policing decision for that community.

Council will also review a correspondence from Regional District seeking support towards seeking funding from the Port's Community Investment Fund for recycling bins for Port Edward.

Some welcome progress will also be noted towards nuisance properties in the city, with two Remedial Action Orders up for approval by Council.  

Those for a property at 741 Third West and another at 1122 and 1133 Second Avenue West.

The Regular Session 

Monday's  Regular Council session starts at 7 PM and can be viewed by way of the Live Feed from the City Website.

The session is normally posted to the City's YouTube archive within 24 hours of the session concluding.

You can review the Agenda for the July 24th session here.  

The COW Agenda can be reviewed here.  

A copy of the Transportation Plan from Urban Systems is included in the COW Agenda link above.

The outline of Council's work ahead for the evening can be reviewed below


 Call to Order

Adoption of the Agenda --  The Mayor will Review  Committee of the Whole Agenda of the July 24th session and seek approval of Council  towards it. 

Petitions and Delegations -- 

Council will receive a Presentation from Veronika Stewart, Manager of Communications,  Engagement and Social Development  -- Ms. Stewart will  speak towards plans for the Municipal website renewal

Council will also receive a report on the City of Prince Rupert Transportation Plan

Question and Inquiries from members of Council 

Adjournment to Regular Council Session



Introduction of Late Items

Approval of Agenda  -- The Mayor will review the Agenda of the July 24th session and seek approval of Council  towards it. 

Public Comments regarding Agenda items -- This period offers a chance for those in attendance to speak to any items to be addressed on the Agenda for the evening. 

Consent Agenda

Report  from Corporate Administrator: 2023 Civic Recognition awards   (see page 10  of Agenda)

Council Resolution Status Update to June 2023 (see pages 11-12  of Agenda)

Report  from the Manager of Communications, Engagement and Social Development: Municipal website renewal  (see pages 13 - 15 of Agenda)

Monthly Fire/Rescue report   (see pages 16 - 17 of Agenda)

Proclamation: National Drowning Prevention Week (see page 18  of Agenda)

Report  from the Director of Operations and Intergovernmental Relations: Infrastructure Replacement Strategy/Disaster Mitigation and Adaptation Fund (DMAF)  (see pages 19 - 20 of Agenda)

Report  from Chief Financial Office: May 2023 Financial Variance Report  (see pages 21 - 25 of Agenda)


North Coast Regional District Board Highlights   (see page 26 of Agenda)

Email from Northern Health : Re BC Speak Survey   (see page 27 -29 of Agenda)

Letter from the Office of the Mayor from the City of Surrey: Re RCMP   (see page 30 -32 of Agenda)

Letter from the Office of the Province of British Columbia: Re RCMP   (see pages  32 -  34 of Agenda)

Thank you card from the Lester Centre (Chris Armstrong): Re Mamma Mia (see pages 35-36 of Agenda)

Ministry of Emergency Management and Climate Readiness Community News  (see pages of 37 - 44 Agenda)

Invitation to Review and Comment on the NCRD Draft 2 Solid Waste Management Plan and Attend a Council  (see pages of 45 - 46 Agenda)

Resolution submitted to the 2023 UBCM Convention from the City of Prince George  (see page 47 of Agenda)

Letter of Support from the North Coast Regional District : Re Prince Rupert Port Authority's Community Investment Fund for public recycling bins in Port Edward.   (see page 48 of Agenda)


Council will be asked that all items of the Consent Agreementt be accepted and filed 

Staff Reports

Report from the Director of Development Services: Prince Rupert Transportation Plan   -- Council will receive a  report  recommending approval of the plan and to provide direction to Staff (see pages 49 - 235  of Agenda)

Report from the Corporate Administrator: Remedial Action Order for 741 - 3rd Avenue West  -- Council will receive a  report  recommending that Council direct staff to  proceed with a Remedial Action Order for the building at 741-3rd West, with the cost towards its removal be placed on the property taxes for the property.  Council will be asked to also approve the removal of the bus and vehicle on that property, with the cost of removal added to the taxes on the property  (see pages 236 - 237 -  of Agenda)

Report from the Corporate Administrator: Remedial Action Order for 1112 & 1133 Second Avenue West    -- Council will receive a  report  recommending that Council direct staff to  proceed with a Remedial Action Order for building removal located at 1122 & 1133 2nd Avenue West. The costs of removal placed on the property taxes for the said property; As well it will be recommended that Council direct staff to provide notice to the property owner in accordance with Section 77 of the Community Charter.   (see pages 238 - 239 of Agenda)

Business Arising

Council Round Table and Public Question Period -- Council members will have opportunity to raise items of interest or concern for consideration.

Adjournment -- The Mayor will bring the session to a close. 

The live broadcast of the City Council Session can be found here, a video archive of the past sessions of Council is available from the City's YouTube archive.

Further notes related to the July 24th session can be reviewed from our Council Archive page.  

Our archive of all of the City Council sessions for 2023 is available here.

City Council Session: Monday July 24, 2023

Our Archive of items for the Regular Session of Prince Rupert City Council for Monday  July 24,  2023.

Home page and archive of City Council session can be found here.

Live Broadcast of Council session can be viewed here.

Agenda for Committee of the Whole Session July 24

Agenda for Regular Council Session July 24

Notice of Closed Council session for July 24

Preview of the Regular Council Session for Monday, July 24, 2023


Mayor Herb Pond -- Present
Councillor Nick Adey -- Present
Councillor Barry Cunningham -- Present
Councillor Teri Forster --  Present
Councillor Reid Skelton-Morven -- Present
Councillor Wade Niesh -- Present
Councillor Gurvinder Randhawa -- Present

Minutes of Regular Session of Council,  Monday, July 24, 2023
(not available yet)

Video Recording for Monday, July 24, 2023

Council Timeline, Monday July 24, 2023

Westcoast Connector Gas Pipeline to use shorter route

An application to amend the Environmental Assessment Certificate for the Westcoast Connector Gas Pipeline has been approved but the Provincial Environmental Agency, the government body announcing its decision last week with an information release on the EIPC data base.

The amendment noting of a change in the routing of the pipeline through the Northeast region of the province, with the pipeline now to start  north of MacKenzie, eliminating the routing to the north.

The West Coast Connector Gas Transmission project has been an on again, off again proposal for over a decade, originally designed to feed natural gas to the BG Group's Prince Rupert LNG project that had been proposed for Ridley Island.

That proposed development, was one of a number of high profile LNG projects that were put on the shelf over the last ten years, the BG proposal meeting its cancellation fate in 2016, the project taken off of Shell Canada's inventory list in early 2017

It's the latest evolution is now to deliver gas to the proposed KSI Lisims LNG project at Wil Milt as part of the Nisga'a Nation led plans for LNG Terminal development in the Nass Valley.

Should the prospects of LNG development for Prince Rupert show a revival, the Enbridge map shows how it would route into Ridley Island.

The amendment documentation with the province can be examined here.

The full Westcoast Connector Gas Pipeline file can be reviewed here.

More background on the WesCoast Connector plans can be reviewed from our archive page here.

For a wider overview of regional LNG themes  see our archive page.

2024 brings Refit time for Digby Island Ferry, as City of Prince Rupert puts out call for proposals

The city's marine transportation link between the Downtown core and the Digby Island Airport is up for a refit, with the City seeking out proposals for the work through the BC Bid program.

The call for proposals was posted to the provincial site on Wednesday, seeking submissions for Structural and Mechanical Repairs and Regular Maintenance for the Digby Island Ferry.

Towards that work the City has listed seven key elements for the upcoming refit, with the work to take place in May of 2024.

The 214 tonne vessel was built at the Vancouver Shipyard and commissioned for service in January of 1970. The vessel has had many refits during its 53 years of daily service to and from Digby Island.

The City's Corporate Administrator, Rosa Miller is the contact person for enquiries related to the Call for Proposals. 

The Closing Date for the Call for proposals is August 31st at 2PM

The Scope of Services section of the Proposals request includes aa range of additional work to be done on the vessel as part of the refit program.

You can explore the details to the work ahead from the BC Bid website.

A review of some of the city's other Calls for Bids and Proposals can be reviewed here.

Northern Health outlines opportunities with Health Care Assistant training program

Northern Health is looking to fill some of the staffing gaps across the northwest with a training program hosted by Coast Mountain College, with registration now underway for the fall session.

The Health Care Assistant Program is the initiative, and as Northern Health explains it. offers students the opportunity to receive paid education and on the job training towards becoming a registered Health Care assistant.

Some background on what the program is about and where it can take you in a health care career is outlined below:

The full overview of the initiative is available here.

Learn more about the program and how to register by contacting Northern Health at

Coast Mountain College has further information available towards the program, which you can review here.

The next intake for the program is now underway, the program set to start on September 18 2023 and runs until May 31, 2024 ,it is being offered at the Terrace, Smithers and Prince Rupert Campus locations.

More notes on Health Care across the Northwest can be reviewed here.

A look at Coast Mountain College themes is available from our archive here.

Northern Savings Credit Union ready to dish out some ice cream and mortgage tips today

If you're in the vicinity of Northern Savings on Third Avenue West this afternoon between 2 and 4 PM the management and staff are inviting you in for complimentary Cool Treat.

Today Northern Savings is observing of National Ice Cream Day and the Prince Rupert based financial organization will be dishing out the treats between 2 and 4 PM, as well as some free mortgage advice.

The Ice Cream consultations are also to take place at their branches in Terrace and Haida Gwaii.

The mortgage advice is available year round, the ice cream treats however may go fast, Northern Savings noting that the treats are available while supplies last.

The financial institutions might be a tad late on the calendar with their celebrations, the official date for National Ice Cream Day is the third Sunday of July, the event a creation of former US President Ronald Reagan.

The 2023 version an event which just passed us by ... still FREE Ice Cream ... no more need be said.

More notes on the region's commercial sector can be explored here.

Thirteen Day closure planned for stretch of Fulton Street starting Monday

The stretch of Fulton Street from Fourth Avenue to Third Avenue
currently using traffic control personnel will be closed completely
staring on Monday, reopening August 5th

Residents of Prince Rupert who use Fulton Street for their travels in and out of the downtown core will have to do a bit of re-routing starting on Monday.

The City of Prince Rupert has advised that one of the city's main corridors will be closed to traffic between Third and Fourth Avenues as BC Hydro continues to work on their underground service project.

The work is expected to require closure of the road until August 5th.

Starting Monday Fulton Street (middle of map) will be closed to traffic
with the City advising motorists to use McBride or Borden Streets to 
for travel in and out of the downtown core

The details of the road closure and the recommendation of McBride and Borden as the alternate routes was relayed through the City's Social media stream on Thursday.

Follow the City's Social media stream for any updates on the work.

More notes on Civic Operations can be reviewed here.

Northwest survey seeks feedback on childcare needs across region

The topic of Child Care and how to improve on the options for Prince Rupert and area residents is once again of some note, that with a new survey currently underway to learn more about the challenges and what parents and guardians are looking for when it comes to they child care needs.

The heads up for the current survey was offered up by the Prince Rupert and District Chamber of Commerce through a recent social media shout out. 

The Chamber's message one that noted of the success of local programs at Conrad Elementary and Pineridge, as well as to how participation in the survey will help to provide guidance on how to address current child care shortages.

The short survey, which only features eighteen questions, seeks out the status of parents current day care plans and what they would like to see provided in the community in the future, as well as to make note of a potential community round table in the future to discuss those themes.

You can take the survey here.

The City of Prince Rupert recently moved forward to relax zoning requirements when it comes to the development of Child Care facilities 

A  Child Care Review presentation from 2020 highlighted some of the challenges facing families in Prince Rupert if finding child care.

More notes related to education can be reviewed here, community themes can be explored from our archive page here.

Oldfield Creek Hatchery seeks volunteers for a number tasks

Prince Rupert's Oldfield Creek Fish Hatchery is looking for a few helping hands towards their work in the community, with the Environmental Conservation Group seeking out some help with their books and the outdoor maintenance of their facility.

The twin calls for help were recently relayed through their Social Media Feed the first a call for some help with moving the grass or weeding their garden.

The second volunteer opportunity is that of helping them with their financial books.

You can find out more about the work by sending them a message through their Social media page.

More notes on Community themes can be reviewed here.

Strong Reviews for Museum of Northern BC's Summer showcase event for Smackdown

Prince Rupert artists Suzo Hickey and Lynn Cociani at
the Ruth Harvey Gallery at the Museum of Northern BC where
their Smackdown collection has been on display since mid June
(image from FB)

The current showing of Smackdown the work of local artists Suzo Hickey and Lynn Cociani is gaining some very warm reviews for the Museum of Northern British Columbia.

The exhibit which opened with a Gala Reception on June 10th has been at the Museum through the summer featuring 16 paintings from the two Prince Rupert artists who have combined their works for the summer showing season.

And if a recent note from the Museum of Northern BC is an indication, those who have taken in the exhibit in the Ruth Harvey Gallery have liked what they have seen.

You can learn more about the work of the two artists here and here.

The Smackdown Exhibit closes on August 2nd.

More notes on Arts and entertainment can be explored here.

Modified Schedule for Northern Adventure on Sunday

Some Required maintenance work on the starboard engine of the Northern Adventure will have the vessel on a modified schedule for its July 22-23 service between Skidegate and Prince Rupert.

BC Ferries advised travellers of the work ahead through their Service Notice page with those with affected bookings having been contacted by customer service representatives. 

It's anticipated that the Northern Adventure will be back on its regular schedule by Monday July 24th.

For updates on any service changes follow the BC Ferries Twitter feed or their Service Notices page from their website.

More notes on Marine Transportation on the North Coast can be reviewed here.

ILWU Caucus to review latest tentative deal, consider taking it to membership

DP World Container Terminal at Fairview 
(image from PRPA)

** See further updates at bottom of page**

The mercurial events of the BC Port Strike may soon finally find some closure,. 

That coming out of the latest development that of review of a tentative deal, the second attempt for such, for the International Longhshore and Warehouse Umiom Caucus, which will do that today in what has been described as an emergency contact caucus.

Depending on that review, the contract proposal could be forwarded to the membership over the weekend.

The word of the plan of action came from a statement from a local in the Vancouver area on Thursday.

The latest twist to what has become a national transportation crisis on the waterfront came after the ILWU rescinded its second 72 hour strike notice, the announcement of the tentative deal review came following that move.

Neither the ILWU national office, or the British Columbian Marine Employers Association have issued a comment related to the current state of negotiations.

The Federal Government as well has not released any statements related to the return of the agreement for the review of the ILWU caucus. Earlier this week, the Prime Minister had called a session of the Incident Response Group, which is used only towards concerning situations.

As of yet, the Prime Minister has not shared what decisions, if any, that body had come up with towards the labour dispute.

There have also been no details to come out yet towards what, if any changes were made towards version 2 from the original agreement which was reached one week ago.

Port workers returned to their jobs following a ruling from the Canada Industrial Relations Board earlier this week that declared their walkout an illegal one.

Update: 1 PM Friday -- ILWU Caucus prepares to send contract for review of membership on Tuesday morning

Below is the ILWU advisory followed by a short statement from the BCMEA

Some of the past notes along the road to the latest announcement can be explored from our archive page.

Thursday, July 20, 2023

Prince Rupert RCMP seek to identify and locate alleged suspect from recent downtown assault

The Prince Rupert RCMP is asking for the help of the public in identifying and locating an alleged suspect in a recent assault in the downtown area.

From a statement released this afternoon, the RCMP outline the case file particulars.

Prince Rupert RCMP
are looking for information
related to the above
individual towards
a weekend incident downtown
On Saturday July 15th at 2:30 a.m. the Prince Rupert RCMP responded to a fight that occurred outside the Hub on 6th St. 

When they arrived one suspect was immediately identified by the victims a man and a woman, however, the suspect who allegedly assaulted the woman was not initially arrested as he could not be located.

"The RCMP is requesting that anyone who may have information regarding this outstanding suspect to come forward. The two victims stood up for others who were being verbally abused, they tried doing the right thing."-- Media Relations Officer Cst. Brody Hemrich

Should you have any information on the man pictured from the RCMP photo release call the Prince Rupert RCMP at 250-624-2136.

The RCMP information release can be reviewed here.

More notes on the work of Emergency Responders in the Northwest can be reviewed from our archive page.

North Coast/Central Coast/Haida Gwaii well represented at North American Indigenous Games in Halifax

It's been almost a full week of competition for the members of Team BC at the North American Indigenous Games in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

The gathering of more than 5,000 Indigenous athletes from all corners of North America takes place every four years, with this years event opening on July 15th, the event wraps up on July 23rd.

The are taking part in 16 sports during the course of the competition,

British Columbia sent 535 athletes to the games, more than 20 of them from the North and Central Coast and Haida Gwaii the totals from this corner of Northwest BC are as follows.

1 from Kitkatla 
2 from Skidegate
4 from Lax Kw'alaams
3 from Masset
6 from Prince Rupert
6 from Bella Coola

The Team also has strong representation from the Nass Valley and Skeena Valley, as well as the Bulkley Valley and Lakes District.

The Full list of Team BC members  can be reviewed here.

The Schedule of the events is available here.

Access to the live stream of events can be found here.

Lax Kw'alaams has been updating their residents on the success of their athletes so far in the competition, you can review those notes here.

Follow the Lax Kw'alaams Social media stream for further updates on their athletes as the games head towards the finish line.

The official website for the 2023 North American Indigenous Games can be explored here.

City of Prince Rupert issues BOIL WATER notice

The City of Prince Rupert, acting under the guidance of Northern Health has issued what they are describing as a Short Term BOIL WATER Notice,  the city noting that it is related to the impact of construction  on the city's water supply main entering the reservoir.

The statement from the city offers  a timeline of 72  hours  towards the length of the Boil Water Notice adding that  the city will notify residents as soon as it is lifted. 

The work in the Crestview area resumed last week after the city received the necceassry parts towards their work in that area of the city.

Follow the City's Social Media Stream for further updates on the Boil Order Notice.

More notes related to the City's infrastructure can be explored here.

PREDC's Paul Venditelli's recent journey to Texas hopes to round up some interest in Watson Island Hydrogen plans

Prince Rupert EDO official Paul Venditelli (right) at a recent Convention
towards Hydrogen energy development  in Houston Texas 
(image from PREDC FB)

The City's Economic Development Officer Paul Venditelli has updated Prince Rupert residents on his recent trip to Texas, the PREDC Official was in Houston in late June for The Hydrogen Technology Conference and Expo in the energy capital of America.

The City's economic development officer promoting the North Coast for future green energy development as part of Canadian Trade delegation.

Mr. Venditelli offered up a look at his focus for the trip as part of his social media post on the PREDC page, the accounts also include some photos of the Texas visit.

Our focus and the focus of the conference was around low carbon hydrogen production, as well as the transportation and infrastructure needed to service this sector - with the intent to commercialize hydrogen as a mainstream provider of clean, renewable energy. In Houston, we had a packed schedule raising awareness of the amazing work and potential on the North Coast and Northern BC in support of a low carbon fuels space. 

A new hydrogen project, especially one on Watson Island, will not only bring jobs to the community, but also lease and tax revenues that can be reinvested in our community. That’s a win-win for Prince Rupert, and we're excited to continue to explore and promote future opportunities for Prince Rupert's green energy sector! -- PREDC Officer Paul Venditelli on the focus for the trip to Houston in June

Will Hydrogen join Liquid Propane as an export from Watson Island?
The City of Prince Rupert continues to court hydrogen investors towards
development of infrastructure on the industrial site
(Image from PREDC FB)

The work in Houston is not the first mention of plans for Hydrogen related development for the city's Watson Island site, last fall outgoing Mayor Lee Brain shared some enthusiasm for an agreement with a company called Patterson Energy towards development of what was described as a "World Class Green Hydrogen Facility".

That announcement noted of the memorandum of agreement for the City of Prince Rupert, Lax Kw'alaams, Metlakatla and the city's Prince Rupert Legacy Inc. mechanism which all signed on to the memorandum with Pattern Energy towards the development of local renewable energy.

Few details were released at the time towards a timeline for construction, what the facility would look like or the coast towards development of it.

Since that information release of November 4th, 2022 , there have not been any further updates on the progress towards the initiative and the topic has not been one for discussion at City Council sessions.

Watson Island is not the only location on the North Coast that may see Hydrogen energy development, Trigon Pacific Terminals and Alta Gas also have plans for development of the resource, that through their Berth 2 Beyond Carbon project.

That project already has seen investment from the Federal Government towards development, the Berth 2 Beyond Carbon project is part of Trigon's Diversification strategy.

There have not been many updates or announcements of late when it comes to new industry for the city's newest industrial site, for some past notes on Watson Island see our archive page here.

Final Day for applications for job posting for City's RCMP detachment

The City of Prince Rupert is looking to fill a vacancy at they city's RCMP detachment, the job posting is a casual opportunity,  that of an Office Clerk III

The position one which will bring your contribution to the administrative and clerical support team to ensure exceptional service to our community residents, and outstanding customer service to both internal and external clients. 

The focus for the job posting is your collaboration and critical thinking which will play a vital part in ensuring the smooth operation of the RCMP Office. Your ability to work independently and prioritize in a multi-task environment will contribute to the efficient and effective operation of the city's law enforcement efforts. 

The full details related to the job posting and other details related to what is required for the application is available here.

The Deadline for the post comes up today at the end of the business day.

More notes on past City of Prince Rupert labour themes can be reviewed here.

Lax Kw'alaams Band seeking members for Election Complaints and Appeal Board


The opportunity to participate in the democratic process in Lax Kw'alaams is available for five members of the community this month. 

That as the Band Council seeks out the services of members for the Elections Complaints and Appeals Board.

Those selected for the post shall supervise and administer all election appeals and complaints in accordance with the provisions of the election code. 

 The Complaints and Appeal Board shall be appointed by the Mayor and Council for the 4-year term commencing on the day they are appointed until the day the members of another board are selected.  

To be considered for the positions, members must be 18 years of age or older and not have a vested interest in the outcome of an election appeal or petitions for the removal of a council member from office.

More on the call for applicants is available here.

The deadline for applications for the positions is July 31st, you can learn more about the work from the Band administration office at or 672-647-0020 

Further items of interest from Lax Kw'alaams can be reviewed here.

Prince Rupert RCMP reinforce Amber Alert from Surrey/Okanagan regions issued Wednesday

Those with their cellphones nearby on Wednesday evening probably had a bit of a jolt, as the BC Emergency Notification system kicked in just after 11PM to reissue an Amber Alert from earlier in the day.

The alert related to an alleged Child Abduction in the Okanagan, with two children ages of 8 and 10 who had been returned to their father after a vacation visit with their mother.

The Prince Rupert RCMP have followed up on the Amber Alert with more details related to the case file, providing photos of the missing Children, the mother and the vehicle that they may be travelling in.

That vehicle is a Blue 2012 Dodge Ram 2500, BC License Plate SJ2708 

There have so far been no further sightings of the trio since the last report from a restaurant in Kelowna

The Full RCMP statement is available here.

Should anyone spot the vehicle or the subjects of the Amber Alert they are asked not to approach, but to call 9-1-1.

More notes related to Emergency Responders in the Northwest can be explored here.

Tourism Prince Rupert makes plans for Two Farmers Markets at Lax Süülda Container Market

Prince Rupert and area residents will have an opportunity too sample locally sourced products at two Farmer's Market Days planned for July and August.

Hosted by Tourism Prince Rupert at the Lax Süülda Container Market, the dates set aside are July 30th and August 20th. 

The Markets will be running from 11 AM to 2 PM, with the vendor set up period one hour prior each day.

Two Farmers' Markets are planned for the Lax Suulda Container Market
for July and August with locally sourced products to be available 

As the days set for the Farmer's Markets are both non-cruise ship visit days, area residents will have the marketplace to explore to themselves, along with whatever visitor traffic may come across the market those days.

If you're interested in being a vendor, you can find out more about the Farmer's market initiative from the email address set aside for the venture

For updates on the planning as things come together, follow the Tourism Prince Rupert Social Media stream

More notes on tourism in the region can be explored here.

Wednesday, July 19, 2023

After ILWU reissues 72 hour strike notice; BC Port Employers say move is holding Canadian economy hostage

Faced with a ruling from the Canada Industrial Relations Board, members of the International Longshore and Warehouse Union took down their picket lines today, a decision that was quickly followed by another 72 hour strike notice from the union.

The serving of the notice something which the employers through the BCMEA called a doubling down by the union.

A statement from the BCMEA noted of ongoing frustration with the impact of the labour dispute, the employers noting how the ILWU and its locals are holding the Canadian economy hostage.

ILWU officials responded with their own statement as they outlined their plans later in the afternoon, that correspondence observing of their regret on the impact of the dispute and criticizing government interference through the CIRB ruling.

With the 72 hour strike notice, the full on strike could be back in place by 9AM on Saturday morning.

The Federal response to the turn of events through Labour Minister Seamus O'Regan has so far been limited to a  joint statement with the Transport Minister on Tuesday night and a social media message highlighting the findings of the Canadian Industrial Relations Board.

While pressure from some opposition members and Provincial Premiers, as well as business and Industry officials increased through the day on the Federal government to take some form of action; Minister O'Regan has not spoken further to the labour situation towards what the Federal Government may have planned to address the ongoing turmoil.

Update: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has convened a meeting of the Incident Response Group that will discuss how to approach the situation related to the labour issues of the BC Ports.

The Incident Response Group is a collective of select cabinet minister who address situations that are considered to of a national crisis level.

The Chamber of Shipping also weighed in on the dispute, calling for Back to Work legislation

Update 2: Late Wednesday Afternoon, the ILWU rescinded their strike notice.

More notes on the latest themes from the dispute can be explored from our archive page.