Monday, February 28, 2022

City of Prince Rupert issues Request for Proposals towards plans for Industrial Park Sanitary Sewer treatment facility

The Mishaw Road location for the City of Prince Rupert's Sanitary
Sewer Facity in the Industrial Park
(photo from Google Maps)

Whether to refurbish or build new will be the focus for a new Request for Proposals from the City of Prince Rupert, with the city putting its focus this time around on the Industrial Park Sanitary Sewer facility. 

The latest in the city's expanding calls for proposals was posted to the BC Bid website on February 23rd and outlines some background towards the existing facility and what it is that the City is looking for from interested proponents.

The City of Prince Rupert is seeking proposals from qualified proponents in response to this request for proposals for the provision of Services (as defined herein) to be carried out within the required schedule set out herein for the rehabilitation and design of the Industrial Park Sanitary Sewer Treatment Facility and Forcemain. 

The Industrial Park Sanitary Sewer Treatment is owned and operated by the City of Prince Rupert and is located at 151 Mish-Aw Road. The treatment facility was constructed in 1990 and collects all the waste water in the industrial area. The treated waste water is then forced into the outfall located at the end of Mish-Aw Road into the Morse Basin. 

The treatment facility is operated under MOE Permit 4299. The current treatment facility and components is starting to show its age and effectiveness. It is time to either refurbish the existing or build a new facility, along with the forcemain, to adhere with the current MOE and DFO requirements.

A map of the city's sewage infrastructure in the
Industrial Park, part of the City of Prince Rupert's Bid Package
(From BC Bid website)

The scope of the project is outlined as part of the Project Overview with eight key elements of note:

Three dates make for the benchmarks for the successful bidder, which would see a final report delivered to the city by the start of August.

Proposals must be received by the City by 2:00 PM on March 18th 2022

Expressions of interest are to be directed follows:

Attention to Guneet Uppal P.Eng, 
Engineering Services Manager 424 - 3rd Avenue 
City of Prince Rupert, BC V8J 1L7

You can review more of the RFP from the BC Bid website.

More notes on some of the city's past calls for bids and proposals can be reviewed from our archive page.

Most recent SD52 Budget session heard from education stakeholders

The SD52 Board hosted its second Budge consultation on Feb 16

The second element of SD52's 2022-23 Budget process was held earlier this month and the near forty minute session from February 16th, made for a forum from some of the School District's stakeholders.

Among those who participated with comments and had their comments included as part of their video overview of the evening was the International Union Operating Engineers, which highlighted of the challenges facing the District and how it's membership has been impacted by decisions of the Board in the past and noting of proposed cutbacks to personnel and how that will impact on education in the community.

Among the union's concerns were staffing issues related to Special needs supports, the needs for Indigenous students and the importance of the library positions at Charles Hays Secondary. The union also outlined the many other areas of concern to them related to budget planning for the year ahead.

The Indigenous Education Council provided for the next presentation on Budget themes. The provided for an overview towards the program currently in place, as well as some recommendations towards their priorities for the years ahead.

Towards those priorities for Indigenous learners, they outlined the need for continued support for the Sm'algyax language program, continued commitment to Truth and Reconciliation, as well as to continue forward with the current Coach Mentoring program and cross curricular activities.

They also noted the work towards District equity program to advance the goals of the success rate for Indigenous learners and students in the District.

One final presentation came from the Prince Rupert Principal's Association, which provided for their recommendations from the Board as part of their Budget overview.

Their overview highlighted some of the challenges and stresses being faced by both teachers and administrators and how reductions can have an impact on their work and ability to add to the education experience for students. 

The scope of their presentation providing for cautions towards any plans towards staffing reductions, noting how those changes could have ramifications for both the School Board and community.

Towards their two key elements for the Board to consider, they called for a functional Human Resources department and to reinforce the need for Educators and Education Assistants in the classrooms and schools.

While representatives of PRDTU were on hand for the Budget session, there was no presentation from the teacher's union included in the video presentation that has been offered to the public by the Board.

The next public session on the Budget planning is set for March 17th

The February themes can be reviewed below:

More notes on the Board of Eduction's work on their budget for 2022-23 can be reviewed from our archive page

Future for Transit Service in Prince Rupert up for presentation tonight

With one presentation under their belts, that one for Port Edward in January, representatives from BC Transit will appear at tonight's Prince Rupert Council session, set to provide a look at the blue print ahead for Transit service for the community.

The presentation, which will take place as part of the Committee of the Whole portion of the night will offer up a glimpse at a number of themes.

Included on the list a look at how BC Transit views the future for transit and some of the initiatives that they will be introducing.

Where the service is at today will also be of some note, with a snapshot of the level of transit usage from 2020-21

The documentation that has been included as part of their presentation looks at the current population demographics for the city and how that impacts on the need for transit in the community. 

A look at some past performance,  BC Transit's COVID response program and how they have engaged with the public in recent years also makes for some of the night ahead.

BC Transit will also share some of the priorities that they have heard of from the public when it comes to Transit service.

click to enlarge

The full overview of what they plan to share with Council tonight can be found from the Agenda for the Committee of the Whole session here.

The session starts at the beginning of the Council evening at 7PM, which you can view from the City's Video Stream.

More notes on tonight's Council session can be reviewed here.

An overview of transit across the Northwest can be explored through our archive page.

Comments for City of Prince Rupert on Garbage themes made cause for reduced Social media engagement over the weekend

Some civic message making from Friday seemingly was
not received well by some residents 

A  City of Prince Rupert advisory from Friday on the proper use of garbage cans seems to have struck a nerve with some residents.

And such was the unpleasant nature of some of the commentary, that the topic required the closure of discussion by Veronika Stewart, the City's Communication Manager.

The information flow started out with a reminder from the city that residents should now only be using the city provided Garbage bins, as well as a reminder of the option to exchange for a larger bin at an additional cost.

As things evolved, the social commentary wasn't particularly social, with Ms. Stewart returning to the discussion at some point over the course of the discourse to bring some order to the commentary and in the end, bringing the engagement to an end.

You can review those comments that made it to the social media page prior to the closure of debate from this link.

While it's never acceptable to be uncivil and to swear,  one thing that is probably not helping the cause of civil debate and civic messaging was that the advisory on the garbage rules was provided just as the City's utility bills had made their way to residents mail boxes.

The city's message of amounts due included a significant jump in the garbage element of the utility bills for this year, that owing to the city's introduction of the new recycling program. 

All of which may have left some of the residents in town just a little bit on the snarky side.

You can review some of the past themes on the new program from our archive notes here.

City Council to review contract award proposals for RCMP project

The first steps towards a new RCMP detachment in the city could be approved this evening, with the City's Chief Financial Officer providing a report that will recommend the awarding of two contracts towards the early stages of the project development.

In her report to Council, the City's CFO Corinne Bomben will recommend that the city Award the Cost Consulting Contract to the BTY Group, while if approved by Council, the Commissioning Contract recommendation will go towards a bid from CES Engineering Ltd.

The two contracts were put out for bid at the end of January, and as Ms. Bomben's report notes six proposals were received for the Cost Consultant competition, three for the Commissioning competition, none of the nine were from local sources.

The BTY Group contract will be set at $48.030 plus GST, while the CES Engineering Ltd. bid comes in at $!28,097.50

Of note from the Bid process is this explanation as to how the city plans to address budget overages from the twin bids.

The fee proposed by BTY is $12,000 below the estimated budget for these services. The fee proposed by C.E.S. is $28,000 over the estimated budget for these services. The high ratings of C.E.S. amongst all evaluators prompted the recommendation from the evaluation team given the quality of the expected service. Overall, combining the two, the overage is $16,000 for these two service components of the project. Efforts will be made to absorb this overage through other project line items and contingency.

The Full report can be reviewed below:

More notes on tonight's Council Session can be explored here.

Some past notes on the plans ahead for the RCMP detachment build can be reviewed from our archive page.

In your ears and in your sight, with proposed CBC marketing plan for Prince Rupert, Carolina de Ryk will be both listening to you and watching you

Live from your radio and larger than life on the windows of the studio, if all goes well tonight, we will soon be able to view a large scale portrait of Daybreak North host Carolina de Ryk.

The CBC will be seeking a sign variance at tonight's City Council Session in order to do some store front marketing along the street facing windows of their Third Avenue Studios.

A report from planning to Council tonight will provide an overview of the CBC's plans, which as is noted is designed to establish a strong CBC presence in the community, to connect and continue to build relationships with residents and visitors to the city, and ensure high visibility and ease of locating the office for all foot and road traffic. 

The report also notes that the impact of this setback variance on the surrounding neighbourhood has no known negative impacts.  

As well, the city notes that the public will have the opportunity to provide input during the public consultation period.

The proposed marketing plan for CBC Daybreak North's Carolina de Ryk
in Prince Rupert is up for a review from City Council tonight
(Both image above and at top of this post are from the City of PR Agenda)

The full report for Council can be explored below, the reason for the required interest of Council is that the proposal requires a variance to the civic sign bylaws.

More notes on tonight's Council session can be reviewed here.

A look other media notes for the Northwest can be explored here.

City Council to be asked for Final adoption of new Civic Logo and Branding package

Is it time for a farewell to Raise and Ship and Net and Pick?
Council to be asked to approve a new civic logo and
branding package at tonight's Council Session
(image from City of Prince Rupert resources )

The City of Prince Rupert may have a new look very soon, with Council members to be asked for final adoption of a new Civic Logo and Brand package making for one item on this evening's Council Agenda.

The project which was launched in 2019 prior to COVID, has been working its way forward in the background it would seem, with little discussion along the way in the Council Chamber and tonight the final product is set to be presented, that through a report from the City's Communication Manager Veronika Stewart.

In her review for Council, the Communications Manager notes the the work restarted on the logo and branding project in 2021, with the city following up on a stakeholder group that contracted with Ts’msyen artist Russell Mather to assist with developing the new brand to ensure that Prince Rupert’s indigenous identity would be appropriately represented. 

The intent of the new logo and accompanying guideline, colour palette and graphic components is to reflect both our indigenous and non- indigenous communities, bringing in the rainbow symbolism that Prince Rupert is so well known for. 

While the City has not as of yet provided for a look at the new logo, Ms. Stewart does provide for a review of how the project approached the need for a new logo.

The previous logo in regular use by the City was its coat of arms, which does not reflect the modern community of Prince Rupert. With the existing use of the corporate crest, there was an absence of any aesthetic standards to guide our organization. 

In addition, the crest was dated, had many competing elements, and due to its complexity did not translate well to the multitude of different sizes/uses that the City requires. The new brand guidelines provide a clear, cohesive and modern aesthetic guide that better represents our current community, and will serve as our community for decades to come.

Also of note from Ms. Stewart's report, is that the cost of the project has increased somewhat up from it's original projection of $75,000 to a new cost of $105,000 the project is to be paid through a dividend from the Prince Rupert Legacy Incorporation funding.

You can review her full report below.

click to enlarge

More notes related to this evening's City Council Session can be explored here.

A wider overview of past Council Discussion themes can be found here.

City Council Preview: Monday, February 28, 2022

There appears to be a shift from the recent past towards how Council will now be hosting their public sessions, one which appears to herald a return to the Council Chambers, though with a few modifications.

A new advisory at the top of the Council Agenda Page charts the new course of action for the Council sessions.

Scheduled Regular Council Meetings have moved primarily to a remote format, with some limitations to public access in order to protect community health and safety. 

Community members will be permitted into City Hall to view in the gallery, as capacity permits. 

To request to attend a meeting, or to provide a written comment or question to a Committee of the Whole at a Council meeting, please contact Corporate Administrator Rosamaria Miller at or call (250) 627 0934.

As for the agenda for February 28th, the Council members are looking at an extensive agenda, with a wide range of topics up for review and potential discussion.

The Committee of the Whole component of the night features four presentations to Council on the evening.

The Regular Council session features a number of Reports from the planning department related to Development Variance Permits.

The council members will be hearing reports from a number of Departments included on the list of presenters for the evening, the Chief Financial officer, the Communications Manager and the Director of Approvals.

Progress towards three bylaws also makes for part of this evenings work.

Council members will also have opportunity to raise any items or notes of interest at the end of the Regular Council Session.  

Towards that opportunity, they may wish to speak to some of the themes of the Mayor's recent Social Message commentary, where he tends to share his notes on civic issues.

If the topic hasn't been raised prior to the end of the session, Council members may wish to ask for an overview towards the recently announced plan to put a number of civic lots up for bid towards the development of housing.

As well,  the city's elected officials may wish to discuss whether there was a proper use earlier this month of the Mayor's Facebook portal, one that normally focuses on civic issues, where the Mayor spoke to his own personal thoughts towards COVID mandates and other COVID related controversies in the community and nation.

And since they may be on the topic of COVID mandates, they may wish to discuss the city's own employment COVID vaccination mandate in light of the mayor's recent commentary.

Another area that could require an update is the status of the latest Water Advisory for the community and if the City anticipates removing their latest cautions in the near future.

Tonight's Council session can viewed by way of the Live Feed from the City website, or on Cable Television from CityWest Cable Channel 10/310.

Tonight is a Committee of the Whole Session, which features the noted presentations and offers opportunity for feedback from community members for the Council Members, you can review the full Agenda for the COW session here.

Council will also host a Special Council Session, one which certainly has a few items to be discussed behind the closed doors to tweak the interest of the public.  

The 5:00 PM meeting closed to public for the three elements of the Community Charter cited below:
Personal information about an identifiable individual who holds or is being considered for a position as an officer, employee or agent of the municipality or another position appointed by the municipality

The acquisition, disposition or expropriation of land or improvements, if the council considers that disclosure could reasonably be expected to harm the interests of the municipality. 

Litigation or potential litigation affecting the municipality, and 

The receipt of advice that is subject to solicitor-client privilege, including communications necessary for that purpose

Negotiations and related discussions respecting the proposed provision of a municipal service that are at their preliminary stages and that, in the view of the council, could reasonably be expected to harm the interest of the municipality if they were held in public.

That meeting tonight marks the Third Closed Session  hosted this year by Council

The outline of Council's work ahead for the evening can be reviewed below:



Adoption of Agenda and Past minutes -- The Mayor will review the agenda for the evening.

Petitions and Delegations

Council will hear four presentations on the evening

1) Aaaron Thompson, Transit Planner, BC Transit, Re: Transit Future Service Plan

2) Kerianne Smith, Swingsmith Cages Re: Proposed use of Canfisco Warehouse for Indoor batting cages

3) Kendal Standring Re: Vicious dog designation

4) Paul Lagace, Poverty Law Advocate Re: Single Family Dwelling Rentals

Questions from the Public

Reports, Questions and Inquiries from Members of Council

Adjournment to reconvene to Regular Council meeting



Adoption of Agenda and Past minutes -- The Mayor will review the agenda for the evening and Council will adopt the minutes of past meetings.

Reports and Resolutions

Report from Planning  -- Council will hear a report related towards a Development Variance Permit for a property at 885 Borden Street  (see page  10 of the Agenda package)

Report from Planning  -- Council will hear a report related towards a Development Variance Permit for a property at 945 Hays Cove Avenue  (see page 14 of the Agenda package)

Report from Planning  -- Council will hear a report related towards a Development Variance Permit for the CBC offices on Third Avenue West (see page 18 of the Agenda package)

Report from Planning  -- Council will hear a report related towards a Development Variance Permit for a property at 1429 Overlook Street (see page 22 of the Agenda package)

Report from Planning  -- Council will hear a report related towards a Development Varian Permit for a property on 1039 Hays Cove Avenue  (see page 38  of the Agenda package)

Report from Chief Financial Officer -- Cost and Commissioning consultants Award: RCMP  Detachment project -- Ms. Corinne Bomben will outline the scope of the contract award towards the first stage of the RCMP detachment project  (see page 47  of the Agenda package)

Report from Manager of Communications  -- Consideration of a final brand package for the City of Prince Rupert -- Ms. Veronika Stewart will update City Council and seek approval of the new civic local design and Brand guidelines (see page 49 of the Agenda package)

Report from Director of Operations  -- Master Service Agreements - Award Colliers Project Leaders -- Mr. Richard Pucci will outline the city's plans towards its work on upcoming projects through a Master Service Agreement to award a contract to Colliers Project Leaders for those projects. (see page 51  of the Agenda package)


Report from Approval Officer -- City of Prince Rupert Subdivision and Servicing Bylaw  --  Council will be asked to provide fourth and final reading for the bylaw  (see page 53  of the Agenda package)

City of Prince Rupert Delegation Amendment Bylaw -- Council will be asked to provide fourth and Final reading to the City of Prince Rupert Delegation Amendment Bylaw (see page  66 of the Agenda package)

Business Regulations and Licensing Bylaw No. 3476, 2021 --- The City Manager will outline the scope of the Bylaw, some of which addresses their concerns related to renovictions in the community,  Mr Buchan will ask for Third reading of the document.  (see page 67  of the Agenda package)

The evening will come to an end with any Additional Items as well as Reports, Questions and Inquiries from Members of Council.

Council members can  take advantage of the period to offer up any items or concerns that they have for consideration on the night. 

The Live broadcast of the City Council session can be found here, a video archive of past sessions is available here.

Our items of note related to the February 28th  session can be reviewed here.  

While our archive of all sessions for 2022 for Council is available here.    

City Council Session: Monday, February 28, 2022

Our archive of items from the session can be found below.

Regular Session of Council for  Monday, February 28, 2022

Home page and archive of sessions can be found here.   

Live Broadcast of session can be found here

Agenda for the Regular Council Session for Monday, February 28, 2022   (7:00 PM)

Committee of the Whole Session for Monday, February 28, 2022

Notice of Closed Session for Monday, February 28, 2022 (5:00 PM)

Preview of the City Council Session for Monday, February 28, 2022


Mayor Lee Brain -- Present
Councillor Nick Adey -- Present
Councillor Barry Cunningham -- Present
Councillor Blair Mirau --  Present
Councillor Reid Skelton-Morven -- Present
Councillor Wade Niesh -- Present
Councillor Gurvinder Randhawa -- Present (by video)

Video Recording for Monday, February 28, 2022 Council Session  


North Coast Review Items related to the Monday, February 28, 2022 Session of Council 

Further notes, as well as any Media items from other sources for the February 28, 2022 session can be found in our Discussion Points from City Council Feature.   

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Real Estate Tracker: Week ending February 27, 2022

One top end property was taken off the listings over the last seven days, its departure, now knocking the value of the ten properties down a few hundred thousand dollars

The property atop the list remains one on Heron Road and takes the weekly listings to the 1.295 million mark.

The balance of the listing continues to feature a 50-50 split between East and West this week.

The real estate review below is purely for information purposes, for further background on the properties recorded, see our links pages for access to the individual real estate listings.

The Archive for our weekly review can be found here.  

Our list of the top ten priced homes for the week ending February 27, 2022 can be explored below:

Real Estate Listings for the East Side of Prince Rupert
for the week ending February 27

Real Estate Listings for the West Side of Prince Rupert
for the week ending February 27

The lowest mark for the review of the week is at $570,000  while our top end is marked  at the price point of  $1,295,000 

Total value of the listings for our ten is noted at just over 7.5 million  at $7,532,500

Below find our findings as of the Week ending February 27, 2021

260 Heron Road                             $1,295,000 --    Remax
673 4th Avenue East                      $845,000 --      Realty Executives
219 4th Avenue West                     $849,000 --      Remax
555 4th Avenue East                      $789,000 --      Remax
1845 Atlin Avenue                         $777,000 --      Remax 
521 Cassiar Avenue                       $639,000 --      Remax 
1341 7th Avenue East                   $615,000 --      Remax   
1501 11th Avenue East                  $578,500 --     Realty Executives
1891 2nd Avenue West                  $575,000 --      Remax 
1905 Second Avenue West            $570,000 --      Remax 

For more items related to Real Estate see our archive page here

For background on Housing issues in the Prince Rupert area see our past items here

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Sunday, February 27, 2022

Blog Watching: Week ending February 27, 2022

Municipal and provincial politics resonated the most for the last seven days with a number of our notes from the week on the twin themes finding a large audience. 

Housing made for one current, with our look at comments from the Provincial Housing Minister along with a new initiative out of City Hall to put some civic owned lots up for bid to spur on some residential housing providing for the two most read items of the week

A plan from the Port of Prince Rupert and DP World to explore the potential for a second container terminal near Ridley Island also generated some significant interest this week.

The list of five comes to a wrap up with our update on some lot clearing on Second Avenue West and the comments of Skeena-Bulkley Valley MP Taylor Bachrach on the violent incident at the Coastal GasLink work camp on February 17th gaining some interest.

However, the comments of David Eby, the BC housing minister provided for the most read item of the week.

Weekend article notes that BC Government is considering legislation over Municipal housing approvals  --  Our look at what seems to be a trial balloon from the Provincial Housing Minister towards taking some municipal oversight on housing away from civic government, gained a fair bit of attention and generated some good discussion during the course of the week   (posted February 22, 2022)

That article was followed by: 

City to put nine properties up for bid in plan to spur on housing construction  --  Considering the Housing minister's notes of the weekend, some interesting timing for a new initiative from the City of Prince Rupert on its own housing plans, with the City rolling out a plan to put a number of civic owned property lots up for sale    (posted February 24, 2022)
Prince Rupert Port Authority and DP World to assess feasibility for new Container Terminal --  The Prince Rupert Port Authority and their partners at DP World have started the clock on a two year exploration for the potential of a significant addition to the container terminal stakeholder's footprint in the community (posted February 24, 2022)  .  

 Lot clearing work on Second Avenue West nears completion --  Our follow up piece on the demolition work for the old Farwest Bus Garage and former Large Clinic structure on Second Avenue West continued to find strong interest   (posted February 24, 2022)
Skeena Bulkley Valley MP calls for full investigation into Coastal GasLink incident to hold those responsible accountable -- The events of February 17th at a Coastal GasLink work camp near Houston became part of the House of Commons record, with a statement from Skeena-Bulkley Valley MP Taylor Bachrach this week.    (posted February 23, 2022)

You can find our weekly Blog watching feature posted every Sunday morning by 9AM, making for a handy way to catch up to the week that was, at a leisurely weekend pace.

You can also review the full listings of the week just past, from our Blog Archive index page found on the right hand side of the page.

A note for those that previously used our email alert delivery option, Blogger has discontinued that feature, so we direct you to our CharlesMHays Twitter feed, where we post updates to the blog as we post them.

Our archive of weekly Blog Watching can be found here.    

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Saturday, February 26, 2022

MLA's Week: February 22-25, 2022

This was Budget Week in Victoria, with the NDP government of Premier John Horgan putting forward their financial plan on Tuesday afternoon, the document outlining the steps ahead towards some now familiar themes from the government side of the house.

This week also featured a tweaking of the Horgan cabinet, with Stikine MLA Nathan Cullen moving into the Municipal Affairs post, while Josie Osborne assumes the responsibility of land planning themes in a newly created position, the Ministry of Land Water and Resource Stewardship.

Of interest to those in coastal regions of the province was some new legislation introduced this week related to how the Coastal Ferry Act will be used in the future towards oversight on BC Ferries Service

Some comments from Housing Minister David Eby on taking some approval authority away from municipalities also generated some discussion through this past week.

As for more on the recent week of work from the House, the four days unfolded as follows:


On the week, Ms Rice was not mentioned  in the record for the week in the  Legislature from February 22-25.

The MLA  did explore some of the themes of the Budget and other elements of the week from the Legislature through her social media stream.   

The North Coast MLA is also a member of the Following committees:

Ms. Rice serves as the Government's Parliamentary Secretary for Emergency Preparedness


For our readers from the Terrace-Kitimat region, Skeena MLA Ellis Ross  was  mentioned three times in the record for the week in the Legislature from February 22-25

His week in the Chamber opened with comments on Tuesday morning related to the Coastal GasLink worksite attack from February 17th

His time in the Legislature for the Tuesday morning session also include greetings for visitors to the gallery, which you can review at the 10:15 AM mark of the Legislature archive, or from his video through his social media stream here.

As part of the Thursday morning session, the Skeena MLA paid tribute to a Terrace area business Daybreak Farms and noted of their expansion plans for the region. (see 10:10 AM of the Thursday Archive)

The Skeena MLA also addressed a range of themes  featured as part of the MLA's social media work.


For our readers from the Bulkley Valley area, Stikine MLA Nathan Cullen  was mentioned  once in the record for the week in the  Legislature from February 22-25. 

The topic of the Provincial budget made for more of Mr. Cullen's commentary on the financial plan for the week, as he provided a review of the government's financial blue print.

And as noted in our opening to this piece, the Stikine MLA also received a shift in responsibilities with the government, moving into Municipal Affairs, with Mr. Cullen introduced as the new Minister as of Friday.

Mr. Cullen now serves as the Government's Minister of Municipal Affairs 

The Stikine MLA also had comments on a range of themes through his Social Media stream this week


There is more background on all three Regional MLA's available from our MLA's Week Archive,  as well as our constituency archives below:

MLA's return to the Legislature on Monday morning February 28 at 10AM

MLA's also participate in a number of Committee sessions scheduled through the week.

A larger overview of provincial issues can be found on our Political portal D'Arcy McGee 

Friday, February 25, 2022

MLA Nathan Cullen moves into Municipal Affairs Portfolio with cabinet change announced today

John Horgan has made some changes to his cabinet and among those to gain 
new duties is Stikine MLA Nathan Cullen now in charge of Municipal Affairs

As we surmised late last week, some internal changes were in store for the John Horgan Cabinet and while not a full scale cabinet shuffle, the moves announced today will see some MLA's assigned some new duties.

This afternoon, the Premier announced that  Stikine MLA Nathan Cullen will be moving up to a new post as Minister of Municipal Affairs, he takes on his duties as MLA Josie Osborne shifts portfolios to take on the duties of Minister of Land, Water and Resources Stewardship and Minster for Fisheries.

To the appointment of Mr. Cullen to his new post the Premier had the following to say.

"I have now also appointed Nathan Cullen to be the Minister for Municipal Affairs. And I have known Nathan for almost twenty years, he served fifteen years as a Member of Parliament in one of the vastest constituencies in Canada ...  He's also been of course at our table working with the professional public service to put in place the foundations for the Ministry that we are announcing today. 

I want to thank Nathan very much for that work. And of course thank him and acknowledge that his skill set coming to this new position as minister responsible for Municipal Affairs is absolutely critical to how we move forward with respect to climate change and of course coming out of the pandemic.

Nathan is a superior communicator, which means that in my mind he listens, he synthesizes complex issues and he's able to communicate those back in a way that the public can understand. 

So I'm very much looking forward to the work that he will be doing with Regional Governments, Municipal Governments, Indigenous Governments to ensure that the province of British Columbia the government that I have the honour of running and overseeing is focused on making sure that the needs of municipal governments, the needs of local government are being heard at our cabinet table and  steps are being taken to meet the extraordinary challenges that that level of government is focused on each and every day"

As for the new ministry that Ms. Osborne will take on the scope of the position looks as follows"

“The new ministry for land stewardship reflects the fact that natural resources are foundational to our province and they are the backbone of many local economies. Minister Josie Osborne’s experience and skill will help government bring more predictability to the land base, while protecting B.C.’s natural heritage and ensuring the benefits are shared more widely now and in the future.”

The expanded focus resource stewardship was outlined as follows:

The establishment of the Ministry of Land, Water and Resource Stewardship follows government’s commitment on reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples, protecting B.C.’s environment and building a strong economic recovery that works for people. 

Minister Osborne will work with First Nations, local communities and industry to build a vision for land and resource management that will embrace shared decision making on the land base and to build certainty and create further opportunity for everyone.

In their information release today, the government noted that in Municipal Affairs Mr. Cullen will be in place to offer support on a range of key municipal themes.

Mr. Cullen will work with local governments to support their communities as they recover and rebuild stronger after COVID-19 and extreme weather. Cullen will support municipalities to address their priorities, from building infrastructure to responding to challenges posed to businesses and neighbourhoods by homelessness.

Two other changes were noted by the Premier today.

MLA Doug Routley will also gain some new duties, that as Parliamentary Secretary for Forests to support the important work of Minister Katrine Conroy to modernize forestry in British Columbia.

The fisheries, aquaculture and wild salmon files will be moved under the new ministry. Fin Donnelly, Parliamentary Secretary for Fisheries and Aquaculture, will work with Osborne, while continuing his collaboration with federal, First Nations and local governments to protect fish habitat.

“By working together and putting people first, we have laid the foundation for B.C. to come through these challenging times even stronger. The people of B.C. can count on Josie, Nathan and Doug to work hard every day to deliver on our commitments to build a stronger B.C. where no one is left behind.” -- Premier John Horgan

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The Premier's moves made for a short information and Q and A with the media today.

You can review that session from the video below:

Following today's announcement, Mr. Cullen made note of the changes through his social media stream.

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