Friday, February 25, 2022

A surge at the pumps as weekend approaches, with 1.62.9 the new price point in Prince Rupert

Up, up and away, the price of gas has jumped ten cents 
for Prince Rupert motorists

Those travelling by local gas stations this morning were perhaps doing a double take at the price boards, as the cost of filling up your tank in Prince Rupert jumped by ten cents, with the new price point head into this weekend now marked at 1.62.9

Whether it's the Industrial Park or the downtown core, the price remains the same with the increase found at whichever gas station is your preferred destination.

All of the gas stations in Prince Rupert have seen 
a ten cent spike in gas this week

Prince Rupert's price increase, which was listed at 1.52.9 earlier this week, is a bit of playing catch up to increases in many other locations across British Columbia from last week.

And if you think that you can ride out the weekend in hopes of a price drop next week, observers of the Canadian retail gas market are suggesting we may be in for a run of increases, with the current invasion of Ukraine by Russia just one factor in a roiling market for oil and gas at the moment.

You can explore the pricing across the Northwest from the Gas Buddy website.

More notes from the commercial sector can be reviewed through our archive page.

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