Wednesday, November 30, 2022

CHSS celebrates impressive work of Ts'msyen carver and Artist Russell Mather

An impressive piece of art and learning for CHSS with the reveal of
the new 360 degree Pole for the secondary school
(Photo from SD52)

The Prince Rupert School District and Charles Hays Secondary students, staff and administrators are celebrating the latest work of renowned Ts'msyen artist and carver Russell Mather, that with the unveiling of a 360 degree pole at the Prince Rupert campus of the city's secondary school.

The School District shared word of the remarkable work of art and history through their Social Media Feed, which includes a volume of photos that bring the piece to life for those in the community.

Located in the CHSS Learning Commons the pole makes for a striking presence and one that the School District notes brought much in the way of collaboration, patience  and dedication into the historic piece.

The Truth and Reconciliation Pole project dates back to 2019 when it began to take shape, a process that brought staff, students and the community together as part of the shared experience.

The unveiling ceremony was recorded as part of the School District presentation and has been shared through their Facebook stream today.

It's not the first artwork that the talented carver and artist has delivered to CHSS, Mr. Mather's work can also be seen in the panels on display at the entrance to the school

The City of Prince Rupert noted of the special event at CHSS on Tuesday, providing their own salute to the work of the talented Artist. 

Mr. Mather worked with the City and Tourism Prince Rupert on the creation of the new City of Prince Rupert signs which are in the process of being installed at the two entrances to the community. 

More notes on education can be explored through our archive page.

ARCTIC OUTFLOW WARNING issued for North Coast Coastal sections

Prince Rupert and the North Coast are under an 
Arctic Outflow Warning 

The Wind Warning of this morning has given way to something a bit longer lasting it would seem, with Environment Canada issuing an ARCTIC OUTFLOW WARNING for the North Coast, putting the entire Northwest into the Deep Freeze .

Temperatures are expected to reach windchill values of -20 tonight. Conditions dangerous for those that are outside for any extensive period of times.

click above to enlarge

The Same Arctic Windchill Warning is in place for Terrace, Kitimat, and Stewart.

There are No Alerts or Warnings for the Bulkley Valley, but things are cold there as well with daytime highs of -13 and over night lows of -21.

More notes on Weather themes can be reviewed from our archive page.

Port's Community Investment Funding helps with development of Outdoor Classroom project at Lax Kxeen Elementary

The new outdoor classroom at Lax Keen was designed with input from
School staff and students
(Photo from PRPA)

The newest addition to Lax Keen school is outdoors, with a new outdoor classroom serving to add to the educational experience at the east side elementary school in Prince Rupert. 

We made note of the new space earlier this month as part of our SD52 notes from October, today we get a bit of glimpse into the new facility, through some background from the Prince Rupert Port Authority. 

The project was a partnership between the Port's Community Investment Fund and SD52, the sheltered space an area which encourages students and educators to take their lessons outside, where they can experience their surroundings in a unique, safe, and accessible environment, and provides a new place for local daycares and other community groups to meet for outdoor activities, rain or shine. 

The outdoor classroom is directly beside the school’s accessible playground, which was built in partnership with PRPA through a previous Community Investment Fund project with the Lax Kxeen Elementary School Parent Advisory Committee. 

Nestled near the school’s gymnasium entrance, this location provides additional protection from the elements and direct exterior access to washroom facilities, which community groups can also gain permission to use. 

Built by local contractors, the 20’x20’ steel structure features a skylight, allowing natural light to illuminate the space. The soft rubber flooring is extended from the playground into the classroom area, making it accessible for people with varying degrees of mobility. 

Former Lax Keen Principal Susan Kobza who was an really proponent for the project noting of how it will add to the experience at the school.

“Taking students outside is good for their mental health and wellbeing, and it adds a different perspective to the classroom experience by expanding their learning environment and allowing them to engage all of their senses. Using the outdoor classroom as a starting point, classes can then carry on exploring the nearby creek and green spaces that surround us, learning hands-on about our natural environment.”

Port President and CEO Shaun Stevenson hailed the creativity of the local community towards the design and practical used for the new classroom.

“The outdoor classroom project is a testament to the immense creativity and passion of the educators and staff at Lax Kxeen Elementary School who helped develop and champion this concept, to further expand the opportunities available to their students. We look forward to seeing the many ways in which it is put to use for learning and play.”

School Board Chair Kate Toye celebrated the project in October noting of the input of the students towards its development.

“The Board is excited to see the development of this outdoor learning space with the input of students. We can’t wait to see the addition of the music wall. The Board expressed their thanks to the Prince Rupert Port Authority for their financial contribution to the construction of the outdoor classroom.”

The total cost of the outdoor classroom was $81,820 with the Port's Community Investment Fund providing for $40,320 towards it.

The New facility had its Grand Opening as part of Lax Kxeen's Halloween events last month.

A review of  how some of the past Community Investment Funding was used in Prince Rupert and area can be explored here.

Prince Rupert Rotary to open the Urban Christmas Tree Forest on Saturday

The gates open Saturday to a new season of Christmas tree shopping in Prince Rupert

The countdown is on towards the Annual Rotary Club Christmas Tree Sale in Prince Rupert,  with Prince Rupert Rotary members preparing their site at the Tennis Courts at Sixth and McBride in anticipation of Saturday's Opening.

The Trees which are cut in the Terrace area will be up for sale as of 11AM on Saturday.

The Hours of Sale for the Rotary Club fund-raising effort are as follows:

Saturday 11AM to 5PM

Sunday 2 PM to 5PM

Monday to Friday 4:30 to 6:30 PM

The pricing for Christmas 2022 is the same as it was last year.

4 to 6 foot trees $30

6 to 8 foot trees $40

8 to 10 foot trees $60

10 to 12 foot trees $80

The Rotarians and their helpers are accepting cash or cheque for all tree purchases

The Sales will continue through to December 18th or whenever the supply of trees has been exhausted.

The money Rotarians raise from their Annual Tree Sale is put towards some of their many local community initiatives.

Updates on the tree sale as it moves towards conclusion on December 18th can be found from the Prince Rupert Rotary Social Media Stream.

More Holiday notes in Prince Rupert Can be reviewed here.

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Prince Rupert Holiday Season Events archive

The 2021-22 Christmas Light Display at the Court Hosue
This years lighting ceremony comes this Saturday as part of Winterfest 2022

The Holiday season for Prince Rupert and area launches this first weekend of December with a number of community events ahead to put everyone into the holiday spirit.

We'll track some of them as they come along through this archive page.

Prince Rupert Special Events Society Facebook page listings

December 3 -- Wintefest Saturday Night takes it all outdoors, with Court House Tree Lighting, Harbour Sail Past and Fireworks 
December 3 -- WinterFest Craft Fair Opens at 10AM Saturday at Highliner Plaza Hotel
December 3 -- Images of Ukraine for the viewing this weekend at the Ice House Gallery
December 1-3 -- From a Pineapple under the Sea ... to the Stage of the Lester Centre: SpongeBob the Musical launches tonight 
December 3 - 4 -- Santa's travels around Prince Rupert for Winterfest
December 3-18 -- Prince Rupert Rotary Christmas Tree Sale
December 2-3 -- Wheelhouse Brewing Company to host Winterfest Vinyl Party Saturday
December 2 -- MLA Rice/MP Bachrach Open House
December 2-4 -- Winter Fest 2022
December 2-4 -- Kla How Ya Skating Competition 
December 1-3 -- CHSS Presents SpongeBob the Musical

November 25 -- December 25 -- 2022 Salvation Army Christmas Appeal

For any changes or additions to the lineup for Winterfest follow the Prince Rupert Special Events Social Media stream here.

Tourism Prince Rupert Annual Report sets the table for APM on Thursday at the Highliner Inn

Ahead of Tomorrow afternoon's Annual Public Meeting, Tourism Prince Rupert has released a look at the year that was and some of the background to the initiatives that they will be discussing  during the Thursday meeting.

The  2022 Annual Report from the Tourism organization  provides for a full review of what they are all about, their vision and marketing plans as well as some sneak previous of some exciting plans for 2023 and beyond.

The opening passages providing for the foundation of their work in the region and the seven key elements of how they go about their work.

The introduction pages provide for the review of the recovery year for the Tourism industry in the region following the challenging years of COVID restrictions, which is then followed by some expanded information towards their Destination Marketing efforts.

Among the areas explored as part of that Destination Marketing is the use of Social Media Influencers, ongoing exposure through the BC Ferries Campaign and a wider Explore Western Canada campaign.

The Tourism organization also highlights some of its marketing through Destination BC Co-op programs, where the tourism offerings for Those in recreational fishing, Recreational Vehicle Travel, Golf enthusiasts and those dedicated followers of BC Craft Beer all featured prominently in the 2022 marketing work.

The Annual Report also serves to introduce a new Travel blog hosted by Tourism Prince Rupert, one which includes a roster of  local writers. 

Included on the list of local contributors: Julia Crawford, Kelli Clifton, Shannon Lough. Indi Sherry, HeyBethTaylor  and Jessica Sproat

The blog launched earlier this month and can be accessed here.

As well, the Annual Report notes of the launch of the new Tourism Prince Rupert website which we previewed here on Monday

Another key focus area is that directed towards Indigenous Tourism, which includes a Travel pledge for the North Coast region.

The Document also makes note of some upcoming themes, including the Welcome Sign and Wayfinding Sign projects currently underway. As well as the plans for Container Market in 2023 for the Northland Terminal promenade area.

The final pages of the Annual Report note of the Value of Tourism Survey recently conducted by the Organization, as well as some of the partnership they have formed in the last year, including the recently announced plans for Global Ports Holding to take on management and operations of the Northland Cruise Terminal.

The Annual Public Meeting takes place tomorrow from Noon to 1PM in the Vista Conference Room at the Highliner Inn

The event is open to the public and is specifically for tourism-reliant businesses and any resident with an interest in tourism development on the North Coast.  

You can review many of the themes up for tomorrows APM from our archive page.

Regional District Session for November highlights Transportation concerns for Board, number of Haida Gwaii initiatives

North Coast Regional District has released the Cole's Notes version of their work from November 18th,  posting a synopsis of some of the key elements of their Board Discussion from the night.

Of note from the release is a pair of Transportation issues that are on the minds of the Board members, with Regional District to raise concerns over Highway 16 Maintenance and Safety issues, as well as to request a meeting to discuss The BC Ferries Commissioner's Term Review.

Also noted in the Board highlights were a number of themes related to Haida Gwaii specific initiatives from Economy Development to Solid Waste Rates, as well as to seek funding for a Erosion Study on the Islands.

You can review the District's notes from the November meeting here.

Regional District Does Not live stream their monthly sessions as Prince Rupert City Council does; nor does the regional government host an archive of recorded sessions for residents to review following the conclusion of the monthly meetings.

The NCRD website does have an archive of Regular Board Meeting minutes which you can access here

More notes on the work of Regional District can be explored through our archive page.

Return of Cram-A-Cruiser in support of the Salvation Army Christmas programs set for December 10th at Canada Safeway Parking Lot

The members of the Prince Rupert Detachment of the RCMP have announced plans for the Second Annual Cram-a-Cruiser event for Prince Rupert, with Canada Safeway once again the destination in aid for the Salvation Army's Christmas program

In partnership with Safeway, Rainbow Chrysler and the Salvation Army, the Prince Rupert RCMP will be hosting it's second edition of Cram-a-Cruiser. 

All donations will be given to the Salvation Army to be distributed to people in need in the community. Non-perishable food items and toys will be collected. 

They ask that donors please make sure that food donations are not expired and toys are either new or in good conditions if used. 

 "We had great success during our first edition last year, so we're hoping that people will be as generous or more again this year! A small contribution can make a big difference in someone else's life. A lot of people wanted to donate cash last year but we couldn't accept it, so this year, we made sure to have the Salvation Army Christmas kettle on site to collect money as well." -- Cst. Gabriel Gravell Prince Prince Rupert RCMP

The members look forward to seeing you, sun, rain or snow on Saturday, December 10th from 10 AM to 3PM at the Canada Safeway Parking Lot.

The detachment's Information update can be reviewed here.

More notes on the work of Emergency Responders in the Northwest can be reviewed here.

A look at some of the other community initiatives in aid of the Salvation Army can be reviewed through our Community Notes archive.

City of Prince Rupert quest to refuse FOI request refused by adjudicator

City staff members will seemingly be digging deep into the records both electronic and on paper at City Hall. That following a recent decision by the Provincial Agency which oversees Freedom of Information requests.

The City of Prince Rupert has been denied a request to Disregard a request for Access to Information, with an Adjudicator with the Office of Information and Privacy Commissioner ruling that the city did not meet the burden of its request.

The Decision from Adjudicator Erika Syrotuck was provided November 16th, following the City's request to disregard a respondents access request, the city citing a number of sections of the Freedom and Protection of Privacy Act.

The request came from an applicant who is a part of a union and had requested all correspondences between January 1 2004 to June 13 2022. between the City and the Construction Maintenance and Allied Workers.

The City's focus for its request to disregard the request included:

That it was frivolous or vexatious
The records had been disclosed or were accessible from another source
Responding to the request unreasonably interferes with the public body's operations

In the decision, the adjudicator found that City did not meet its buden of proving for those elements.

The request appears to be related to past collective bargaining issues between the union in question and the City; with the scope of the FOI request dating back to the days of City Manager Gord Howie and moving forward to this summer.

Sections 21-26 of the Decision however also make note of a period of time related to the June State of the City Presentation at the Lester Centre of the Arts.

Of note from the Decision, some apparently contentious moments at that event between then Mayor Lee Brain and members of the Union, as part of the Question and Answer portion of that evening's presentation. 

The theme as the documentation from the report suggests was related to the city's water infrastructure plans and water quality concerns at the time.

That Q and A element of the Mayor's presentation in June was not live streamed to the public. 

The notes from the Office of Information and Privacy also observe as to how that exchange carried on into the parking lot at the Lester Centre.

click both boxes above to enlarge

The full report which you can review here, offers a glimpse into how the City's request was viewed by Adjudicator Skyrotuck, with the Response to the city's list of requests from the sections it had cited noted below:

For these reasons, I am not persuaded by the City’s submissions that the request at issue is either frivolous or vexatious under s. 43(a) of FIPPA. 

In summary, I find the City has not met its burden with regards to s. 43(b). 

In light of such scant submissions, I am not persuaded the City has met its burden of showing that responding to the access request would unreasonably interfere with its operations. I can appreciate that the 18-year timespan of the access request is a long timeframe, but that alone does not persuade me to find in favour of the City. 

The City has not provided any estimate of how long it thinks it would need to search for the records or any other information that is capable of supporting its assertion that responding to the access request would unreasonably interfere with its operations. 

As a result, I find that the first part of the test is not met. I find s. 43(c) does not apply. 

The Conclusion to the report noted that for those reasons, the adjudicator had denied the City's request to disregard the respondents request under section 43 of FIPPA.

As noted in the passage above from the decision, the OIPC document frequently referenced a British Columbia Labour Relations Board decision issued on May 11th of this year between the City of Prince Rupert and the CMAW and BC Regional Council of Carpenters.

That ruling which you can review here, makes for even more fascinating reading and a glimpse into the state of some of the ongoing labour issues for the city.

It also would seem to serve to open the door just s bit towards some of those issues we imagine that have made for the many past closed doors meeting hosts by City Council.

So far, the City has not made mention of the decision by the Information and Privacy Commissioner, nor the scope of the issues related to, and raised by the union through any of its public information sharing options.

This marks the second loss in just over a year for the City when it comes to its efforts to refuse an FOI request.  

As we noted in the fall of 2021, the city of Prince Rupert was denied a request to provide for body camera footage related to a bylaw complaint.

Office of Information and Privacy Commissioner denies City of Prince Rupert's quest to Not Release Body Camera footage of August 2019 dog incident

More notes on past City Council themes can be explored through our archive page here.

Prince Rupert RCMP seek public's assistance on Wanted File

The Prince Rupert RCMP is asking for some help from the public as they seek to locate Devin Wellington Giffin, currently wanted on a range of warrants related to a 2022 Prince Rupert file.

Among the charges awaiting Giffin upon his being located: 

Charges for Theft of a motor vehicle, possession of property obtained by crime, Mischief and failing to comply with a release order.

He also has accumulated a string of warrants from across the country, among those:

Wanted out of Nova Scotia for Possession of property obtained by crime and Mischief under $5,000, and out of the Yukon and Alberta for Theft of a motor vehicle, Possession of property obtained by crime, Mischief under $5,000, Flight from a Peace Officer and Failing to comply with a Release Order.

Giffin is described as 49 year old male
173 cm tall (5 foot eight inches)
64kg (141 pounds)
He has a Bald head and Brown eyes

The Prince Rupert detachment of the RCMP advises that he should not be approached and should you have any information related to his whereabouts to contact the RCMP at 250-624-2136 or through Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS(8477)

The full RCMP information release can be reviewed here.

More notes on the work of Emergency Responders across the Northwest can be explored through our archive page.

WIND WARNING issued for North Coast Coastal regions

The Cold weather currently settled in over the North Coast is going to feel just a little bit colder, with Environment Canada issuing a WIND WARNING for the coastal regions, with winds gusting up to 110 km per hour through to this evening.

The same is forecast for the Central Coast of British Columbia.

The Cold Snap continues through to Saturday when temperatures begin to moderate to above Zero, but with that comes the potential for snow flurries into next week.

Further inland the Terrace/Kitimat region remains under an Arctic Outflow Warning with windchill temperatures of at least minus 20 through the day today.

Further to the south, it has been a chaotic overnight period for the Vancouver area, with a quick view of your morning TV news from the Lower Mainland, or on twitter,  highlighting how the snow has created transportation issues across that region.

The snow has moved east for the most part, with the Vancouver area set to tackle the snow clean up.

More notes on past weather events can be explored from our archive page.

Tuesday, November 29, 2022

City looks to fill post with Prince Rupert RCMP Victim Services

The City of Prince Rupert is looking to fill an opening with the RCMP detachment's Victim Services Program posting the position of Assistant Coordinator to their list of current civic job opportunities.

The focus of the position is by way of reporting to the Victim Services Manger. 

Among the duties include providing for support services, practical assistance, information and referrals to clients who have been victims of all types of crime or serious trauma. 

Services are provided with the intent to lessen the impact of crime and trauma on primary victims and assist in their recovery and to reduce the trauma of secondary victims. 

The position is for 25 hours per week and is union exempt.

The full range of qualifications, Duties and responsibilities can be reviewed here.

The Deadline for applications is December 9, 2022

More notes on Civic job opportunities of the past can be explored through our archive page.

As Winter Storm Bears down on Vancouver area, Air Canada, WestJet begin to cancel flights, including some Northwest options

Yesterday's flight track from Flight Aware of the
Vancouver to Prince Rupert Flight.
Today's schedule has been scrapped after Air Canada 
made some proactive cancellations ahead of a major 
snow storm set to hit the Lower Mainland later this afternoon

It may be perfect looking day for a flight out of Prince Rupert, but events percolating south of the city have put the Daily Flight to Vancouver off the departures board for today.

In what has been described as a proactive measure, both Air Canada and WestJet have begun to cancel flights between Vancouver and Destinations across the province.  

With the Daily Prince Rupert Arrival and Departure among those now on the cancelled list.

The YVR online flight status board tells the tale for
air travel in and out of Prince Rupert today
as Vancouver prepares for a major winter storm

So far the YPR information stream has not made note of the change in status for the flight.

YPR Website

Morning flights into Terrace were not impacted by the announcement, though Wednesday's early morning departure for WestJet has already been put on the Cancellation list. 

The Smithers Air Canada flight today is also on the list of those now cancelled.

You can review the evolving list of the lasted cancellations  from the YVR Departures board here.

The Greater Vancouver region is anticipating  up to 20 cm of snow for North Vancouver and points east to Coquitlam and into the Fraser Valley. 

Richmond which is the home for YVR is expected to receive ups to 15cm by Wednesday morning.

Other communities on Vancouver island are also anticipating similar amounts of snow.

More notes on Air transportation across the Northwest can be explored here.

Amid ongoing concerns over Marine Protected Area Network plans, Lax Kw'alaams host survey with results to be forwarded to DFO and other partners

The Northern Shelf Bioregion one of a number of protected
areas being considered as part of a DFO/Indigenous program

The Lax Kw'alaams Band is still expressing its concerns over plans towards the development of Marine Protected areas along the North Coast area, a topic that was the subject of an October gathering at the Jim Ciccone Civic Centre.

The Band outlined its position on the plans through their Social Media stream last week

"Lax Kw'alaams Fisheries is continuing to push back on decisions that would impact the livelihoods of our people in the marine. The Northern Shelf Bioregion Marine Protected Area Network (NSB MPA) is racing forward and our team continue to be very concerned. 

There was an open house at the Prince Rupert Civic Arena in October, and our membership who were able to attend were very concerned and upset that so much has been done without their knowledge or input. 

Please read the brief, and if possible, please fill out the survey below (via survey monkey) and please feel free share this far and wide."

The Survey which was created by DFO is being used by Lax Kw'alaams towards better understanding  pf how the community feels about plans for the Marine Protected Area Network for  future reference by their consultation team.

The Marine Protected Area Network is a partnership between the Department of Fisheries and Oceans and seventeen First Nations up and down the coast and on Haida Gwaii.

“The ocean waters of B.C. have been a source of food and prosperity for First Nations communities over countless generations,. Unfortunately, our waters are increasingly threatened by new development, overfishing, pollution and climate change. Now more than ever, we need to work together on solutions that go beyond short-term measures and single species approaches. A network of marine protected areas is an important tool that will help make our coastal ecosystems and communities more resilient for all future generations.” -- Christine Smith-Martin,  CEO of Coastal First Nations

As DFO and its partners explain. it: Marine Protected Areas are used around the world to protect and conserve marine habitats and species. They help regions recover from stressors, protect and conserve ecological values, and create ecological, cultural, social and economic benefits for the entire area. 

The Northern Shelf Network would combine federal, provincial, and Indigenous marine management tools to protect and conserve key habitats, species, and areas of cultural importance to First Nations. The new cohesive network would also support economic security in the region, as ecosystem and biodiversity threats are reduced and greater resource sustainability achieved. 

The engagement process with members of all of those nations and the communities around them began in September.

More notes  on Fishery themes is available here, while our Archive of items from Lax Kw'alaams can be explored here.

Prince Rupert Youth Soccer charts course for 2023, introduces plans for indoor facility

Prince Rupert Youth Soccer provided for an update on how the 2022 season went and what exciting plans they have ahead for 2023, with the PRYSA hosting their Annual General Meeting on Monday evening at the Booth Building Community Space.

The 2022 season one of rebuilding from the stoppage years of COVID, with 340 players having registered for play this past year, which is 67 percent of the placements available for youth soccer in the community.

The Association setting a tentative schedule for the 2023 season to run from April 17th to June 23rd, the Prince Rupert season one of the shortest that there is in British Columbia.

The year ahead one that will also see the restart of the Development/Competitive program which will extend the season for players until August,

click to enlarge

The Association has also secured a grant towards helping parents towards costs of completing the requirements of the Grassroots Soccer Certifications, something which will be required of youth coaches in 2023.

To try to keep interest in the sport active beyond the Regular Spring/Summer Season, this year with the introduction of Futsal Fridays at Conrad School, the sport an indoor version of the game and one that was well received.

From the Success of the fall, Futsal Fridays is set to return from February 24 to March 31st and the program has also spawned an ambitious program to expand the sport and the season for the Prince Rupert area.

Of their notes from Monday, the Biggest news and most exciting of the update from the AGM is announcement of plans by PRYSA to develop their own Indoor sports facility in the community

"We have been working with various partners to design and configure a Futsal specific playing surface in select spaces. We are very happy to be at this point, past boards have put us in a position to take this bold step. We look forward to finalising a location so we can move into the construction phase. Until that time, we will turn our attention to securing additional grants and sponsorships." -- The PYSA Board announced on Monday that it is moving forward on plans for an indoor Futsal Facility for the community 

A location for the proposed facility has yet to be selected, but the fundraising towards the plans for what is being called Project Ts'mtsaaw, having worked with a number of partners to date to try to realize the goal of the indoor facility.

Learn more about that initiative from the information release below:

click to enlarge

The PRYSA will have more to share on the exciting addition to the local youth sports scene, as well as towards the outdoor season in the weeks and months ahead.

You can keep up with their updates through their Social Media feed or website.

More notes on Youth Soccer on the North Coast can be explored by way of our archive page.

Community groups have opportunity to learn more about PRPA Community Investment Fund on Wednesday

It's a Fund that has helped towards a large volume of community projects since it was created over a decade ago, the results of partnerships on view around the region, from playgrounds, to trails to benefits for the Arts Community.

A chance for community groups that may be looking to tap into that funding from the Port to learn more about the program comes up tomorrow, as staff members at the Prince Rupert Port Authority host an information session  and a chance to learn more as to how the program works.

The Pitch a Project event for those groups that have pre-registered is set for November 30th at Cowpuccinos  from 5 to 6:30.

We'll learn more about how successful those making their presentations were with their initiatives in 2023. Which is when the PRPA outlines its ongoing funding streams through the year ahead.

Learn more about the Community Investment Fund from thee PRPA website.

You can review some of the past initiatives that have benefitted from some funding from our archive page here.

Province looks to fill Marriage Commissioner post in Prince Rupert

Google images

If you're a romantic at heart and a pretty good record keeper as well, the Province of British Columbia would like to hear from you, with the Province seeking the services of a Marriage Commissioner for the Prince Rupert area.

The opportunity comes through the Vital Statistics Agency  of the Ministry of Health which is currently looking for an individual to serve as a Marriage Commissioner for Prince Rupert.

The successful applicant will be tasked with performing civil marriages within the community on behalf of the Agency. 

Applicants must reside in Prince Rupert to be considered for the post.

You can learn more about the position and how to apply for it here.

The Deadline to submit your interest in the position is December 16th.

More Community note themes can be explored from our archive page.

Rampage remain atop CIHL standings after hard fought wins on weekend

A month off didn't seem to have much of an impact on the Prince Rupert Rampage, with the home side beating back two challengers this weekend, the Rhinos taking wins on Friday over Quesnel and Stuarday against Williams Lake.

The schedule maker had given the Rampage a month away from competitive battle, but they more than stepped up on Friday when a snarly Quesnel Kangaroos squad arrived in town.

The game one notable for the parade to the penalty box as it was for the numbers on the score sheet, the long trip from the Cariboo bringing out some physicality from the Roos, which was more than answered by the hometown side.

On the Score board the Rampage were quick to the back of the net, with two Cole Atchison goals in the first five minutes, the first assisted by Tyler Ostrom, the second with helpers going to Kory Movold and Brett Arnet.

Quesnel would get one back in the middle of the first period, but the Rampage were quick to put down that rebellion, Reid Lindsay on the power play with an assist to Judd Repole and Brody Ward made it 3-1 by the sixteen minute mark.

Judd Repole would add one more before the first period would end, Cole Atchison and Reid Lindsay with the helpers making it 4-1 at periods end.

The penalty parade began early in the game with the Rampage picking up the first three infractions, with the nastiness accelerating through the first frame 

Prince Rupert picked up another goal five minutes into the second, with Judd Repole gaining the marker assisted by Reid Lindsay.

The Kangaroos countered with one of their own before the ten minute mark.

Much like the first, the second was a penalty filled affair as well, the Kangaroo claiming the majority of
the penalty time on a range of infractions.

The third period saw one more Rampage goal, that going to Marcus Atchicson, with assists going to Jared Meers and Cole Atchison.

The Quesnel side claimed two back, but came up short of a comeback with Prince Rupert posting a final score of 6-4 by the end of another penalty filled period, the infractions going on until the final whistle.

In total, the Kangaroos were assessed 81 minutes of penalty time on 23 infractions, the Rampage served 49 minutes in the box on 19 infractions.

Kieran Sharpe picked up another win for thee Rupert side, turning aside 28 of 32 shots on the night. 

570 fans took in the action on Friday evening.

The full Boxscore of the night is available here.

Saturday night provided just as much offence as the Friday night affair, but by comparisons, Williams Lake and Prince Rupert players were on a peace march, with things settling down significantly following a first period flurry of penalties.

The Stamps took an early two goal lead and held that advantage until the midway point of the first when Brody Hemrich picked up an unassisted power play marker, followed eight minutes later by Jared Meers, also on a power play bringing the two teams even on the scoreboard, the helper on goal number two for the Rampage going to Judd Repole.

The Second period was much the same as the first, Williams Lake added two goals in a row to take a 4-2 lead by the midpoint, which was the cue for another pushback from the home side.

Ben Northcott launched the push, scoring at 13:39 with an assist to Brody Hemrich.

Three minutes later it was Justin Brand tying the game up, with Drew Fudger and Nolan Stava providing the helpers. Three minutes after that Cole Atchison put the Rampage ahead for the first time on the night, Judd Repole setting him up for the go ahead goal.

The Rampage added to their 5-4 lead in the really moments of period three, with Tyler Matalone finding the back of the net on a helper from Brody Hemrich.

Williams Lake would make one last charge at mid period, gaining one goal back, however four minutes later Reid Lindsay restored the two goal lead, assisted by Kory Movold

The 7-5 score making for the final decision at the games end.

The referees had a relatively easy go of things considering the night before, with Williams Lake serving 14 minutes on 7 infractions, while the Rampage visited the detention box on the east side of the rink 7 times for 25 minutes of penalty time.

Kieran Sharpe secured his place at the leagues top goaltender into December, turning aside 16 of 21 shots

The Rampage goaltender having seen 360 minutes of play so far this season, with Goals Against Average of just 2.33.

776 fans made their way into the Jim for the warp up to the weekend play.

The Full box score for the Stamps/Rampage contest of Saturday is available here.

Being off the ice for a month has left the Rampage scorers with some ground to make up, which will come in December and January with a fairly extensive schedule ahead.

Judd Repole began the climb back to the top of the scoring listings with his weekend work and his five point over two games. The talented  Rhino offensive threat now in Fifth spot in the Scoring race with fifteen points, ten behind league leading Jordan Draper from Quesnel.

The Prince Rupert side will hit the highway this weekend and the next two games will serve as bookends to the recently completed sessions.   

Saturday the Rhinos are in Williams Lake, while the Kangaroos more than likely have Sunday afternoon circled on the calendar for their reunion matchup.

The weekend also brought out the generosity of the Rampage fans, with a successful Teddy Bear Toss in aid of the Salvation Army Christmas Hampers program.

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