Monday, November 28, 2022

Tourism Prince Rupert launches new visitor website

Those looking to learn about what Prince Rupert has to offer to visitors,  are just a click away from a full multimedia experience, with Tourism Prince Rupert launching a new website today.

From the launch today, Tourism Prince Rupert notes of the amount of preparation that went into the project, one that has delivered a long term, compelling and effective digital foundation for the organization.

As the official visitor website for Prince Rupert, our new platform offers a wealth of information about exploring the Prince Rupert area, including itinerary suggestions to help visitors plan their trip, as well as information about shopping, dining, accommodations, transportation, outdoor adventure, and more. 

You can also find Frequently Asked Questions about Prince Rupert, information about the area's history & culture, links to download visitor guides, maps, and brochures, as well as plenty of additional information and resources.  -- Tourism Prince Rupert on the launch of their new website

The new features include:

The new look also includes a Travel Blog where stories from a local perspective will showcase the community, as well as a section which provides a look at the work of Tourism Prince Rupert.

You can explore the full website here.

As you dive into the new portal you can gain knowledge of the history of the community, along with the many activities, events and community features that will add to the visitor experience and also serve as a great reference piece for local residents as well.

Tourism Prince Rupert offers up a list of those that helped bring the website program to the finish line, among those include:

Northern Development Initiative Trust for funding support through their Marketing Initiatives Program. 

The Ts'msyen Sm'algyax Language Authority and Wap Sigatgyet, SD52's Indigenous Education Department, for their support in developing our new resources on Ts'msyen Culture, and for providing Sm'algyax language and recordings. 

 Forge & Smith for their fantastic work developing the website, as well as to Chris Fraser for providing the beautiful Orca Whale artwork that is on display throughout the website.

More items of note on Tourism in Prince Rupert can be explored through our archive pages here.

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