Thursday, November 24, 2022

Council offers support for Two Tourism Prince Rupert initiatives

Some potential improvements for Mariner's Park may be
ahead as Tourism Prince Rupert and the City of Prince Rupert
make some plans 

The City of Prince Rupert will be lending some moral support towards a pair of Tourism Prince Rupert initiatives. The Council members approving a request for letters of support for the tourism organization as part of Monday's Council proceedings.

Communication Manager Veronika Stewart speaking to City Council
as part of Monday's session

The first came by way of a late addition to the Monday Agenda, with Veronika Stewart the City's Communication Manager providing some background to the request for support from Tourism Prince Rupert.

Her report was not included in the published agenda for the evening.

From her notes for Council she offered up a thumbnail sketch of the request for support.

"This request is from Tourism Prince Rupert to support their Destination Development Funding application. 

They are currently working on a design and they've involved the City of Prince Rupert for Mariner's Park, to kind of physically improve some of the amenities that are on site there, including  some potential consideration of covered areas for performing and things like that ...

They are looking to apply for this grant for Destination Development funding with the City as a partner and co-applicant because we are the owners of the property.

Essentially it's an early application, they are doing basically a request for expressions of interest ... if we make it past the first phase we would have to do a more detailed application. 

Once those designs are a little bit further underway we'd be happy to come to Council and explain a little bit more about what that process looks like and what it wold entail"

Mayor Pond also observed that as part of this request, there would be no cost at this time to the City of Prince Rupert other than some staff time.

Council then approved the request to provide their support to the initiative. 

There were no questions or Comments relayed by the Council members towards the topic.

Corporate Administrator Rosa Miller relayed the second request
for support from Tourism Prince Rupert on Monday

The Second request for support came later in the evening by way of a report from Corporate Administrator Rosa Miller, who provided the background to the request from Tourism Prince Rupert related to their plans towards development of new visitor merchandise.

The details of their request for Council can be reviewed below:

click to enlarge

As it was with Ms. Stewart's presentation, Council members had no questions or comments for Ms. Miller following her brief recap of the request.

You can review the two presentation to Council from the City's Video Archive at the 44 minute and one hour seventeen minute mark.

More notes from Monday's Council Session can be reviewed through our Council Timeline Feature.

Past discussion themes for Council can be examined through our Council Discussion archive.

A look at items of interest from Tourism Prince Rupert is available here.

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