Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Last of the walls and supports come down at old DQ building demolition

Like a real time game of PacMan, the workers from Storey's Excavating taking on the demolition of the DQ building at Third West and McBride have methodically worked their way through the Ground level of the building, with the final surface work almost wrapped up.

The first step of the work began last Monday and over the last eight days the familiar stucco walls of the long time presence on the corner has been slowly but surely nibbled away, already making for a very different view than what was once familiar. 

In just over one week the landscape at Third West and McBride has 
changed significantly with the demolition work at the DQ building

While the building had not been in use for a number of years, many will remember the large space under the main floor, so where the demolition process goes next will be of much interest for those who have stopped to watch the work to date.

As a result of the work, the Northern Savings Credit Union parking lot is still not available for customers, and the alley way between McBride and First Street remains closed to traffic.

More notes of interest towards the commercial sector can be explored here.

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