Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Monday evening Prince Rupert Council session addresses Ocean Centre events of the morning

Prince Rupert Mayor Herb Pond spoke to the Monday morning
incident at the Ocean Centre Mall prior to Monday evening's Regular Council Session

The start of Monday's City Council session provided opportunity for Prince Rupert Mayor Herb Pond to speak to the events of Monday mornings tragic event in the Ocean Centre mall, with Mr. Pond noting of the incident at the start of the Regular Council session.

The Ocean Centre was behind police tape and the location Monday for a  large police presence following a murder-suicide at the downtown business office facility.

In his comments, the Mayor observed of the impact on the families involved, that of those connected in the community who work at City Hall, reinforcing the need for the community to focus on facts and allow the RCMP to continue with their investigation.

"It is absolutely no secret what the community has been going through today and City Hall was affected by all that went on today. We were under lockdown early this morning. We have members of our staff who are connected into what took place and I'm concerned about all of that.

But I'm concerned even more about the families that are more directly involved and people that were more directly involved and Councillor Forster in your work you were involved in some of that.

So, we'll leave it to the RCMP to speak to the facts of the matter, but I want to offer the community and particularly the families that are closest to this tragic event, the heartfelt condolences of this entire Council.

It's been a really hard day for our community, as you can appreciate. We had media contacting us because people away wanted to know what was going on; but beyond that we also had calls and expressions of sympathy from other community leaders and that was appreciated.

And you know I just want to encourage the public to ...  if you're going to be talking about it, focus on facts, let's have factual conversations about what took place. 

But, beyond that let's have really gracious ... you may be surprised who's been affected by this and let's lean on each other a just little bit in this really difficult time.

And I know that that's the feeling of the entire City Council and indeed of City staff"

The Mayors comments to Council can be reviewed through the City's video archive starting at the 36 minute mark.

Mr. Pond's comments were among a number relayed Monday by local representatives for the region.

The most recent notes from the RCMP related to Monday's incident can be reviewed here.

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