Sunday, November 20, 2022

Blog Watching: Week ending: Sunday, November 20, 2022

The streetscape at the corner of McBride and Third Avenue West is starting to look very different than it did one week ago, with work getting underway on Monday towards the demolition of the old Dairy Queen location.

Some future change is ahead when it comes to the Fairview Bay Area, with DP World moving ahead in its application process towards expansion northwards for the Fairview footprint, shifting the current location of the Fairview Bay Boat Floats closer to the Airport Ferry location.

Prince Rupert's newly elected City Council will host their first Committee of the Whole session on Monday, and this week we outlined what a local community group may want to say about water infrastructure plans to them as part of that session.

Growth for the North Coast Cruise Industry was the focus for a recently announced agreement between the Prince Rupert Port Authority and a global terminal operator which will take over the management of the Northland Cruise Terminal in Prince Rupert.

The fifth of our five top items takes us out to the District of Port Edward which has relayed to the Province its latest concerns over the need for improved maintenance for highway 16 between Prince Rupert and Terrace.

From the weeks review however, the most read item of the week noted of the start of demolition for the DQ building at McBride and Third Avenue West.

Piece by Piece the McBride Street landscape changes again, as demolition of old DQ building gets underway -- Northern Savings began the much anticipated demolition work on the old DQ Building with work making significant progress by weeks' end. (posted November 14, 2022

 That article was followed by: 

DP World seeking approval of plans for northbound expansion towards Commercial floats  at Fairview --   An application with Transport Canada is moving forward towards changes north of the DP World container facility, with a plan that would shift much of the current boat float are towards the Airport Ferries side of the Bay (posted November 17, 2022

Newly created Civic Action Group to seek presentation time with Prince Rupert City Council on public infrastructure concerns --  A community group seeking to learn more about the city's plans for water treatment infrastructure development has secured a spot in Monday's City Council Committee of the Whole session to share their notes. (posted November 15, 2022) . 

Prince Rupert Port Authority hails agreement for Northland Cruise Terminal Operations with Global Ports Holding -- The prospect of significantly more cruise ship passengers coming ashore in the future was one of the highlights of an announcement this week. One which outlined the scope of an agreement that brings a Global Cruise Terminal company to the North Coast. (posted November 14, 2022

Port Edward reaffirms concerns when it comes to regional highways maintenance  --  The closure of Highway 16 in October due to rock falls on the highway has given the District of Port Edward cause to seek out improved maintenance for the key east - west corridor in the Northwest. (posted November 18, 2022) . 

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