Friday, November 18, 2022

Port Edward reaffirms concerns when it comes to regional highways maintenance

Recent rockslides along Highway 16 between Prince Rupert
and Terrace have given Port Edward Mayor Knut Bjorndal
cause to send off a note of concern to the Province of BC

The theme of highways maintenance in the Northwest will get a short review at tonight's Regional District session, with a recent correspondence from the District of Port Edward to the Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure.

The recent rock falls along Highway 16 was the spark to the latest correspondence, one which follows on a few from last year over snow removal themes.

Highway 16 new reopened between Exstew and Shames Mountain due to rockslide

Highway 16 new reopened west of Exchamsiks after closure owing to large rocks on highway

The letter to Minister Rob Fleming from Mayor Knut Bjorndal reinforces the nature of Highway 16 as vital transportation link from Haida Gwaii across the northwest, expressing relief that no one was injured in the recent incident.

The Port Edward Mayor further calls for the need for regular and ongoing maintenance along the route and adjoining rail corridor, noting that such dedication to maintenance will avoid any potential major disaster.

Mr. Bjorndal also observes that he looks forward to improvements to the main artery road in the Northwest in the very near future.

More notes on tonight's Regional District session can be reviewed here.

Past items of interest from Port Edward can be reviewed here, while themes from along Highway 16 can be explored here.


  1. Good for Port Edward for taking initiative.

    But I question why Port Edward is the only community making this a priority?

    Highway 16 becomes less safe every year. Resident expectations are changing and the state of this artery needs attention.

    When will the provincial government step up and stop ignoring safety concerns along Highway 16?

  2. Rock falls and slides happen way more frequent than the general public knows. On average about once a month. Only a matter of time before someone is killed. Moving the highway to the water side of the track is the only way to avoid it. Atleast in the most dangerous sections. Example car wash rock.