Friday, November 18, 2022

City of Prince Rupert tempts the Snow Gods ... provides reminders on required snow and ice control measures

The Weather prognostication Crystal ball on the top floor of City Hall must be giving off some mixed messaging this afternoon, with the City of Prince Rupert using its social media streams  to provide an early winter reminder of the required snow and ice control measure for residents and business owners.

Towards those snow clearing requirements the full outline is available here.

Now towards the heads up from today, the need for early warning is a proper concern. 

But looking over the latest forecast for the next seven days, does seem to suggest you won't need to pull out the shovels and start to spead out the ice melt just yet ...

But if you do have to take to the digging out, remember who had the snow visions ... and direct your commentary to the proper forums.

Though the authors do note that even with the prospect of a snowy day or two sometime this winter ... things could be worse.

Past weather notes for the North Coast can be reviewed here.

Items of interest from Prince Rupert City Hall can be explored from our archive page.

1 comment:

  1. Is the city going to inform the taxpayer what changes they made after last year's snow removal fiasco.
    The city is big at pointing out the bylaw, it's a shame they fail at enforcement.