Thursday, November 24, 2022

UBCM notes of 'unanswered questions' when it comes to Premier David Eby's housing plans

The umbrella organization that represents municipal governments across British Columbia has done a bit of a deep dive into the recently announced plans on Housing by newly installed Premier David Eby and from their analysis, they are raising a few flags on behalf of the municipalities that will be impacted by the changes ahead.

As we noted earlier this week, Mr. Eby's wide ranging shift in focus for housing in the province was revealed on Monday and with some extended sittings this week and use of closure on debate yesterday, the process of change is moving forward through the Legislative process.

Yesterday, North Coast MLA Jennifer Rice, through her social media stream,  highlighted some of the key talking points for the NDP government when it comes to the legislation.

The provincial housing supply initiative is explained here.

While the NDP House Leader moves the legislature forward. 

The Union of British Columbia Municipalities has highlighted a range of areas where it suggests there is a need for much more information towards the impact the legislation will have on local government.

Among some of their key concerns:

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The full information release from UBCM is available here.

Prince Rupert City Council has flagged housing as one of the most important areas to be addressed, the need for new housing both market, non market and for Seniors has long been a need for the community. 

However, despite much discussion on the topic,  over the last decade the housing starts have been few, while the need for housing stock particularly in the area. of affordable housing continues to grow, the need one that has become more exacerbated. 

Housing has been an area of concern that has been identified in the past as having an impact on the attraction and retention of employees for many Prince Rupert industries, businesses and services.

And towards that, the city has announced a number of initiatives and potential solutions in recent months.

So far, the City Council membership  has not spoken out publicly on the provincial housing plans that are moving forward. 

So it will be with some interest that residents will await some thoughts from local government on how it views the provincial changes.

More notes on the Legislature can be explored here.

Our past notes on the housing situation in Prince Rupert can be reviewed here.

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  1. The NDP came to power in 2017 promising to build 114,000 units of new housing, but after five years they have only completed a disastrous six per cent of their goal.

    The NDP has utterly failed to reach their housing goals and they cannot even address the mess that BC Housing has become on their watch.