Monday, November 28, 2022

Prince Rupert Port Authority hails significant regulatory milestone for Vopak Pacific Canada Project

Artists rendering of the proposed Vopak Pacific Canada
Bulk Fuels Terminal at Ridley Island
(image from PRPA)

The Prince Rupert Port Authority has made its first comments towards the recent delivery of Final Determination on Federal Environmental themes towards the Vopak Pacific Canada Bulk Fuels Terminal project, highlighting the progress that the initiative has made to date.

On Friday we posted a story noting of the successful navigation of the Federal process for Vopak Pacific Canada, the second significant measure reached since the Spring, with Vopak having perviously received its Environmental Assessment Certificate from the Province in April

In their information release from today, the Prince Rupert Port Authority outlines the process that Vopak was required to go through, along with the engagement it had taken on during that process.

The Prince Rupert Port Authority, Environment and Climate Change Canada, and Transport Canada (together called the “Federal Authorities”) have determined, in accordance with the requirements of Section 67 of the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act, 2012 (“CEAA 2012”) and Section 82 of the Impact Assessment Act (IAA), that the Vopak Pacific Canada Project is not likely to cause significant adverse environmental effects. 

Throughout the environmental review process, Federal Authorities consulted with the Indigenous Nations on the project’s potential impacts to the environment, Indigenous peoples, and their Interests and Rights. 

The PRPA also notes that with Federal Notice of Determination, both the Federal and Provincial environmental review process  is now complete. 

Something which was a prerequisite for the Federal Authorities to consider the required authorizations for the project to proceed. Vopak now  continues to work toward obtaining remaining permits and making a Final Investment Decision on the project.

Today's announcement which you can review here, does not provide for a timeline towards the steps ahead related to the Final Investment Decision for the project.

Vopak Pacific Canada has also noted of the positive response for the Notice of Determination.

Vopak is excited to achieve this milestone and appreciates the feedback that was provided by Indigenous nations throughout the federal environmental effects evaluation process. Vopak will continue to work with federal authorities to obtain the necessary federal approvals prior to making a Final Investment Decision.

You can review more of their plans from the Vopak Pacific website.

More background on the plans can be explored through our archive page.

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