Monday, January 27, 2020

Weather not co-operating with your golf game; lets go to the video option!

The Driving Range at the Prince Rupert Golf Club is one of a number of
items on an improvement list for the Club this year if funding can
be accessed for the work

The Prince Rupert Golf Club will be seeking some support from the city's council members at tonight's Council Session.

That by way of a request for a letter of support, as the PRGC looks to accessing some funding from available funding opportunities in the community to be put towards some improvements for the local course.

Among the items on the list is an upgrade to the clubs bag storage area, improvements to the driving range and the purchase of a new golf simulator.

The simulator project would be in partnership with the Prince Rupert Racquets Centre and would see the simulator installed in one of the existing courts at that facility.

A partnership with the Prince Rupert Racquets Club could see a new
golf simulator come to town for the Golf Club

The new golf option would provide for additional recreation in the off months when outdoor golf isn't practical and will also appeal to those who may enjoy the sport but have limited mobility. It will also be of use when it comes to providing for lessons for the golfing community in the city.

It's anticipated that if successful in accessing the funding, the partnership between the Golf Course and the Racquets Centre would provide for additional revenue streams for both.

The simulator concept moved forward after the Golf Club conducted a survey over the Christmas and New Years period to gain the feedback of members to determine what kind of usage the new addition might get if it was purchased and installed.

Back in November of 2019, Iain Cullen from the Golf Club Society provided an overview of the club operations and some of their plans during a presentation for City Council.

The city's commitment towards the project would be that of the letter of support and not financial. Some background on the plans can be found from the Agenda package for tonight's Prince Rupert Council Session.

For more notes on this evenings City Council session see our Preview page here.

Further items of interest on the Prince Rupert Golf Club can be found from our archive page here.

City Council Preview: Monday, January 27, 2020

Presentations will make for much of the course for tonight's Prince Rupert City Council session, with two overviews on a pair of themes scheduled for the night.

The first will come as part of the Committee of the Whole process, when the members of Kaien Trails provide a community update on their work from 2019 and what's ahead for 2020 and beyond.

The second presentation will come as part of the Regular Council Session, when the Councillors receive an update on the findings of a project called the RCMP Situation Tables process.

The Director of Operations will seek the approval of a contract award for a study of some of the city's outfall system, as well as to provide an update on funding opportunities from the Federation of Canadian Municipalities.

Council members will also review a request for a letter of support from the Prince Rupert Golf Club, which is seeking funding from the Community Investment Fund towards the purchase of a golf simulator for the Club.

You can review the Full Agenda Packages for the Regular Council Session from the City Website options below:

Regular City Council Session
Committee of the Whole Session

As noted previous, tonight also features the first Committee of the Whole session for 2020, in addition to a presentation from the members of Kaien Trails, members of the public will be able to ask questions or deliver comments to the City Council members.



Adoption of Agenda and Past minutes -- Mayor Brain will review the agenda for the evening and Council will adopt the minutes of past meetings.

Petitions and Delegations -- Members from the Kaien Island Trail Enhancement and Recreation Society will provide a community update on their work for 2020.

Question Period from the Public -- Members of the public with Questions or comments for council will have an opportunity to present them to the members of Council.

Reports, Questions and Inquiries from members of Council -- Members of Council have opportunity to raise topics of note if they wish.

Adjournment to reconvene at Regular Council Session



Adoption of Agenda and Past minutes -- Mayor Brain will review the agenda for the evening and Council will adopt the minutes of past meetings.

Petitions and Delegations 

Shannon Tucker will provide information for Council as part of an RCMP Situation Tables Presentation.

Reports and Recommendations 

A report from the Director of Operations   that will outline the award of a contract to McElhanney Consulting Ltd. towards the city's Outfall I catchment Study.

The Director of Operations will also deliver a verbal report related to a Federation of Canadian Municipalities Fund application.

Correspondences for Action 

Letter of Support Request from the Prince Rupert Golf Club, seeking support for a Community Investment Fund application (see page 6 of the Agenda)

The evening will come to an end with any Additional Items as well as Reports, Questions and Inquiries from Members of Council.

Council members can  take advantage of the period to offer up any items or concerns that they have for consideration on the night.

The Live broadcast of the City Council session can be found here, a video archive of past sessions is available here.

Our items of note related to the January 27 session can be viewed here.

While our archive of all sessions for 2020 for Council is available here.

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City Council Session: Monday, January 27, 2020

Our archive of items from the session can be found below.

Regular Session of Council for  Monday, January 27, 2019

Home page and archive of sessions can be found here.

Live Broadcast of session can be found here

Agenda for the Regular Council Session for January 27, 2019

Agenda for the Committee of the Whole Session for January 27, 2020

Preview of Council Session for Monday, January 27, 2020


Mayor Lee Brain --
Councillor Nick Adey --  
Councillor Barry Cunningham -- 
Councillor Blair Mirau --
Councillor Reid Skelton-Morven --
Councillor Wade Niesh --
Councillor Gurvinder Randhawa --

Minutes of Regular Session of Council,  January 27, 2020
(not available yet)

Video Recording of  January 27, 2020 Council Session 
(not available yet)

City Council Timeline, Monday, January 27, 2020
(not available yet)


North Coast Review Items related to the January 27, 2020 Session of Council 


Further notes, as well as any Media items from other sources for the January 27, 2020 session can be found in our Discussion Points from City Council feature.

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Real Estate Tracker: Week ending January 26, 2020

The West side has always seemed to be the more dominant side of the city when it comes to the top end listings, and this week Alpine Drive seems to stake a claim, with the departure of one listing and the addition of two others from that street to the list of Ten.

Every Monday, we look over the listing prices of the week just passed and outline the Top 10 asking prices in the area, providing a snap shot as to where the Real Estate market may be trending on a week-to-week basis.

The listings below are purely for information purposes, for further background on the properties recorded, see our links page for access to the individual real estate listings.

The Archive for our weekly review can be found here.

Our list of the top ten priced homes for the week ending January 26, 2020 can be explored below:

Real Estate listings on the East Side of Prince Rupert
Week ending January 26, 2020

Real Estate listings on the West Side of Prince Rupert
Week ending January 26, 2020

The West side continues to feature the largest number of the top end housing stock in the city, with seven of the Ten found on our list located in a cluster around the Graham/Atlin/Alpine area.

The east side of the city is left with two property listings among the ten top end listings for the week, the top end of the east side homes found on Raven Crescent.

The total value of the list of ten remains at the 6.3 million mark this week, making for much of the same territory as in previous weeks.

The lowest mark for the list of ten  sits  at  $498,000, while our top end from the last week remains marked  at the price point of  $1,350,000

Below find our findings as of the Week ending January 26, 2020

1824 Graham Avenue                    $1,350,000 -- Remax
1714 Sloan Avenue                        $649,000 --    Remax
1800 Atlin Avenue                         $649,000 --    Remax
1933 Graham Avenue                    $649,000 --    Remax
2201 Atlin Avenue                         $525,000 --    Remax
149 Raven Crescent                       $538,000 --    Realty Executives
190 Alpine Drive                           $518,000 --    Realty Executives
161 Alpine Drive                           $509,000 --    Realty Executives
1819 Atlin Avenue                         $499,000 --   Realty Executive
1811 6th Avenue East                    $498,000 --    Remax

For more items related to Real Estate see our archive page here.

For background on Housing issues in the region see our past items here.

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Sunday, January 26, 2020

Parts of Prince Rupert, including much of Downtown suffered power interruption Sunday afternoon

The lights and power went out shortly after 3 in parts of Prince Rupert
(BC Hydro map)

A good portion of the downtown core and other adjacent areas on the same electrical grid were knocked off line this afternoon with BC Hydro crews attending to a service call shortly after 3 PM.

The scope of the outage was found in the area bounded by Comox Avenue in the South to the North at Manson Way.  To the east the line between the powered and the non powered was just east of McBride, while to the west the power outage went no further than just before the Moresby Park area.

The cause of the incident was said to be a bird contacting their wires.

At the height of the power interruption, some 1300 customers had been affected, Hydro Crews had the power returned by 5 PM, posting their final update to the BC Hydro website at that time.

For a look at past notes on past Hydro outages see our archive page here.

Blog Watching: Week ending January 26, 2020

It would seem that there is a bit of interest in the latest of land arrangements that the City of Prince Rupert has embarked on, with out story on the plans to lease warehouse space adjacent to the Canfisco Plant on George Hills Way to the Prince Rupert Gymnastics Association finding a strong audience following its Friday debut.

The state of water in Prince Rupert was once again a newsworthy theme, that as School District 52 outlined plans to have bottled water used at its facilities in the city.

There could be some positive news brewing for Prince Rupert and the Alaska Marine Highway System with a draft schedule released this week featuring 4 summer sailings per month from May to September

The Charles Hays Rainmakers had a fairly remarkable stay in Vancouver this week, running through the preliminary games with some high tempo basketball, setting a pace to take them to the final of the Emerald Tournament at Vancouver College. However, the Centennial Centaurs dashed any hopes of claiming at tourney championship in the finale.

And the Premier moved a few of his cabinet ministers around and promoted one from the back benches to a seat at the Cabinet table.

However, the most read story of the week explored some themes related to a notice from the City related to a leasing opportunity for a warehouse near Rushbrook Floats.

Surprise leasing plan announcement leaves a few questions seeking answers -- The latest move for the City of Prince Rupert into property management captured some strong attention this week, as large volume of readers explores our notes on the city's leasing plans for a warehouse adjacent the Canfisco fish plant   (posted  January 24, 2020)

That article was followed by:

SD52 students to use bottled water while Board of Education considers solutions to water issues -- The School District has followed up on an announcement from their January 14th Board meeting, advising that only bottled water is in use at the schools of the Prince Rupert School District. As those notes were being released, Mayor Lee Brain provided the city's view of the latest water woes for the School District. The news of the shift to bottled water served as reminder of some of the past water issues found at SD52 facilities in recent years.  (posted January 22 , 2020  )

AMHS  Draft Schedule shows possible May return for Prince Rupert service -- Prince Rupert may be getting back on the Destinations Board for the Alaska Marine Highway System, with a Draft Schedule for 2020 showing summer sailings for May to September. How long even that limited service may remain, may yet be in peril. As we noted on Monday, a Work Group has been established by the Governor of the State to review a report on the Ferry System, with one suggestion including the elimination of the Prince Rupert port call completely. (posted January 21 , 2020)

Rainmakers look for some luck of the Irish at Vancouver College Emerald Tourney --  Fans of the Charles Hays Senior Boys Rainmakers were checking the blog often this week, as we followed the travels of the Makers in Vancouver at a high profile basketball tournament at Vancouver College.  In addition to our tournament preview; our update of Friday  had a strong readership as well.  Check the blog on Monday for a full recap of the trip south with the Makers coming up just a bit short of a tournament win the finale. (posted January 23, 2020 )

NDP shuffle the cabinet as Premier Horgan re-assigns some duties -- A small shuffle around the cabinet table took place this week, with Premier John Horgan bringing in one new face, and re-assigning some duties for others. The shuffle however, did not make for a shift for North Coast MLA Jennifer Rice up to cabinet status this time around. (posted  January 22, 2020)

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Saturday, January 25, 2020

British Columbia Government responds to Ontario notice of suspected case of Wuhan coronavirus

The first suspected case of the Wuhan Coronavirus has been reported in Canada with Ontario officials this afternoon outlining the details of a Toronto resident who recently travelled from China to Canada, subsequently falling ill on January 23rd.

The alert from Ontario has given cause for the British Columbia government and Provincial Health Officer to outline the latest notes from this province as the list of suspected cases outside of the Chinese borders continues to grow.

In a statement released this afternoon, Adrian Dix, Minister of Health, and Dr. Bonnie Henry, B.C.'s provincial health officer, made note of the Ontario development and outlined that the risk for residents in British Columbia is still considered low.

“To date, there have been no cases of illness caused by the novel coronavirus in British Columbia and the overall risk to B.C. is still considered low.

We know our colleagues in Ontario will continue to work with their local health officials and the federal health authorities to ensure every measure is taken to prevent the spread of this virus.

We are closely watching the situation in Canada and globally, and are meeting regularly with our counterparts across the country to make sure we are prepared if cases arise in B.C."

The outline from the British Columbia officials relays some of the steps that the province is taking related to the outbreak from overseas. As well as to offer some guidance for those that may believe that they are at risk or have been in contact with the coronavirus.

“Anyone who is concerned they may have been exposed to, or are experiencing symptoms of the novel coronavirus, particularly if you have travelled to areas of China where the virus is active or been in contact with ill people from that area, should contact their health-care provider, local public health office or call 811.”

The full statement from Mr. Dix and Doctor Henry can be reviewed here.

The outbreak in China has resulted in a number of lockdowns on some of the largest cities in that country, as well as moves to try to build up health resources for health workers in that nation.

So far, the Chinese government has relayed information that states that 54 residents have died as a result of the virus, with an additional 1,700 plus patients infected.

The global spread for the virus has so far found less than 35 cases in total reported in a number Asian countries, as well as France, Australia, United States and now Canada.

No deaths have been reported so far from those cases.

You can keep up with some of the international developments from  our political blog D'Arcy McGee which has been tracking some of the international stories related to the coronavirus.

In British Columbia, residents can find out more information on the virus as well as on any changes to the situation in this province from the BC Centre for Disease Control.

Should there be any need for information for Northwest residents, those details will be relayed through Northern Health.

Northern Health website
Northern Health Facebook page

For more notes on Health in the region see our archive page here.

For up to date notes on the Canadian and British Columbia response to the virus see our archive page here.

Tracking the response to the Whuan Novel Coronavirus

As the reports of the arrival of the Wuhan Novel Coronavirus continue to increase around the world, we will keep up to date with British Columbia and Canadian advisories and notes through this archive page.

The official information statements from Government and Public Health officials will be listed below:

January 26 -- Statement by Foreign Affairs Minister on travel to Hubei Province in China
January 25 -- Statement by the Federal Minister of Health on the First Presumptive Confirmed Travel-related case of new Coronavirus in Canada
January 25 -- Joint BC statement on first Canadian case of novel coronavirus
January 25 -- Ontario confirms First Case of Whan Novel Coronavirus
January 21 -- Minister of Health, provincial health officer's statement on coronavirus risk

Northern Health website
Northern Health Facebook page

Notes from the North Coast Review, or Northwest media will be found below:

January 25 -- British Columbia government responds to Ontario notice of suspected case of Wuhan cornoavirus  NCR
January 22 -- Province of British Columbia outlines its latest view on the Coronavirus reports from China NCR

For a wider overview of how the national and provincial media is following the story see our daily archives from our political blog.

Ottawa Observations

Victoria viewpoints

Prince Rupert Seawolves and Smithers set to bring Minor Hockey Week to an end for North Coast

Check out some Midget tier hockey this weekend as the Prince Rupert Seawolves
play host to Smithers for games on Saturday and Sunday

A week of celebrating one of Canada's favourite sports is going to go out in style today and tomorrow as the Midget Seawolves take on their guests from Smithers for a a pair of games at the Jim Ciccone Civic Centre.

The Two games are part of the focus for Minor Hockey Week in Canada.

The first is set for a puck drop this afternoon at 1:15 as Smithers takes on the PRMHA Canfisco Midget Rep Squad.

Sunday the two teams do it all again with an 9AM start for the early risers.

Some Midget House League play at 5:30 on Sunday wraps up the weekend of hockey.

The two games offer up a sample of some of the play that will be featured in March when the PRMHA hosts the Midget Provincial Championships from March 15 to 19

Next weekend the youngsters of the Initiation Program get to show their stuff with a Tournament for both IP 1 and IP 2 taking place all day Saturday and Sunday, February 1 and 2 from 8 AM to 3:30 PM

You can pretty well drop in anytime over a weekend and check out the progress for the young players of the PRMHA, whether in game action or at practice.

For more notes on Minor Hockey see the PRMHA Website or Facebook page

Further items of interest can be found from our archive page here.

Friday, January 24, 2020

Rampage scoreboard watching this week as CIHL regular season heads into the home stretch

With a week off before their final weekend of play in the regular season, the players on the  Prince Rupert Rampage, as well as their loyal fans, will be spending some of their time watching the CIHL scoreboard this weekend.

And if you listen carefully around town tomorrow night, you may be hearing the chant of GO STEELHEADS GO ...

The Rhinos currently hold down the Top Spot in the tightly contested race for the regular season title, after a very successful trip into the Cariboo last weekend.

As we noted on Monday, the Rampage claimed both victories on Saturday and Sunday as part of the cross province trek into the Central Interior.

Their success on the road making for a one point lead over their rivals in Terrace, with the River Kings looking to overtake the Rupert boys this weekend.

The River Kings head to Smithers Saturday for a 7:30 match up with the Steelheads and should the Smithereens prevail, the road for a Prince Rupert title will get a little bit easier into the final week of the season,  leaving the entire opportunity in the hands of the Rampage next weekend.

Even with a Terrace win, the showdown seems set for Friday night when the Rampage host the River Kings in the first game in a two game home stand at 8PM at the Jim  

The regular season wraps up on home ice for the Rhinos on Saturday night when Hazelton comes to town for a 7 PM start.

That however is all for next weekend, for now, Ramapge fans can get a head start towards putting on some good karma ...  GO STEELHEADS GO

For more notes on the CIHL see our archive page here.

Moderate earthquake rumbles off Vancouver Island Southwest of Port Alberni

A 4.5mg earthquake was recorded off the Coast of
Vancouver Island on Monday afternoon

The latest in a string of moderate temblors to roll up and own the Pacific fault line was recorded this afternoon, as a 4.5 earthquakes was recorded at 1:35 PM centred some 88 kilometres Southwest of Port Alberni.

The seismic event had a depth of 10 kilometres, residents from Port Alberni, Ucluelet and Tofino reported feeling the event, as did some residents on the eastern side of Vancouver Island around the Nanaimo region.

No Tsunami warning was generated by the event.

The mid day quake is the latest of note in the province, earlier this week we outlined the details of a similar sized seismic event that occurred on Monday evening just off the western coast of Haida Gwaii.

For more notes related to seismic activity in British Columbia and Southeast Alaska see our archive page here.

The first step towards the CHSS Class of 2033 starts with a Kindergarten registration

The Charles Hays Grad Class of 2019
With kindergarten registration set for February, the students of the
Class of 2033 will begin their travels through the BC education system

(Photo from CHSS Twitter feed)

They probably won't realize it when their parents drop them off in September, but with the arrival of fall and the first day of Kindergarten, a thirteen year transit towards adulthood will be underway as the Class of 2033 begins their educational journey.

The first step towards that milestone moment begins next month as parents across the region put forward their application for Kindergarten.

Both SD52 and the city's Independent School Annunciation will be accepting applications in February, with both outlining the process ahead for parents through their websites.

For SD 52 the Registration Period takes place as follows:

Elementary Schools
February 3 to 14 from 9 AM to Noon and 1 to 3 PM

Port Edward School
February 3 to 14 (Tuesdays and Thursdays only)

École Roosevelt French Immersion program
February 3 to 14 from 9 AM to Noon and 1 to 3 PM

Students who are not registered during the the two weeks of registration are not guaranteed a placement at their neighbourhood school.

More details on the Registration process can be found from the School District website

To find the catchment area for your neighbourhood and the school in your area see this map.

The City's Catholic Independent School Annunciation will also
be holding registration in February

The registration period for Annunciation also gets underway on February 3rd and those interested in the Annunciation program must complete the on-line pre application form which will be active on the school's website beginning at 8AM on that date.

You can review more information about the Annunciation Kindergarten program here.

For more items of note on education on the North Coast see our archive page here.

Rainmakers take Day One victory in Vancouver, set for showdown with host Irish this afternoon

It was a successful debut for the Charles Hays Rainmakers as they
topped Walnut Grove on Thursday at the Vancouver College Emerald Tournament
(from the Vancouver College video stream)

The first day of tournament play for the Charles Hays Rainmaker was a successful one, with Senior Boys from Rupert holding off a late game charge from Langley's Walnut Grove Gators to take their first game in this weekends event.

The Makers for the most part controlled the play for the bulk of the game, though on occasion the Langley ballers would mount an impressive push to put a bit of a scare in the Charles Hays Squad.

The flow of the game was fast paced and found the two teams exchanging flurries of scoring streaks before surrendering some of their gains, the match providing for for some frantic final minutes as the Walnut Grove team made a hard push to try to overcome the Charles Hays lead.

And while they had some success in clawing their way towards the Makers, the Rupert squad held off the charge to claim the 83 to 77 victory.

That moves the Rainmakers forward in the tournament into Friday play and the task won't be an easy one as the Rupert boys take on the host Vancouver College team in their own barn with what should be a huge and enthusiastic crowd to cheer on the Vancouver side.

Rainmaker fans can do some long distance cheering by way of a video feed from the Alumni Gym at Vancouver College, tip off this afternoon comes at 3:30 PM

Should the Rainmakers topple the highly regarded Vancouver club they will next see action on Saturday morning at 11:45 AM

You can keep track of the Rainmakers in Vancouver from our story from Thursday.

With little movement in teacher's talks, BCTF membership reportedly reviewing next steps

The amount of information coming out the labour discussions
between the BSPEA and BCTF is akin to that of an empty blackboard

Things apparently are not moving very fast when it comes to knocking off a conclusion to contract negotiations with the provinces public school teachers.

And while the two sides apparently meet from time to time,  the talks which began last Spring and continued through the summer, fall and now into the winter have provided for little in the way of information for students, parents and guardians who have a pretty vested interest in an outcome.

The last public update on the state of negotiations dates back to a notice on the British Columbia Public School Employer's Association website from mid December, when both sides met with mediator David Schaub to identify topics that the two parties would discuss in the New Year.

Almost one month into that new year, there has been little heard as to progress on the topics of concern and if any kind of settlement is within sight.

This week, some of the province's major columnists and commentators observed that they had been hearing word from sources inside the British Columbia Teachers Federation that the membership were considering some of their next steps to try and put pressure on the BC government to reach a settlement in the long running negotiations.

Such has been the speculation towards potential job action, that the BCTF took to its social media streams on Thursday to try to tamper down any anxieties over picket lines and cancelled classes.

On the North Coast, there hasn't been much heard on the fate of the negotiations since the Prince Rupert Teachers and North Coast MLA Jennifer Rice exchanged notes on the state of local fruit options in the community.

The presence of the teachers information lines that had been set up at the MLA's Ocean Centre office in the early fall, also seem to have grown less frequent as the winter weather arrived.

Some of the recent notes from the provincial media on the dispute and where the path may lead next can be found below:

Leaked BCTF memo details potential path towards province-wide teachers' strike
BCTF draws up internal plan for escalating job action
BC teachers to vote on job action plan this month, which could lead to full scale strike
BC teacher's demands for pay increases don't square with balanced budget, finance minister says
BC education minister optimistic 2020 a 'breakthrough year' for teacher contract talks

As the next steps come along, you can keep up to date on the status of the contract talks from our political blog D'Arcy McGee, as well as our Education negotiations archive page, which has charted the latest notes when the two sides had something to say.

Other items of interest on Education on the North Coast can be found from our Education archive, while items related to the provincial government can be explored through our Legislature archive.

Surprise leasing plan announcement leaves a few questions seeking answers

The leasing opportunities making the news this week are found on the
waterfront side of this warehouse adjacent to the main Canficso plant
located on George Hills way
The City of Prince Rupert is apparently expanding its portfolio to become a landlord again, with the city adding to its holdings in the building leasing business, something which may come as a bit of a surprise for many of the community's residents.

The latest revelation on the city's portfolio coming from a Public Notice delivered to the  local paper this week, outlining how the City plans to sub-lease some warehouse space on the city's east side waterfront to the Prince Rupert Gymnastics Association.

The City's announcement of the proposed lease for the Association will be a welcome thing for Councillor Wade Niesh.

The Councillor has been a long time advocate for the Gymnasts ever since they were forced out of the Civic Centre in 2016, relocating to the Museum of Northern BC building.

Recreation concerns outlined by Councillor Niesh

Our look at the ambitious plan and call for community investors from the Prince Rupert Gymnastics Association can be reviewed here.

The prospectus is one which outlines the blue print that they have in place to transform the Canadian Fish Warehouse which once housed stack upon stack of canned salmon into the new focal point for the sport in the region.

It's a fascinating project that residents of the city no doubt will wish the Gymnasts well towards as they move forward with their plans.

However, a few comments from Mayor Lee Brain related to the lease should raise a few questions for the public and even make for a topic for the City's Council members to discuss at a public council session, should they wish to expand on the underwhelming benchmark for discussion found at the 415 second council session of January 13th

In comments for the Thursday edition of the weekly paper, in what to this point seems to be a print edition story only, Mayor Brain outlined his and City council's excitement for the leasing plan.

"Council and staff saw this unexpected opportunity as a way to obtain a new strategic waterfront asset and protect the community uses that currently benefit that area ... We believe having a new indoor space next to the revitalized Rushbrook Trail, the boat launch and Cow Bay down the road will be a great addition to the waterfront and fits into our newly formed 2030 Vision" -- Mayor Lee Brain on the city's interests in a warehouse on the east side waterfront

All fascinating themes and all topics that should have been discussed in a public council session, where the elected Council members and those on city staff  could share their observations, go on the public record and expand on how they believe the city's plans for the warehouse fits the public good.

They could also have explained for the public how much the city has paid for the property they now are leasing out, where in the civic finances that they took the money from for the deal and what the ongoing costs of maintenance for the warehouse will be and who will be responsible for them.

The newspaper article also notes that the the leasing plan is in collaboration with Canfisco, something that he city should perhaps expand on for the public, outlining some more details on what exactly that arrangement means and if it is an additional cost for the city.

But as often seems the case with this council, those discussions if they took place, appear to have been behind doors that they close to the public more and more these days.

The addition of another item to the commercial leasing portfolio, should  also serve as perhaps another chance for a wider overview of just what properties the City of Prince Rupert owns or leases and what revenues and expenses that they may deliver to the civic financials.

As the sole shareholder in what appears to be growing empire of Prince Rupert Inc., Prince Rupert residents and taxpayers,  might welcome a chance to get a glimpse at their holdings and review how the city is handling them.

The most well known of the city's properties and the one with the largest profile is of course the Watson Island Intermodal Trade and Logistics Park and that is a land holding that the public hasn't heard anything further on since the announcement of the Pembina lease of 2018.

Still, it seems that there are pockets of other investments all over the city that Councils and staff present and past have accumulated  over the years and perhaps the time has come for an update and full account of those holdings.

Something that would offer the current roster of elected officials and senior staff opportunity to provide some background on all of them for the public and outline how they fall into the scope of what this City Council believes it should deliver as service to the community.

As well as to review for the public how such transactions fit into the City Council priority list.

The City's mobile app
does not get many
updates these days
The other thing of note related to the newest of property moves by the city, is to reinforce the lack of information that they have offered to the community when it comes to this current Public Notice and those of the past.

Other than the apparent Community Charter requirement of the purchase of two advertisements in the weekly paper, there was no mention of the Notice through any of the City of Prince Rupert's growing list of information portals.

To this point, despite having a full time Communication Manager who one might think should provide some notes to the theme; the Notice does not appear on the city website, the City's Facebook page or the latest information tool for the city, the mobile app.

Nor does the topic even make for a conversation starter on the Mayor's own Facebook portal where he often speaks to civic initiatives.

This item from the BC Assessment website highlights the area in question
related to the city's leasing plans, the city's interest in the warehouse portion
of the site is found on the waterfront side and adjacent to the Rushbrook Float
to the east

In the ad that was placed in the paper, the last line of the notice states:

All enquiries concerning this proposed property disposition may be directed to Rosa Miller, Corporate Administrator, in writing via email to or via fax at 250-627-099 no later than 4 PM Friday January 31st, 2020.

Other than the plans for newspaper ads that may or may not be noticed by the public and considering the lack of public discussion on the project; City Council members seemingly must not want to over tax Ms. Miller with replies on the theme.

In the Prince Rupert Gymnastics Club prospectus which is dated January 16th, it's observed that the city had already agreed to the lease terms of their proposal; yet the public did not receive notice of the plan until yesterday.

If the Council members still hold to the oft stated themes of transparency and accountability that they have made comment on in the past, then hopefully they will provide for a little bit of additional background for the public on their latest moves at their upcoming January 27th Public Council session.

That way the public could be just a little bit better informed on the topic, before that January 31st deadline for enquiries slips by.

For more notes on City Council themes see our archive page here.

Warehouse leasing plans just start of Ambitious project for Prince Rupert Gymnastics Association

The water side (not pictured) of this industrial warehouse adjacent 
to the main Canfisco fish plant could soon be the new home
 for the Prince Rupert Gymnastic Club
(photo from BC Assessments website)

One line in a City of Prince Rupert notice on a leased warehouse at the Canfisco plant site marks the start of what will be an interesting journey and ambitious plan to develop the sport of Gymnastics as part of a showcase venue in the community.

The 76,440 dollars a year lease for five years to the City of Prince Rupert, plus potential extensions makes for just one detail on the checklist for the Prince Rupert Gymnastics Association, with Association President Jackie Touchet recently posting the prospectus for the clubs vision for the  future on George Hill Way to the PRGA Facebook page.

A shift to the City's east side and a warehouse at the Canfisco site
 near Rushbrook Floats is in the planning
stage for the Prince Rupert Gymnastics Association
(click to enlarge)

The notes on the proposed project highlight how the club which serves over 200 athletes is currently at capacity at their present location in the Museum of Northern British Columbia.

The Association observes that with that in mind,  the time is at hand to seek out a new space, so as to advance the opportunity for the community's local athletes and provide for the same kind of opportunities that are found in larger cities.

The document (review it here) which was posted on January 16th outlines the scope of the project, which once completed would provide for additional space and a permanent home for the local group.

The plan moving forward would come in three phases, The first phase which arrives this Spring, will put the focus on architectural design and upgrades to the warehouse space itself.  

Phase Two is set for the Winter of 2020 and involves a range of elements towards the sport of Gymnastics.

While the third phase, planned for Spring 2021 will be dedicated towards office space and other amenities for the facility.

Towards realization of the Gymnastics Associations dream, the organization will be offering sponsorship opportunities for the community to review and hopefully sign up for.

You can keep up with the pace of the plans and follow along on the proposed shift to George Hills Way from the Prince Rupert Gymnastics Associations Facebook page.

Thursday, January 23, 2020

Coastal Training Centre looking for applicants for two programs for this September

Applicants can now apply for two programs offered
through the Coastal Training Centre in Prince Rupert

Prince Rupert's Coastal Training Centre is set to expand on some of their training programs for the North Coast this fall, with the Metlakatla led centre seeking out interested applicants for two programs to be offered for this September.

The Centre located at Dunsmuir and Sixth Avenue West, adjacent to the RCMP detachment has recently put out the call for interest in an Early Childhood Care program and a Chemical Addictions Worker Certificate program.

The Early Childcare Program, which will be held in partnership with the Native Education College of Vancouver will be an 11 month program, designed to prepare individuals for a career in working with children by learning the basic knowledge and skills about childhood behaviours, cognitive development and emotional needs.

After completing the program, graduates can work in a childcare centre with 3-5 year old children.

The Chemical Addictions Worker Program will provide the core skills required for Addictions workers and includes Aboriginal content. The program will assist individuals who currently are Alcohol and Drug Counsellors, or Addictions Workers who may need to obtain professional development to meet job requirements.  The program is also open to all individuals who wish to seek employment in the Addictions field.

Both programs have start dates planned for September 2020, the deadline to apply for the two programs is January 31st.

You can inquire about both by contacting the Coastal Training Centre at 250-627-8822

Learn More about the Coastal Training Centre from their website here.

For more notes on training opportunities through the Coastal Training Centre see our archive page here or our Metlaktala Archive.

Literacy the focus for Library event on Saturday

The Prince Rupert Public Library is looking to increase awareness for Literacy initiatives in the community, with the Sixth Avenue West library hosting a family event this Saturday afternoon in the Multipurpose Room.

The two hour event offers activities, giveaways and refreshments to celebrate Family Literacy, also providing some notes on the Take 20 program, which looks to make learning together part of the family experience each day.

The Day's events are free to the public and sponsored by Decoda Literacy Solutions, North Coast Literacy Now and the Prince Rupert Library.

Earlier this month the Library offered up a glimpse into the reading, listening and viewing habits for North Coast residents, posting the list of the ten most borrowed items of 2019.

Their findings highlight the favourites in Adult Fiction, Adult Graphic Novels, Adult Non-Fiction, Juvenile Fiction, Juvenile Graphic Novels, Talking Books and DVD's.

The full list is available here.

You can learn more about the range of programs available at the Prince Rupert Library from their Facebook page and website.

For more notes related to Community events in the region see our archive page here.

Prince Rupert's Online Crime Reporting program goes live

Prince Rupert residents can now access an online Crime Reporting program
designed for incidents which don't require the attendance of the member
of the local detachment

It's launch day for a new resource for the Prince Rupert detachment of the RCMP, with their Online Crime Reporting program going live this morning.

On Tuesday we noted that the project is designed to receive information from residents and business owners that does not require follow up from a member of the detachment.

As the program went live this morning,  the City of Prince Rupert posted some background to the project as well as the link to access it to the city's website.

Among the City's notes is some advice on what the program is designed for and when you should or should not make use of the online option.

The link to the program provides for a Frequently Asked Questions section that should answer pretty well every question that potential users may have about it.

You can access the site and review what it's all about here.

In addition to Prince Rupert, the program has been introduced to a number of Northwest communities, including Terrace, Smithers and Kitimat.

For more items of note related to Emergency Service Providers in the Northwest see our archive page here.