Sunday, January 26, 2020

Blog Watching: Week ending January 26, 2020

It would seem that there is a bit of interest in the latest of land arrangements that the City of Prince Rupert has embarked on, with out story on the plans to lease warehouse space adjacent to the Canfisco Plant on George Hills Way to the Prince Rupert Gymnastics Association finding a strong audience following its Friday debut.

The state of water in Prince Rupert was once again a newsworthy theme, that as School District 52 outlined plans to have bottled water used at its facilities in the city.

There could be some positive news brewing for Prince Rupert and the Alaska Marine Highway System with a draft schedule released this week featuring 4 summer sailings per month from May to September

The Charles Hays Rainmakers had a fairly remarkable stay in Vancouver this week, running through the preliminary games with some high tempo basketball, setting a pace to take them to the final of the Emerald Tournament at Vancouver College. However, the Centennial Centaurs dashed any hopes of claiming at tourney championship in the finale.

And the Premier moved a few of his cabinet ministers around and promoted one from the back benches to a seat at the Cabinet table.

However, the most read story of the week explored some themes related to a notice from the City related to a leasing opportunity for a warehouse near Rushbrook Floats.

Surprise leasing plan announcement leaves a few questions seeking answers -- The latest move for the City of Prince Rupert into property management captured some strong attention this week, as large volume of readers explores our notes on the city's leasing plans for a warehouse adjacent the Canfisco fish plant   (posted  January 24, 2020)

That article was followed by:

SD52 students to use bottled water while Board of Education considers solutions to water issues -- The School District has followed up on an announcement from their January 14th Board meeting, advising that only bottled water is in use at the schools of the Prince Rupert School District. As those notes were being released, Mayor Lee Brain provided the city's view of the latest water woes for the School District. The news of the shift to bottled water served as reminder of some of the past water issues found at SD52 facilities in recent years.  (posted January 22 , 2020  )

AMHS  Draft Schedule shows possible May return for Prince Rupert service -- Prince Rupert may be getting back on the Destinations Board for the Alaska Marine Highway System, with a Draft Schedule for 2020 showing summer sailings for May to September. How long even that limited service may remain, may yet be in peril. As we noted on Monday, a Work Group has been established by the Governor of the State to review a report on the Ferry System, with one suggestion including the elimination of the Prince Rupert port call completely. (posted January 21 , 2020)

Rainmakers look for some luck of the Irish at Vancouver College Emerald Tourney --  Fans of the Charles Hays Senior Boys Rainmakers were checking the blog often this week, as we followed the travels of the Makers in Vancouver at a high profile basketball tournament at Vancouver College.  In addition to our tournament preview; our update of Friday  had a strong readership as well.  Check the blog on Monday for a full recap of the trip south with the Makers coming up just a bit short of a tournament win the finale. (posted January 23, 2020 )

NDP shuffle the cabinet as Premier Horgan re-assigns some duties -- A small shuffle around the cabinet table took place this week, with Premier John Horgan bringing in one new face, and re-assigning some duties for others. The shuffle however, did not make for a shift for North Coast MLA Jennifer Rice up to cabinet status this time around. (posted  January 22, 2020)

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