Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Influenza outbreak reported as declared at Prince Rupert Regional Hospital

A media report in Prince Rupert has advised that an influenza
outbreak has been declared at Prince Rupert Regional Hospital,
with residents asked to not visit the facility
unless it's an urgent situation

Update: Northern Health has released some information related to the flu cases confirmed at Prince Rupert Regional Hospital see those notes here.

Flu season is in full swing across the Northwest and it would appear that the arrival in the Prince Rupert area has given cause for Northern Health to declare an Influenza outbreak at Prince Rupert Regional Hospital.

The relay of the information to the community so far limited to the social media feed for CBC Daybreak's Carolina de Ryk, who shared that update this morning, clarifying the situation for a listener.

According to the CBC radio host this morning , the advisory from Northern Health is one asking people not to visit the hospital unless it's an urgent situation.

It was not mentioned, but it would seem wise to assume that the same protocol is in place for Acropolis Manor, the largest of the seniors care residences in the community

To this point, Northern Health itself has not provided for any details through the range of information options available to the health service.

Northern Health website
Northern Health twitter feed
Northern Health Facebook

Northern Health does offer up some advice when it comes to the flu, with suggestions on how to reduce the risk of transmission of the virus and reminder that the best protection from getting the flu and transmitting it is through the annual flu shot.

It is also worth noting that the current situation at the Prince Rupert hospital is a result of the regular seasonal flu and does not have anything to do with current Wuhan Novel coronavirus outbreak from China.

For more notes of interest from Northern Health see our archive page here.

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