Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Work Boat Safety the focus for latest City of Prince Rupert Request for Bids

Ensuring that the city's work boat remains up to current standards is the focus for the City of Prince Rupert, which has posted a Request for proposals towards safety for the vessel that takes civic workers and others to more remote locations of civic infrastructure.

From the Summary of the RFP posted to the BC Bid website on Friday, the City of Prince Rupert notes the following elements related towards the work

"Increasing the buoyance, floatation and stability in a City vessel (workboat) to adhere with Transport Canada Guidelines. 

The vessel is owned and operated by the City of Prince Rupert and is located at the City Boathouse on Bellis Road (Seal Cove Area). 

Proponents must design and implement a way, of their choice, to adhere to the guidelines set by Transport Canada, so that the city vessel can be certified."

The City of Prince Rupert's work boat, used to transport workers and
others to the more remote areas of civic infrastructure

When it comes to the expectations for the successful bidder, the following make for the guidelines for applicants.

The services will comprise the following for the Project including, without limiting:

(i) Inspection of current vessel as is (reviewing current certification)

(ii) Design of ways to increasing the buoyance, floatation and stability of vessel

(iii) Review of design with the city staff (must pass Transport Canada guidelines)

(iv) Implementation of design

(v) Applying to Transport Canada for re-certification (Must pass)

For those with an interest in submitting a bid, a mandatory meeting is to be held on January 30th at 2PM at the Prince Rupert Boat House on Bellis Road (behind the Inland Air Building in the Seal Cove area)

As for the closing date for the RFP those submitting a proposal should have it delivered to City Hall by 2 PM on February 13th.

You can review the full scope of the project from the BC Bid Website.

For a look at some of the past Bid Requests from the City see our archive page here.

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