Friday, January 24, 2020

The first step towards the CHSS Class of 2033 starts with a Kindergarten registration

The Charles Hays Grad Class of 2019
With kindergarten registration set for February, the students of the
Class of 2033 will begin their travels through the BC education system

(Photo from CHSS Twitter feed)

They probably won't realize it when their parents drop them off in September, but with the arrival of fall and the first day of Kindergarten, a thirteen year transit towards adulthood will be underway as the Class of 2033 begins their educational journey.

The first step towards that milestone moment begins next month as parents across the region put forward their application for Kindergarten.

Both SD52 and the city's Independent School Annunciation will be accepting applications in February, with both outlining the process ahead for parents through their websites.

For SD 52 the Registration Period takes place as follows:

Elementary Schools
February 3 to 14 from 9 AM to Noon and 1 to 3 PM

Port Edward School
February 3 to 14 (Tuesdays and Thursdays only)

École Roosevelt French Immersion program
February 3 to 14 from 9 AM to Noon and 1 to 3 PM

Students who are not registered during the the two weeks of registration are not guaranteed a placement at their neighbourhood school.

More details on the Registration process can be found from the School District website

To find the catchment area for your neighbourhood and the school in your area see this map.

The City's Catholic Independent School Annunciation will also
be holding registration in February

The registration period for Annunciation also gets underway on February 3rd and those interested in the Annunciation program must complete the on-line pre application form which will be active on the school's website beginning at 8AM on that date.

You can review more information about the Annunciation Kindergarten program here.

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