Sunday, January 19, 2020

Blog Watching: Week Ending January 19, 2020

The prospect of a surge in volume of shipments for Ridley Terminals this year caught the eye of many readers this week, with a large number of them exploring our notes from Monday on a new contract with a major BC mining corporation.

The fate of the Alaska Marine Highway was back in the news this week as well, as the Alaska Government released the details of a new report on the theme of reshaping the Marine Highway, with a number of suggestions that could have an impact on Prince Rupert.

LNG was also featured once again, with reports out of Alaska of a new LNG terminal project proposed for the region, this one with a bit of a twist, as the terminal would be located just north of Lax Kw'alaams in American waters.

Travellers to and from Prince Rupert were left somewhat frustrated last week, that as the Prince Rupert Airport suffered under the strain of the weather, with an Air Canada flight to and from the city for January 11th cancelled owing to operational troubles at the facility.

And City Council members were back to work this week hosting their very first public council session for 2020, but as the short lived night would show, the City's elected officials were pacing their work flow for the New Year, with a meeting that lasted less than seven minutes.

However, the most read story of the week highlighted some good news for the new ownership of Ridley Terminals, which hailed an impressive shipment deal with Teck Resources to start the New year and new ear at Ridley.

Ridley Terminals could see tripling of shipments from Teck Resources  --  The new owners for Ridley Terminals have hit 2020 running with word of a major shipment contract with Teck Resources to ship steel making coal through the Port of Prince Rupert  (posted  January 13, 2020)

That article was followed by:

Eliminating Prince Rupert from the schedule is one of a number of options floated from Alaska Marine Highway Reshaping Report -- The future for the marine transportation link for Alaskan communities, as well as to Prince Rupert, will be up for discussion this winter and spring as Alaskan officials consider a range of recommendations from a report on reshaping the ferry service   (posted January 16 , 2020  )

Latest LNG development plans would put floating LNG shipment terminal in Alaskan waters north of Prince Rupert -- While few details on the project have been released as of yet, a company formed by a BC LNG proponent is considering a shipment terminal just north of Lax Kw'alaams on the Alaska side of the marine border between the state and the province. (posted January 17 , 2020)

Apparent Operational issues at YPR left Saturday flight to Prince Rupert scuttled  -- The extreme weather that hit the North Coast over the last two weeks took its toll on travellers on January 11th, with the only flight of the day to and from the city diverted back to Vancouver       (posted January 13, 2020 )

City Council's 2020 New Year Hangover Session -- With the first City Council session for 2020 lasting less than seven minutes, we explored some of the many themes that could have been given some time from the elected officials had they been inclined.  (posted  January 15, 2020)

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