Tuesday, January 21, 2020

National project on Climate Change seeks participation from Metlakatla First Nation members

A better understanding of our changing climate is the focus for a new initiative that is seeking out Indigenous Perspectives on BC's Changing Climate.

The National Assessment project has been designed to promote better understanding, respect for and representation of Indigenous perspectives in Canada's national assessment on climate change.

The project will provide for an opportunity to share Indigenous stories and knowledge on preparing for and adapting to changing climate with other Indigenous communities, other governments and the broader public.

It is part of a larger Climate evaluation process now underway by Natural Resources Canada, an initiative that was first introduced in 2017 and began to move forward with its research last year.

Towards their study, the BC Chapter of the National Assessment on Climate Change is seeking the contribution of members from the Metlakatla First Nation, issuing an invitation to apply to participate through the Metlakatla First Nation facebook page.

An honorarium of $450 will be provided for participants for their time and energy.

Those that take part in the project will be asked to provide a story around climate change adaptation, climate change impacts and how you or your community are responding to these changes.

There is no indication in their call for applicants as to how many Metlakatla members they are looking for to participate.

For more details on local participation contact Braden Etzerza   at betzerza@melakatla.ca or at 1-403-921-0499

You can learn more about the project here.

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