Monday, January 27, 2020

Weather not co-operating with your golf game? Lets go to the video option!

The Driving Range at the Prince Rupert Golf Club is one of a number of
items on an improvement list for the Club this year if funding can
be accessed for the work

The Prince Rupert Golf Club will be seeking some support from the city's council members at tonight's Council Session.

That by way of a request for a letter of support, as the PRGC looks to accessing some funding from available funding opportunities in the community to be put towards some improvements for the local course.

Among the items on the list is an upgrade to the clubs bag storage area, improvements to the driving range and the purchase of a new golf simulator.

The simulator project would be in partnership with the Prince Rupert Racquets Centre and would see the simulator installed in one of the existing courts at that facility.

A partnership with the Prince Rupert Racquets Club could see a new
golf simulator come to town for the Golf Club

The new golf option would provide for additional recreation in the off months when outdoor golf isn't practical and will also appeal to those who may enjoy the sport but have limited mobility. It will also be of use when it comes to providing for lessons for the golfing community in the city.

It's anticipated that if successful in accessing the funding, the partnership between the Golf Course and the Racquets Centre would provide for additional revenue streams for both.

The simulator concept moved forward after the Golf Club conducted a survey over the Christmas and New Years period to gain the feedback of members to determine what kind of usage the new addition might get if it was purchased and installed.

Back in November of 2019, Iain Cullen from the Golf Club Society provided an overview of the club operations and some of their plans during a presentation for City Council.

The city's commitment towards the project would be that of the letter of support and not financial. Some background on the plans can be found from the Agenda package for tonight's Prince Rupert Council Session.

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