Friday, January 24, 2020

Warehouse leasing plans just start of Ambitious project for Prince Rupert Gymnastics Association

The water side (not pictured) of this industrial warehouse adjacent 
to the main Canfisco fish plant could soon be the new home
 for the Prince Rupert Gymnastic Club
(photo from BC Assessments website)

One line in a City of Prince Rupert notice on a leased warehouse at the Canfisco plant site marks the start of what will be an interesting journey and ambitious plan to develop the sport of Gymnastics as part of a showcase venue in the community.

The 76,440 dollars a year lease for five years to the City of Prince Rupert, plus potential extensions makes for just one detail on the checklist for the Prince Rupert Gymnastics Association, with Association President Jackie Touchet recently posting the prospectus for the clubs vision for the  future on George Hill Way to the PRGA Facebook page.

A shift to the City's east side and a warehouse at the Canfisco site
 near Rushbrook Floats is in the planning
stage for the Prince Rupert Gymnastics Association
(click to enlarge)

The notes on the proposed project highlight how the club which serves over 200 athletes is currently at capacity at their present location in the Museum of Northern British Columbia.

The Association observes that with that in mind,  the time is at hand to seek out a new space, so as to advance the opportunity for the community's local athletes and provide for the same kind of opportunities that are found in larger cities.

The document (review it here) which was posted on January 16th outlines the scope of the project, which once completed would provide for additional space and a permanent home for the local group.

The plan moving forward would come in three phases, The first phase which arrives this Spring, will put the focus on architectural design and upgrades to the warehouse space itself.  

Phase Two is set for the Winter of 2020 and involves a range of elements towards the sport of Gymnastics.

While the third phase, planned for Spring 2021 will be dedicated towards office space and other amenities for the facility.

Towards realization of the Gymnastics Associations dream, the organization will be offering sponsorship opportunities for the community to review and hopefully sign up for.

You can keep up with the pace of the plans and follow along on the proposed shift to George Hills Way from the Prince Rupert Gymnastics Associations Facebook page.

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