Friday, January 31, 2020

Final day for enquiries related to City's plans for lease of Canfisco site warehouse

The City of Prince Rupert has plans in motion to lease space in this
warehouse to the Prince Rupert Gymnastics Association, the period of enquiries
related to the City's Public Notice on the lease plans comes at 4 PM today

The clock is ticking for those that may have comments or to make enquiries to make to the City of Prince Rupert when it comes to the recently disclosed plan to lease a portion of a warehouse on the east side Canfisco site to a local group.

The location in question for the leasing plans is a warehouse on the
Canfisco fish plant site on George Hills Way

In the Notice to the public printed in the local paper over the last two weeks, the City called for the interaction of the public through a short line on the Public Notice.

All enquiries concerning this proposed property disposition may be directed to Rosa Miller, Corporate Administrator, in writing via email to or via fax at 250-627-099 no later than 4 PM Friday January 31st, 2020.

City Council hasn't offered up much in the way of background to make for any kind of full overview of the leasing plans, which as we outlined last week on the blog, came as a bit of a surprise, tucked as they were into the public notices of the newspaper.

With Mayor Lee Brain away this week at a Resource convention in Prince George he was not available at the Monday Council session to expand on his vision for the site, an element of the Prince Rupert 2030 plan that he offered up as part of a recent story from the local paper.

"Council and staff saw this unexpected opportunity as a way to obtain a new strategic waterfront asset and protect the community uses that currently benefit that area ... We believe having a new indoor space next to the revitalized Rushbrook Trail, the boat launch and Cow Bay down the road will be a great addition to the waterfront and fits into our newly formed 2030 Vision" -- Mayor Lee Brain on the city's interests in a warehouse on the east side waterfront

Those council members in attendance at Monday's council session, didn't appear to think that the topic warranted any discussion; with no mention made of it during their open period for comments and questions at the public gathering this week.

Something which made for another missed opportunity for a bit of transparency on some of the work that they seem to do behind those frequent closed door meetings.

As the 4 PM hour looms on the horizon, the period for any comment from the public will close, whether we hear from Council as to whether anyone had any concerns to share will apparently be at the discretion of the Councillors to disclose at some point in the future.

As for the plans for development, the lease that is under consideration would see the Prince Rupert Gymnastics Association create a new space for their range of activities, you can get a glimpse of their ambitious plans from our notes of last week.

For more items of interest related to City Council see our Council Discussion archive page here.

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  1. The curling rink is at the other end of the Rushbrook Trail. Maybe the mayor and council can think about giving them a helping hand.

    Just saying