Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Municipal Government -- Discussion Points/Community notes related to Prince Rupert City Council 2020

Our Quick reference and archive of items from Civic Departments, or on issues that come up for discussion at City Council Sessions in 2020, as well as any other notes of relevance to Prince Rupert.

The Archive of our City Council Meeting Previews, Reviews and Timelines can be found here.

Items of Note for 2020

Orders and Notices from the Provincial State of Emergency as issued by the British Columbia Public Health Officer can be viewed here

Archive of Local announcements related to COVID-19 situation can be viewed here.

Archive of Orders implemented under City of Prince Rupert's Declaration of a Local State of Emergency can be viewed here.
(State of Local Emergency has since been suspended by the Province)


December 17 -- Council Briefs 
December 2 -- Shawatlans Road to Recycling Centre/Industrial Park remains closed  NCR
December 1 -- Water Quality Advisory still in place for Prince Rupert  


November 25 -- Prince Rupert rental prices (video)
November 19 -- Northwest Airports Struggle (video)
November 2 -- Latest water advisory serves up a reminder of the challenges that the ongoing water issues bring for some in Prince Rupert  NCR


October 30 -- Prince Rupert mask rules (video)
October 16 -- Be aware of bear
October 5 -- Land exchange plan signals success for City's quest for site for new RCMP detachment  NCR
October 5 -- Council to consider Amendments to Five Year Financial Plan tonight  NCR
October 5 -- City Council Preview: Monday, October 5, 2020  NCR


September 14 -- Mayor Brain's Dead Letter Office  NCR
September 1 -- "Planting the seeds for future economic development ... signals that our region welcomes a cleaner transportation future": Prince Rupert Mayor Lee Brain hails electric charging network announcement  NCR
September 1 -- In Praise of Pavement! Prince Rupert City Councillor Wade Niesh salutes work of summer paving contractor  NCR


August 26 -- Port Land Use rejected (video)
August 20 -- Prince Rupert Ferry Project (video)
August 17 -- Prince Rupert Storm Damage (video)
August 4 -- Demolition Day looms for abandoned vehicles collected by City of Prince Rupert  NCR


July 30 -- BC Government returns some Local Emergency Authority to municipalities ... but with conditions  NCR
July 30 -- City of Prince Rupert to reopen Fitness Centre at Earl Mah Aquatic Centre  NCR
July 27 -- Prince Rupert's major paving project gets underway on city's east side  NCR
July 27 -- In wake of Haida Gwaii COVID-19 outbreak, City of Prince Rupert issues COVID reminders  NCR
July 24 -- City of Prince Rupert's May Variance report continues to tell story of reduced revenues NCR
July 24 -- City Councillor looks to reel in unlicensed fishing charter operators NCR
July 23 -- Prince Rupert promotes tourism (video)
July 23  -- Prince Rupert Port Authority plans for Park Avenue could one day include potential purchase for buffer between industrial and residential areas NCR
July 23 -- Contract award gives green light to Moresby Fuel Tank removal project  NCR
July 23 -- COVID concern still on the minds of Prince Rupert City Council  NCR
July 23 -- No Delay for Tax Sale, as Council holds to current process and September 28th Tax Sale Date  NCR
July 22  -- Prince Rupert City Council's Tank removal plan for Moresby Park  (video)
July 22 -- City of Prince Rupert pays tribute to community excellence with announcement of Civic Recognition Award recipients  NCR
July 22 -- Port of Prince Rupert seeks temporary use of land along Park Avenue for industrial purposes  NCR
July 22 -- Name change likely for Rupert's Landing project; as City Council approves quest for grant funding for relocation of airport ferry dock  NCR
July 22 -- Downtown behaviour makes for Monday night discussion topic for Council  NCR
July 22 -- City Council Timeline, Monday, July 22, 2020  NCR
July 21 -- $799,950 non-budgeted expense approved by City Council 
July 21 -- Tourism rebound still a ways off, but some positives seen from current See for Yourself campaign  NCR
July 20 -- City Council to consider delaying Tax Sale date and extend redemption period as part of civic response to COVID  NCR
July 20 -- Rupert's Landing grant application up for discussion at Council tonight  NCR
July 20 -- City Council Preview: Monday, July 20, 2020   NCR
July 15 -- Space running out for spots in Recreation Department Babysitting Course  NCR
July 15 -- City Hall on the search for a detachment clerk for local RCMP   NCR
July 14 -- City of Prince Rupert moves forward on landfill expansion plans with Invitation for Tenders  NCR
July 10 -- "What about the Civic Centre?"  NCR
July 10 -- Executive Search complete; CityWest names new CEO   NCR
July 10 -- Road work woes continue for Prince Rupert residents  NCR
July 10 -- CityWest request for Info process launched towards Connected Coast ambitions  NCR
July 8 -- No Travel for City Council this September, as UBCM 2020 offers up a Stay-vention virtual event  NCR
July 7 -- City Hall issues a hiring call for Utility Operator position in water treatment  NCR
July 7 -- Port-a-Potty Peek A Boo!  NCR
July 7 -- Since we're going to be in the neighbourhood anyways ...  NCR
July 7 -- Tourism Prince Rupert launches this years Summer Campaign see for yourself 
July 6 -- New Prince Rupert Tourism campaign (video)
July 6 -- 'See for yourself' ... Tourism Prince Rupert launches summer initiative to showcase region to locals and visitors alike  NCR
July 6 -- Deadline for those seeking Tax Exemptions fast approaching  NCR
July 6 -- As controversy over Haida Gwaii fishing lodge opening swirls; Prince Rupert could become transfer hub for travellers   NCR
July 2 -- The North Coast Recovery
July 2 -- It was a Canada Day HOLE Down   NCR
July 2 -- Taxes Due Day for Prince Rupert  NCR


June 29 -- City awaits water-main parts for Fix for Fulton and Sixth Intersection  NCR
June 29 -- City of Prince Rupert's Moresby Fuel Tank Removal program heads for Phase 2  NCR
June 29 -- Northwest Communities share in Emergency Preparedness Funding  NCR
June 26 -- Prince Rupert Travel Survey follow-up (video)
June 26 -- The Results are in, The Majority is in facour of travel into the city of Prince Rupert
June 26 -- Prince Rupert's Annual Report is a Snapshot with missing features  NCR
June 26 -- Council cautioned not to allow COVID response to become block for community engagement  NCR
June 25 -- Taylor Bachrach on policing in the North (audio)
June 25 -- Prince Rupert residents ready to travel, supportive but tentative on welcoming visitors  NCR
June 24 -- The tides of time for Prince Rupert Airport Ferry - 50th Anniversary sails quietly by
June 24 -- Kootenay/McKay area residents await roll out of information on Housing proposal NCR
June 24 -- 2019 City of Prince Rupert Annual Report approved, SOFI documents to be delayed until late summer  NCR
June 24 -- City Manager Robert Long is 're-substituting' on Planning Duties for the retired Zeno Krekic NCR
June 24 -- City Council Timeline, Monday, June 22, 2020  NCR
June 23 -- Property owners should make certain Homeowners Grant has been applied for
June 23 -- Picking up with a little help from our friends ...  NCR
June 23 -- YPR's back in business!  NCR
June 22 -- Lack of suitable sports facilities affect numerous Prince Rupert organizations
June 22 -- Flights resume at YPR Airport (video)
June 22 -- Air Canada resumes flights to Prince Rupert
June 22 -- City of Prince Rupert Summer Camps to go ahead, registration now underway! NCR
June 22 -- Home Ownership Grant Tutorial to be part of tonight's City Council session  NCR
June 22 -- City issues reminder for contractors from Watson Island work NCR
June 22 -- City Council Preview: Monday, June 22, 2020  NCR
June 19 -- Prince Rupert receives 14 million dollars to help economic growth in the city
June 19 -- City of Prince Rupert puts Financial Auditing contract up for tender  NCR
June 19 -- City issues call for new Members for 75/50 Club  NCR
June 18 -- New grants announced for North Coast Recreation
June 18 -- $99,900 in grant funding from the province towards 2030 Community Plan implementation  NCR
June 16 -- UBCM gives municipalities a heads up on path towards RCMP negotiations  NCR
June 16 -- Taking flight out of Prince Rupert in July? Prizes may be yours as YPR looks to reward travellers, improve service  NCR
June 16 -- Public Comment period for City of Prince Rupert Annual Report ends June 22 NCR
June 15 -- Rupert Tourism survey (video)
June 15 -- Ken Veldman's Port Revenue tutorial highlights funds from a range of Port operations directed to City of Prince Rupert  NCR
June 12 -- Prince Rupert leads 'shop local'
June 12 -- Survey launches to learn more about how Prince Rupert residents feel towards travel this summer  NCR
June 12 -- Prince Rupert Small Business Task Force launches resident travel survey
June 12 -- Letters to the Councillor ... Barry Cunningham reminds Council of their call to clean up  NCR
June 12 -- With planning changes on the horizon, City Council should update residents on status of the City's Planning Department NCR
June 12 --  With two questions for residents to consider; the City goes to video to explain the Alternative Approval Process to the public NCR
June 11 -- Port of Prince Rupert chooses outside company for paving (video)
June 11-- Port of Prince Rupert APM reviews challenges and opportunities for the Northwest Gateway  NCR
June 11 -- Cow Bay Marina reopening plans revealed  NCR
June 11 -- Prince Rupert Council  chooses C & C Road Maintenance for Summer Paving Plans
June 10 -- Cow Bay Marina to reopen (video)
June 10 -- The Cow Bay Marina announces its opening
June 10 -- With wolves still roaming, Council is now writing for action from the province  NCR
June 10 -- City Council hears of COVID's first bite into civic financials NCR
June 10 -- City's Official Community Plan review to put focus towards on line engagement NCR
June 10 -- Prince Rupert's roads of good intentions, will be paved by an out of town firm with an eye on cost savings! NCR
June 10 -- Prince Rupert City Council Timeline: Monday, June 8, 2020  NCR
June 9 -- Formal request will be made for conservation officer
June 9 -- Paving the road to not 'shop local'
June 9 -- COVID protocols in place as YPR prepares for return of Air service to Prince Rupert  NCR
June 8 -- City of Prince Rupert re-opening Parks and Tot lots  NCR
June 8 -- City staff to recommend Kitimat based Paving company for major road remediation in 2020 NCR 
June 8 -- Council to hear update on Official Community Plan process tonight NCR
June 8 -- City set to put Loan Authorization process in motion for Woodworth Dam, Landfill project NCR
June 8 -- City Council Preview: Monday, June 8 2020  NCR
June 4 -- Please make an appointment, to make an appointment. City Hall sees large volume of calls as new public access procedures move forward!  NCR
June 3 -- Transits Free Ride is over, as Prince Rupert Transit/Port Edward Transit resume fare collection policies  NCR
June 3 -- City reverts to two bag limits for residential garbage collection  NCR
June 1 -- Municipal governments to receive early deliver of Gas Tax Funding to put towards infrastructure  NCR
June 1 -- COVID-19 response the theme for Mayor Brain's Tax Statement message for 2020  NCR


May 29 -- As Property tax bills arrive at your door, the City of Prince Rupert has a few thoughts on payment for you NCR
May 28 -- Councillor Cunningham calls for City and its residents to Buy Local to help with local business restart  NCR
May 28 -- The City of Prince Rupert's 'new normal' will feature less physical contact with the public  NCR
May 27 -- Rupert city finances (video)
May 27 -- Prince Rupert City Council receives Audited Financial Report
May 27 -- City to request conservation officer
May 27 -- City Council reinforces call for Prince Rupert based Conservation Officer NCR
May 27 -- Council to use Second reading of zoning amendment for a review towards need for Public hearing on Kootenay Social Housing proposal NCR
May 27 -- 'Stay the Course ... it's clear it's working': the call from Prince Rupert's Chief Finance Officer as Council receives 2019 audited statements NCR
May 26 -- City auditors reports are in
May 26 -- Road Remediation for East Side  NCR
May 16 -- City's Recreation Ramps Up with a pair of Job Opportunities  NCR
May 25 -- Seafest to be a virtual event for 2020 NCR
May 25 -- Kootenay Avenue site proposed for new 55 unit multi family residential development  NCR
May 25 -- City Council Preview: Monday, May 25, 2020 NCR
May 25 -- Wolf warning in Prince Rupert (audio)
May 22 -- Prince Rupert Business Recovery Hotline (video)
May 22 -- City of Prince Rupert helps Business owners recover through a helpline
May 22 -- Prince Rupert Council modifies Committee of the Whole Meeting format to accept questions  NCR
May 22 -- As number of encounters grow, City of Prince Rupert joins in on chorus of wolf warnings  NCR
May 21 -- The City of Prince Rupert has launched a new business recovery helpline
May 21 -- Phone-line assistance availaable for Prince Rupert businesses
May 21 -- Community Futures Pacific Northwest and Prince Rupert Economic Development join forces for Business Support Helpline  NCR
May 20 -- Northern Savings to help out with Library refresh  NCR
May 19 -- City of Prince Rupert commences with planning for Capital - infrastructure program  NCR
May 16 -- Province of British Columbia purchases Raffles Hotel for Social Housing use  NCR
May 15 -- Prince Rupert City Council still wants clarification on Cannabis Endorsement letter from Association
May 15 -- City Council puts pause on endorsement of Cannabis Association letter  NCR
May 15 -- City of Prince Rupert puts out Request for Bids for Tot Poo work at Earl Mah Aquatic Centre  NCR
May 15 -- Prince Rupert's Kaien Road Recycling Depot returns to Regular Operations  NCR
May 14 -- Port-a-potties in the core
May 14 -- British Columbia's State of Emergency to continue towards end of May at least  NCR
May 14 -- Coast Tsimshian keep checkpoint option alive as they seek meeting with Premier Horgan on non-essential travel NCR
May 14 -- Nomination time for Prince Rupert's Civic Recognition Award Program  NCR
May 14 -- Councillor Cunningham renews calls for clean up of unsightly properties  NCR
May 14 -- CBSA suspends some of their services for Prince Rupert area  NCR
May 14 -- As of Saturday, Your Dogs can run free at their Park; Your Kids, not so much!  NCR
May 13 -- Prince Rupert creates a Small Business Recovery Task Force
May 13 -- Landfill site can handle any impact of Recycling by Appointment  NCR
May 13 -- Supportive measures for the City's homeless population explored at Council session  NCR
May 13 -- City Manager's COVID report, outlines current measures and plans for future reopening of services  NCR
May 13 --  City Hall functions for public may shift to by appointment only basis   NCR
May 13 -- City Council Timeline: Monday, May 11, 2020  NCR
May 12 -- Prince Rupert Recovery Task Force (video)
May 12 -- Prince Rupert Tourism, Chambers of Commerce and Economic Development announce recovery plan to help local business
May 12 -- Cannabis delivery direct to door endorsement requested
May 12 -- City cracks open the job application window  NCR
May 12 -- A coat of paint for the city's roads, as line marking continues in Prince Rupert  NCR
May 12 -- Three member partnership looks to advocate for Small Business Recovery in Prince Rupert NCR
May 11 -- Prince Rupert to receive $6.5 million for infrastructure and service improvements
May 11 -- Funding for the Northwest (video)
May 11 -- Prince Rupert to get $6.5 million from expansive 75 million dollar funding programs for Northern British Columbia  NCR
May 11 -- Tourism Prince Rupert to seek letter of support from City Council on tourism initiative  NCR
May 11 -- City Council Preview: Monday, May 11, 2020  NCR
May 8 -- Regional District Bylaw Officer observing 'low' BC Ferries traffic between Prince Rupert, Haida Gwaii
May 8 -- Patio Planning with the City of Prince Rupert's Paul Vendittelli   NCR
May 8 -- Pembina revises Watson Island "In Service" date as a result of COVID emergency, with a delay to first quarter of 2021 NCR
May 8 -- "Social Media just brings out the worst of everybody" -- one of many themes from Mayor Lee Brain's evening with Rainmakers Now  NCR
May 7 -- Mid May marks potential return for many services in Prince Rupert  NCR
May 7 -- Air Canada targets June 22 for resumption of service to Prince Rupert  NCR
May 6 -- BC's New Normal will come in phases as Premier Horgan introduces the BC restart plan NCR
May 6 -- UBCM follows two paths for Fall convention planning  NCR
May 5 -- Chances COVID closure could roll some snake eyes for City of Prince Rupert and Community groups and organizations  NCR
May 5 -- Time to focus on recovery
May 5 -- All hail for the cab!
May 5 -- Third Avenue West Work means traffic diversions in place today downtown  NCR
May 4 -- Province to allow for electronic public hearings during current Provincial state of emergency NCR
May 4 -- Lax Kw'alaams could decide on Highway 16 roadblock plans this week  NCR
May 4 -- Council of Haida Nation led Webinar reinforces call for Travel restrictions, notes plans for Highway 16 blockade and seeks meeting with Premier Horgan  NCR
May 1 -- Bring on the Prince Rupert Paving Bids, as the City opens the request for quotes process!  NCR
May 1 -- City Council looks for ways to communicate with the public in times of COVID  NCR
May 1 -- Location, Location, Location ... Mayor Brain makes the call for an expansion on housing in Prince Rupert  NCR


April 30 -- Checkpoint plans and advice for travellers the theme of the day for the North Coast  NCR
April 30 -- Vehicle turned around after demonstrators gather near Prince Rupert ferry terminal
April 30 -- First Nations and local governments put out open letter regarding non-essential travel
April 30 -- Prince Rupert Gymnastics Association gains 250K through funding grant from NDIT  NCR
April 30 -- Lingering Disappointment and bitterness marks Council's comments over quashed Local State of Emergency NCR
April 29 -- Lights, Cameras ... Sewers! City's sewer mapping project set for May 4th debut  NCR
April 29 -- Break in the Weather allows for more work on water main break on Fulton  NCR
April 29 -- Provincial State of Emergency extended to May 12th; Premier Horgan explores themes of opening up the province in weeks and months to come  NCR
April 29 -- The count is two at the moment for Bylaw officers in Prince Rupert  NCR
April 29 -- City Council approves contract award for Recreation Centre work  NCR
April 29 -- Legacy, Watson Island revenues to assist Budget Delivery, with plans to revisit results in the Fall NCR
April 29 -- City Council Timeline: Monday, April 27, 2020  NCR
April 28 -- Northern BC cities dipping into savings to manage finances (audio)
April 28 -- Coast Guard to Mariners: Stay away from small coastal communities  NCR
April 28 -- City has limited power to deal with non-essential visitors
April 28 -- City Council briefs
April 27 -- Recycling by Reservation ... New Regional District Policy continues on North Coast NCR
April 27 -- BC Transit extends Free Rides for Prince Rupert/Port Edward until end of May NCR
April 27 -- Councillor Cunningham calls for return of Committee of Whole sessions; seeks feedback from community on how to achieve that process  NCR
April 27 -- City Council Preview: Monday, April 27, 2020 NCR
April 26 -- Waterline break at Sixth and Fulton
April 24 -- Road towards ride hailing in Prince Rupert remains more of a long and winding one  NCR
April 24 -- With a potential return to some form of public City Council sessions on the horizon; it's time for something more than governance by Facebook  NCR
April 23 -- Blue ribbons in Prince Rupert for the RCMP and Blue Nose Province  NCR
April 23 -- After weekend shift, Prince Rupert's Homeless shelter now open at Fishernan's Hall NCR
April 22 -- City of Prince Rupert reminds residents of end to utilities payments extension  NCR
April 22 -- Earth Day makes for a different kind of observance in these days of Physical Distancing  NCR
April 22 -- Public Works Roof Replacement latest project to see Request for Bids  NCR
April 21 -- While Prince Rupert City Council remains in hibernation; Terrace residents to get Budget update this week  NCR
April 22 -- Prince Rupert company denied approval for ride-haling licence
April 21 -- City continues on with Landfill project with call for bids for aerators  NCR
April 17 -- Prince Rupert welcoming new shelter for the homeless
April 17 -- With shift to Fisherman's Hall ahead for the homeless, North Coast Transition Society issues a call for workers  NCR
April 16 -- Fisherman's Hall to be used as temporary homeless shelter as part of COVID-19 response  NCR
April 16 -- Homeless shelter concerns
April 16 -- Province to offer supports for BC businesses and local governments  NCR
April 16 -- Work towards homeless solution continues, new shelter location soon to be finalized NCR
April 16 -- Spring pruning for Prince Rupert's iconic downtown Cherry trees  NCR
April 15 -- British Columbia extends Provincial State of Emergency until April 28   NCR
April 15 -- British Columbia communities roll out response to homeless issues during COVID-19 period  NCR 
April 14 -- North Coast Transition Society shares concerns over public incidents at homeless shelter  NCR
April 14 -- Municipalities eyeing post COVID period with mixed opinions on financial impact  NCR
April 14 -- Prince Rupert Performing Arts Centre Society launches search for New General Manager for the Lester Centre  NCR
April 14 -- Dr. Bonnie Henry's notes on public distancing and travel themes should make for opportunity for a City of Prince Rupert update on local issues  NCR
April 9 -- Seafest Cancelled for this year due to COVID
April 9 -- Short window of opening for Prince Rupert Landfill this Holiday weekend  NCR
April 9 -- Air Canada Flight Service to Prince Rupert, Smithers and Sandspit to remain suspended until May 31st  NCR
April 9 -- Prince Rupert's Summer Festival Seafest and Canada Day celebrations the latest cancellations owing to COVID-19  NCR
April  9 -- Recent spike in Criminal activity has Crimestoppers reminding Prince Rupert residents of their reporting app  NCR
April 9 -- Prince Rupert Labour Council calls on City to take action on homelessness NCR
April 9 -- Travel restrictions sideswipe plans to re-introduce Alaska Marine Highway Service to Prince Rupert  NCR
April 7 -- Municipalities and First Nations sign on to call for Non-essential Travel restrictions to North Coast, Central Coast and Haida Gwaii NCR
April 7 -- City of Prince Rupert calls on residents to Clean/Disinfect Garbage can lids  NCR
April 7 -- BC Transit to continue Free travels until end of April; Shares the story behind those Prince Rupert bus hearts  NCR
April 6 -- UBCM to coordinate outreach and advocacy for municipal governments in wake of COVID related financial pressures  NCR
April 4 -- A number of Prince Rupert Physicians are recommending residents wear homemade cloth masks when out in public  NCR
April 3 -- Prince Rupert Fire/Rescue trains with new equipment  NCR
April 3 -- Municipal Government's across BC reviewing their budget making in response to COVID-19  NCR
April 3 -- Tourism Prince Rupert developing recovery strategy for tourism sector in wake of COVID-19 NCR
April 3 -- Season over for North Pacific Cannery Historical site, as Port Edward Historical Society announces closure for 2020  NCR
April 2 -- City of Prince Rupert asks that community offer up some support for local organizations; warns of online scammers seeking to take advantage of community fears  NCR
April 2 -- MLA Rice hopeful of short term solution and longer term resolution to homeless shelter issues in Prince Rupert  NCR
April 1 -- City gives no response to homelessness concerns
April 1 -- Boat Ramps and Campgrounds items of note for Prince Rupert Mayor Lee Brain  NCR
April 1 -- City of Prince Rupert's Spring Cleaning starts with some street sweeping  NCR


March 31 -- MLA Rice taking local lead on response for housing issues for homeless  NCR
March 31 -- Second Prince Rupert Cannabis Shop has quietly opened its doors; as Five Corners Cannabis starts operations  NCR
March 31 -- Prince Rupert Fire/Rescue to bring the party to the birthday boy/girl as part of contest  NCR
March 30 -- Prince Rupert City Council session cancelled for April 6th NCR
March 30 -- City of Prince Rupert to re-open Landfill site, with limits on use  NCR
March 30 -- Permitted Open Burns in Prince Rupert suspended until Mid-April  NCR
March 29 -- MLA's letter to constituents highlight's province's message; garners familiar attention  NCR
March 27 -- Prince Rupert Mayor reacts to provincial decision to suspend local states of emergency
March 27 -- City down to one bylaw officer?  NCR
March 27 -- Despite advice from Municipalities, British Columbians continue to create Fatbergs in civic sewage lines  NCR
March 27 -- Facebook follower commentaries should not be misconstrued as wholesale support for political themes  NCR
March 27 -- 'Only history will judge: North Coast communities criticize province for overriding local states of Emergency (audio)
March 26 -- Municipal states of emergency suspended as new steps are taken by the province in the fight against COVID-19
March 26 -- States of Local emergency suspended by Province
March 26 -- Prince Rupert Mayor takes issue with Provincial order to suspend Local State of Emergency  NCR
March 26 -- City of Prince Rupert closes Emergency Operations Centre, suspends Local State of Emergency  NCR
March 26 -- Province of British Columbia suspends all Local States of Emergency; introduces range of new measures under Provincial State of Emergency  NCR
March 25 -- EOC issues two new orders to Rupert residents
March 25 -- Prince Rupert issues first Emergency Orders 
March 25 -- Councillor Randhawa calls for Full Service at gas stations during COVID-19 situation NCR
March 25 -- CityWest changes its procedures for Home or Business visits by Technicians  NCR
March 25 -- City and Province need to outline what measures they have in mind to assist Prince Rupert's homeless during this pandemic period  NCR
March 25 -- Crafting a Budget in uncertain times ... Prince Rupert City Council moves forward with their Budget process NCR
March 25 -- Prince Rupert doctors call for 'draconian' measure to stop COVID-19 from overwhelming local medical system (audio)
March 25 -- City Council Timeline: Monday, March 23, 2020  NCR
March 24 -- City of Prince Rupert issuing new orders in fight against COVID-19
March 24 -- Emergency Declaration in Prince Rupert, Haida Gwaii
March 24 -- Prince Rupert enters a state or emergency (video)
March 24 -- Prince Rupert city council declares state of emergency
March 24 -- City of Prince Rupert issues first two orders under Local State of Emergency  NCR
March 24 -- Six who said Aye ... Council members statement on the declaration of a Local State of Emergency in Prince Rupert  NCR
March 24 -- Prince Rupert wants stricter isolation rules for BC's North Coast; Dawson Creek establishes food fund during COVID-19 crisis (audio)
March 23 -- City of Prince Rupert declares local state of emergency
March 23 -- City of Prince Rupert has their own Emergency Alert System
March 23 -- Prince Rupert, Kitimat close playgrounds due to COVID-19 fears
March 23 -- State of Local Emergency Declared in Prince Rupert ... details to follow sometime this week NCR
March 23 -- City's Rushbrook Trail system closed to the Public  NCR
March 23 -- City of Prince Rupert reminds residents of Emergency Alert Notification System  NCR
March 23 -- City Council Preview: Monday, March 23, 2020 NCR
March 22 -- Prince Rupert parks and playgrounds are now closed
March 22 -- Prince Rupert Mayor to bring forward motion on Local State of Emergency at Monday Council session  NCR
March 22 -- City outlines its precautions towards Council sessions, Budget Consultation NCR
March 22 -- City of Prince Rupert closes Playgrounds, Parks and SD52 play areas  NCR
March 22 -- Prince Rupert mayor to motion for state of emergency
March 21 -- Mayor's Friday night Facebooking stokes as much anxiety, as it offers reassurance
March 20 -- City of Prince Rupert moves to 'essential services' provision
March 20 -- Free Transit and new boarding procedures for BC Transit (video)
March 20 -- BC Transport offers free bus rides
March 20 -- City of Prince Rupert moves to 'essential services' provision
March 20 -- Mayor Brain provides message on need to reduce social activities  NCR
March 20 -- City of Prince Rupert shifts Operations to Essential Service status; BC Transit to offer Free Transit  NCR
March 19 -- Prince Rupert to offer free bus service for a month
March 19 -- Air Canada to suspend service to Prince Rupert, Smithers, Sandspit
March 19 -- City says no confirmed COVID-19 in P.R. as of March 19
March 19 -- Airport Authority and the City of Prince Rupert release statement regarding essential flights
March 19 -- Prince Rupert Airport keeping essential services open  (video)
March 19 -- Mayor Brain joins MLA Rice, MP Bachrach in release of links to access information on COVID-19  NCR
March 19 -- City of Prince Rupert/Prince Rupert Airport Authority outline response to Air Canada flight suspensions  NCR
March 19 -- Westbound lane on 3rd Ave in Prince Rupert closed
March 19 -- CityWest closes storefronts across Northwest, while call centre remains open  NCR
March 19 -- Prince Rupert flights suspended for month of April 
March 19 -- Water infrastructure repairs make for westbound diversion along block of Third Avenue West  NCR
March 19 -- Prince Rupert Golf Course remains open, with changes to Operations  NCR
March 19 -- Air Canada service out of Digby Island Airport to be suspended through to May  NCR
March 18 -- Prince Rupert RCMP make public access changes in wake of COVID-19 NCR
March 18 -- Mayor Brain provides local update on COVID-19 situation  NCR
March 17 -- Prince Rupert closing public facilities as of today
March 17 -- City of Prince Rupert closes all "Public Facing Facilities" as of end of business day today NCR
March 16 -- City of Prince Rupert to close Earl Mah Aquatic Centre and Fitness Centre as of Tuesday NCR
March 16 -- City of Prince Rupert extends deadline for discounts for Utility bill payments  NCR
March 13 -- City of Prince Rupert cancels programs at Civic Centre; offers further COVID 19 advice for residents  NCR
March 13 -- Councillor Cunningham calls for action from Northern Health for ongoing service disruptions in Prince Rupert  NCR
March 12 -- Affordable housing becoming a crucial issue in the Northwest
March 12 -- Rupert renoviction Update (video)
March 12 -- City of Prince Rupert posts COVID-19 information statement to website, social media  NCR
March 12  -- Budget commentary from Monday left more questions on Council Travel than it answered NCR
March 12 -- Council members choose to use Alternate Approval Process for Loan Authorization consultation NCR
March 19 -- Prince Rupert completes final child care assessment and action plan
March 11 -- Plight of Pinecrest Townhomes residents noted by Prince Rupert Council Monday NCR
March 11 -- Few comments for Council during Public Engagement period for Budget process NCR
March 11 -- Child Care Review points the way towards improving on options for Prince Rupert residents NCR
March 10 -- No success this time around for Prince Rupert in Harm Reduction program roll out  NCR
March 9 -- Good news for Pinecrest residents in Prince Rupert
March 9 -- Pinecrest Townhomes renovictions to be staggered; evictees to learn more at March 11th meeting  NCR
March 9 -- Council set to award contract for work on Landfill Leachate project NCR
March 9 -- Council to choose how they will consult residents on upcoming loan requests NCR
March 9 -- Would be Prince Rupert property developer shifts gaze towards Terrace for now  NCR
March 9 -- When it comes to apologies  ... the Northern View's Fire Coverage notes don't impress Councillor Skelton-Morven much  NCR
March 9 -- Council to receive presentation on Child Care Survey findings tonight NCR
March 9 -- First night of Budget Consultation month gets underway tonight as part of Regular City Council session NCR
March 9 -- City Council Preview: Monday, March 9, 2020  NCR
March 6 -- Tenants in Prince Rupert's Pinecrest townhouse complex worry about becoming homeless after receiving renovictions (audio)
March 6 -- Wth City Budget feedback period now underway, Proposed 5 year Financial plan now underway for review  NCR
March 5 -- Meeting being held today for residents in Princrest Townhouses
March 5 -- Tenants under eviction notice to meet today
March 5 -- Alaska Ferry Service to return to Prince Rupert this summer (video)
March 5 -- "Ocean View" references by renoviction company not related to hotel
March 5 -- Maintenance issues need to be addressed: Tenants under eviction notices say
March 5 -- Evictions necessary for Prince Rupert housing situation; Pinecrest Restoration Initiative
March 5 -- Second housing rights meeting added for evictees of Oceanfront homes on First Avenue  NCR
March 4 -- Pinecrest Townhomes evictions  (video)
March 4 -- Thursday meetings set for soon to be evicted tenants of Pinecrest Town Homes to hear of their rights  NCR
March 4 -- City submits Recreation Centre boiler project to BC Bids process  NCR
March 4 -- Plans for Prince Rupert RCMP's detachment still more mirage than Mountie Mansion  NCR
March 4 -- Mayor's latest travels take him to Climate Council Session  NCR
March 3 -- AMHS releases Summer Sailing Schedule with Prince Rupert Sailings set from July through September  NCR
March 3 -- Mayor Brain makes note of three year anniversary of Watson Island  NCR
March 2 -- City Councillor calls for apology from Northern View following weekend Fire Coverage  NCR
March 2 -- Prince Rupert's lack of housing starts looms large now ... that as Renoviction crisis set to make additional impact on community  NCR


February 28 -- Hundreds of Prince Rupert renters evicted
February 27 -- Road Remediation Requirements make for part of Budget Preview Notes from Monday NCR
February 27 -- With March 6 application deadline, the City of Prince Rupert looks for more casual workers  NCR
February 26 -- Path towards Loan Approval requests put forward by City of Prince Rupert CFO on Monday NCR
February 26 -- Budget Preview provides glimpse at challenges, shares good news on taxation plans NCR
February 26 -- School District showcases potential sties for new middle school NCR
February 26 -- City Council Timeline: Monday, February 24, 2020 NCR
February 26 -- Water main break - McBride and First
February 26 -- Emergency water work to close stretch of McBride by the Prince Rupert Courthouse  NCR
February 25 -- City Budget time for Prince Rupert (video)
February 25 -- Road closure in effect as crews repair Prince Rupert watermain break
February 25 -- Prince Rupert reveals 2020 budget
February 24 -- As BC Budget hails Coast Mountain College plans for Terrace, Prince Rupert accommodation plans remain more of a Five Year Plan  NCR
February 24 --School District to share plans for Prince Rupert Middle school replacement with City Council tonight NCR
February 24 -- City to look towards borrowing for momentum on landfill expansion plans NCR
February 24 -- Woodworth Dam Loan request to be theme for Council this evening NCR
February 24 -- Early morning challenges for city drivers  NCR
February 21 -- Prince Rupert's Watson Island story makes for good reading for Burns Lake Council and residents  NCR
February 21 -- Mayor makes note of the highlights from his trip to Victoria this week  NCR
February 21 -- City looks to replace some Public Works machinery through latest bid calls  NCR
February 21 -- Carole James's 2020 Provincial Budget moves Mills Memorial Hospital closer to the finish line  NCR
February 20 -- City hosts Child Care Action Plan Open House tonight at Lester Centre  NCR
February 20 -- With No Fibre laid yet, Connected Coast fibre optic project still mired in process  NCR
February 18 -- Payment Due: City's Utility Bills begin to arrive across Prince Rupert  NCR
February 14 -- With growing travel plans ahead for City officials, time is long overdue for a Travel Account listing on City Website  NCR 
February 13 -- Mayor Brain hopeful of positive news on Resource Benefits Alliance ambitions by year's end  NCR
February 12 -- City set to provide letter of support for seven requests from Monday Council Session  NCR
February 12 -- Short window for applications for those interested in Municipal board positions  NCR
February 12 -- Councillor Randhawa seeks guidance on coronavirus risk from visiting Mariners  NCR
February 12 -- Airport Manager, Board Actively seeking expanded airline service for Prince Rupert: Mayor Brain  NCR
February12 -- City Council Timeline: Monday, February 10, 2020  NCR
February 11 -- Mayor Brain appointed to Climate Solutions Council  NCR
February 10 -- City Council members to review range of requests for letters of support tonight  NCR
February 10 -- Roadway Remediation! NCR
February 10 -- City Council Preview: Monday, February 10 2020  NCR
February 7 -- If a dump run is on your Saturday to do list, take note of a shortened day for the landfill site  NCR
February 7 -- Growing pothole problems bring out the punditry on Mayor's own Facebook Portal  NCR
February 6 -- City Recreation Department making plans for Spring Break Camp; seeks applications for Camp Leader Position  NCR
February 4 -- City of Prince Rupert seeks comment on Official Community Plan Renewal initiative  NCR
February 3 -- City of Prince Rupert seeks public input from Draft Study on Childcare  NCR


January 31 -- Final day for enquiries related to City's plans for lease of Canfisco site warehouse  NCR
January 31 -- Northwest Infrastructure the theme for MP Bachrach's first speech to the House of Commons  NCR
January 30 -- Mayor Brain in Prince George for Resource Forum and conversation with provincial officials  NCR
January 30 -- The "Cloud Berry Trail" to be the next big project for the Kaien Island Trail Enhancement and Recreation Society  NCR
January 29 -- Funding in place; Applications now Open for next round of Business Facade program in Prince Rupert  NCR
January 29 -- City Council approves near million dollar contract for sewage outfall study  NCR
January 29 -- Owners of unsightly properties put on notice, Council set to take up issue of enforcement in 2020  NCR
January 29 -- Councillor Adey explores Prince Rupert's road woes, with questions on potholes for City Manager  NCR
January 29 -- Council shows enthusiasm at potential for introduction of Situation Table program in Prince Rupert  NCR
January 29 -- City Council Timeline: Monday, January 27, 2020  NCR
January 28 -- Kaien Island Tail Enhancement Society request City commit on an Active Transportation Plan  (video)
January 28 -- 'Situation Table' to help high risk people in Prince Rupert (video)
January 28 -- Work Boat Safety the focus for latest City of Prince Rupert Request for Bids  NCR
January 27 -- City to lease space at Canfisco site, PRGA top of list
January 24 -- Surprise leasing plan announcement leaves a few questions seeking answers   NCR
January 24 -- Warehouse leasing plans just start of ambitious project for Prince Rupert Gymnastics Association  NCR
January 23 -- Prince Rupert makes the cut in draft Alaska Marine Highway System Schedule
January 23 -- Prince Rupert's Online Crime Reporting program goes live  NCR
January 23 -- North Coast Regional District set for two days of meetings, including Budget planning review  NCR
January 22 -- SD52 schools using bottled water, waiting on results from copper levels in drinking water  NCR
January 22 -- Alaska Ferries may return to Prince Rupert (video)
January 22 -- Alaska Ferries may return to Prince Rupert
January 22 -- Mayor Lee Brain's notes put some distance between City of Prince Rupert and SD52's latest water woes  NCR
January 21 -- AMHS Draft Schedule shows possible May return for Prince Rupert service  NCR
January 21 -- City of Prince Rupert may want to hold off on plans for single use plastic ban; at least until provincial initiative roll out is delivered  NCR
January 21 -- RCMP's online Crime Reporting program goes live Thursday NCR
January 21 -- Prince Rupert Fire/Rescue makes House calls ...  NCR
January 20 -- City of Prince Rupert ready for next stage of landfill development; with call for tenders for Leachate Lagoon work  NCR
January 20 -- Alaska Governor sets up Work Group to explore options for AMHS service  NCR
January 18 -- Prince Rupert RCMP address Maclean's report, city's crime severity index numbers
January 17 -- CityWest CEO Chris Marrett to step down from top position in March NCR
January 17 -- City of Prince Rupert greets 2020 with a trio of job opportunities  NCR
January 17 -- Cold snaps all weather records in Prince Rupert
January 17 -- "It's bizarre': Rural Prince Rupert residents shocked to see property values jump by as much as 105 percent (audio)
January 16 -- Eliminating Prince Rupert from the schedule is one of a number of options floated for Alaska Marine Highway Reshaping Report  NCR
January 15 -- Prince Rupert's Third Avenue West Shelter revises hours in face of cold temperatures  NCR
January 15 -- City Council's 2020 New Year hangover session  NCR
January 15 -- City comes up with In House solution for Special Events Society relocation NCR
January 14 -- Prince Rupert Special Events Society has a temporary home
January 14 -- Prince Rupert two charging stations closer to going green
January 14 -- Vision Steward Council to put Prince Rupert 2030 Vision plans in motion  NCR
January 14 -- Council looks to consider single use plastic Ban for Prince Rupert sometime in 2020  NCR
January 14 -- City Council Timeline: Monday, January 13, 2020  NCR
January 13 -- Trail building the sole Agenda topic for tonight's Prince Rupert Council session  NCR
January 13 -- City Council Preview: Monday, January 13, 2020  NCR
January 11 -- Numbers are describing words for the Prince Rupert Library
January 10 -- Mayor Brain hails Pembina's Prince Rupert expansion plans  NCR
January 9 -- Prince Rupert issues snow and ice removal notice fo residents and businesses  (video)
January 9 -- City delivers Snow and Ice removal reminder for residents  NCR
January 8 -- Dismantling of Moresby Park Fuel Tank Number 3 sparks minor fire along Park Avenue worksite  NCR
January 8 -- Assessments 101 with the City of Terrace: Terrace offers property assessment guidance for residents  NCR
January 8 -- With First phase no even open yet: Pembina announces plans for expansion of Watson Island LPG Terminal  NCR
January 8 -- Prince Rupert Fire/Rescue responds to oil bunker fire (video)
January 8 -- Minor Incident in Prince Rupert
January 8 -- Fuel tank fire at Moresby
January 8 -- Dismantling of Morseby Park Fuel Tank Number 3 sparks minor fire along Park Avenue website  NCR
January 7 -- Property assessments up in Prince Rupert, down in Port Edward
January 7 -- Cold Weather impacting roads both on surface and below  NCR
January 7 -- redesign Rupert morphs to Economic Development Office overview  NCR
January 6 -- City issues Snow/Ice Advisory for Prince Rupert streets  NCR
January 3 -- Six Prince Rupert neighbourhoods play host to top end Assessments for 2020 in the city  NCR
January 2  -- Some Northwest Property Assessments up Dramatically  (video)
January 2 -- Assessments rise dramatically in Kitimat, Terrace
January 2 -- Kitimat and Terrace lead the way in Northwest on BC Assessment increases NCR

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