Monday, November 16, 2020

Work underway for Prince Rupert electric Charging station

BC Hydro workers back to the installation work on Monday
morning, as they put the finishing touches towards a
new electric vehicle charging station in the city

BC Hydro workers have been busy over the course of the last few days working hard at a site just to the north of the Prince Rupert Court House at First Avenue West and McBride, as they continue with their work on the installation of an electric car charging station in the downtown core.

The new electric charging station (red) is just 
to the west of Mariners Park

The much anticipated arrival of the charging station began late last week with the excavation of the work area and installation of cement supports, with the actual charging station apparatus now in place.

So far Prince Rupert's biggest booster of the new wave for energy, Mayor Lee Brain has not made mention of the significant step in his hopes for a 'cleaner transportation future'; something he hailed earlier this summer with word from the provincial government of the expansion of an electric charging network for the Northwest.

The electrifying activity downtown has also escaped notice of the City's range of information sharing options.

Mr. Brain, who is a member of the BC Climate  Solution Council has long been an advocate for the new energy option for vehicles and most recently spoke to the theme in September.

“This initiative is something that we've been working on at the Charge North Advisory Committee for the last two years and is an example of what can be accomplished when we work together as one to solve common objectives. This infrastructure is key to empowering the use of EVs in the North by our residents and tourists alike, planting the seeds for future economic development and signals that our region welcomes a cleaner transportation future.”

The Prince Rupert station a Level 2 EV charging station is just one of a number of stations that have been proposed for along the Highway 16 corridor between Haida Gwaii and Prince George.

Electric Charging stations (blue) have been proposed for
a number of Northwest and Haida Gwaii locations

In the September update, it was noted that Prince Rupert was destined to receive 2 of the electric charging stations, so where the next one goes could make for a nice diversion for residents as they ponder the possibilities.

So far there is no indication when the switch to turn on the new charging station across from Mariners Park will take place.

Update: As noted in our comments below, the Mariner's Park EV station is not part of the Charge North program; but rather is part of the BC Hydro EV Network initiative, funded by the Federal and Provincial government. 

Learn more about BC Hydro's roll out of EV charging stations across the province here.

To this point there do not appear to be many electric vehicles traversing the streets of the city, with the latest addition to the provincial network perhaps about to go online, it will be worth watching to see if there is a surge in electric car ownership in the area.

Some background on the road to the new energy future can be explored below:


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  1. Now if the mayor could do something about the roads, the water supply, the dump space that we have none of.

    The mayor has different priorities then the city requirements. He wants everyone to feed themselves by gardening (was he here this summer?) and drive electric cars. CN Station building renewal I am sure is a high priority for all the citizens of Prince Rupert.

  2. FYI... These two LEVEL 3 chargers are NOT the two LEVEL 2 chargers announced by the "Charge North" initiative. Those level 2 chargers are still to come.

    1. Good to know, thanks for the input. Hopefully we get an update soon on this growing bounty of Electric car charging stations and where they are going!