Wednesday, November 18, 2020

3.9 magnitude Quake recorded off west coast of Haida Gwaii

The Pacific fault line shuddered a bit off the western coast of Haida Gwaii this afternoon, with a 3.9 magnitude quake recorded 30 miles NW of Sandspit at 2:24 PM

That places the epicentre 221 kilometres to the west of Prince Rupert.

The original listing of the seismic event was 4.1 but was quickly downgraded by the USGS.

There was no Tsunami warning generated by today's event

Some of the recent quakes recorded along the southern 
Alaskan coastline in the Gulf of Alaska

The fault line running along the Pacific coast has been particularly active in Alaska in recent days, with a number of quakes recorded in a number of locations.

More notes on previous seismic events can be explored from our archive page.

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