Wednesday, November 18, 2020

As case counts rise in Northern Health Region, the tone of their guidance sees a shift

There was a significant jump in COVID cases recorded by Northern Health on Tuesday, with the Northern totals making note of 21 new cases in the 24 hour reporting period from Monday to Tuesday, bringing the Northern total to 540 cases to January.

And the surge in the North, combined with growing numbers from the Lower Mainland and other areas of the province have shaped the narrative of an information statement issue on Tuesday afternoon, which offers up a range of guidelines towards attention to the risks of COVID across the North.

In their statement the Health Authority has urged caution and expresses concern with the upward trend and frequency of new cases and clusters in the region.

Towards the guidance, much of the Northern Health elements are taken from the Lower Mainland orders and the themes offered as part of the goal of preventing transmission across this region.

The five points include:

Maintaining our social connections are important for our well-being. However, please keep your bubble small and limited to your household and a handful (up to six) close friends or family (your “safe six”). 

When planning your holiday gathering, please avoid travel and choose to celebrate with individuals in your bubble. 

Physical distancing measures are especially challenging for young people. It is important they also keep their bubble small and, as much as possible, limit their interactions to a close group of friends from within their school cohort. 

Essential workers, such as health-care workers and teachers, play a critical role in our communities and therefore it is imperative they also keep their bubble small. 

Remember: The provincial health officer’s orders to household gatherings applies province-wide. This means no more than six people from outside your household bubble should gather in your home.

The Tuesday update from the Province did not specify where in the vast expanse of the Northern Health region that the 21 cases had been recorded.

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