Tuesday, November 24, 2020

City launches quest for potential tenants for CNR Waterfront building with Expressions of Interest through BC Bid process

The City is moving forward towards a potential redevelopment
of the old CN Rail building with a call for Expressions
of Interest towards potential commercial tenants

Plans appear to be in motion to finally begin development of what could be a showcase feature of the Waterfront park area, with the City of Prince Rupert putting out an 'Expressions of Interest" call for the old CN Rail Station on the waterfront, part of what the city is looking to develop what was once known as the Rupert's Landing project and now awaits another name.

The Rail Station, along with a proposed new Ferry Dock for the Airport Ferry as well as Rotary Waterfront Park would serve as a Gateway into the downtown area of sorts and is part of the Mayor's Vision planning from last year

In the prospectus for the Expressions of Interest process posted to the BC Bid portal on Monday, the city describes the site as follows: 

The Canadian National Railway Station Building is a historic railway station located on the City’s waterfront, originally constructed in 1921. The Building is one of the few brick buildings in Prince Rupert, and served as the train passenger terminal for Prince Rupert from 1922 until the late 1990’s. 

The Building came into the City’s possession shortly after passenger operations vacated the building, but has not been occupied since that time. The condition of the Building has degraded in the intervening years, and the Building now requires significant rehabilitation to allow for new occupation. 

The City is in the process of designing the rehabilitation of the Building, and is now searching for a potential commercial tenant to make the highest and best use of the rehabilitated property. 

Towards the expressions of interest the city has five key elements that they will be receiving information on for consideration.

The floor plans for both levels of the CN Rail station 

Applications must be received by 2:00 PM on December 4th, 2020, those with an interest in the proposed redevelopment of the building should forward their material to the City of Prince Rupert  424 - 3rd Avenue City of Prince Rupert, BC V8J 1L7

The expressions of interest should be directed to the Attention of Paul Vendittelli – Manager of Economic Development & Transportation.

The full package for those looking to explore the opportunities for the CN Station can be found on the BC Bid website.

Some background on the City's past work on the redevelopment of the CN Station/Rupert's Landing can be explored below:


July 22 -- Name change likely for Rupert's Landing project; as City Council approves quest for grand funding for relocation of airport ferry dock

2019 and previous

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  1. Why is the city entering into the commercial property leasing? If it is such a good deal a developer will foot the cost and develop. That's why the city own's it it was deemed not viable.
    My taxes were just raised for water and sewer. The government just gave us 2 1/2 million dollars that will be used to bailout airport ferry and marina. I don't want my taxes raised to pay for the rebuilding of the CN station.