Monday, July 20, 2020

Rupert's Landing grant application up for discussion at Council tonight

Some momentum for the Rupert's Landing project is
on the agenda for City Council tonight

(image from City of PR)

City Council will have an opportunity to review the plans for the proposed Rupert's Landing waterfront project as part of tonight's Council session.

City staff will be providing an update on the path forward, looking for Council to start the process of for the latest attempt at accessing grant funding for the project, while noting that the cost and any budget impact is unknown at this time.

The Resolution of support for funding from Council is for the city's ambitious waterfront plans which will include the relocation of the Airport Ferry dock.

The city's quest for funding will be made through the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program - Rural and Northern Communities.

As well, the resolution for tonight will also seek Council's renewed support the project and commit to funding the remaining share of the project, as well as any cost overruns.

The Report from Operations Manager Richard Pucci, which you can review from tonight's Agenda for Council, provides a short synopsis of the proposed project, the key elements from Mr. Pucci's overview include:

Branded as Rupert’s Landing, the City of Prince Rupert, is seeking to develop a new multi- faceted waterfront development including a marine terminal that will serve as the basis for regional improvements to marine transportation infrastructure, while enhancing the experience of residents and visitors to Prince Rupert. 

The relocation and eventual improved capacity of airport ferry infrastructure will also have the capacity to house a new Gitxaala ferry, a partnership announced at the December unveiling of the 2030 Redesign Rupert Vision. 

This design was originally developed as a component of regional transportation study conducted by the Province, First Nations, and other area stakeholders, and will include holding/parking amenities, a ferry out-building, as well as a new dock to house the airport ferry and Gitxaala ferries. 

Cost and Budget implication are unknown at this time; however, achievement of these grants will assist in making this Project a reality.

It's not the first time that City Council has put forward the idea of seeking funding for the Rupert's Landing concept, in December of 2019 a similar resolution was approved by Council, at that time it was anticipated that the city would be required to put 10 percent, or 1.26 million dollars towards the development. 

With the new request now up for review for council tonight, it would appear that the 2019 application did not find success at the time.

The Rupert's Landing project was one of the highlight points for the City when it released its Annual Report in June.

Mayor Lee Brain at the 2030 Redesign Rupert presentation
(Photo from live stream of event)

In December of 2019, Rupert's Landing was one of the featured items from Mayor Lee Brain's 2030 Redesign Rupert presentation at the Lester Centre, over the years some form of waterfront redevelopment has been a topic on the horizon for City Council since 2016.

Some of the past notes on the elements of the Rupert's landing project can be explored below.

December 18 -- City Solicits proposals for Full Engineering and Architectural Designs towards rehabilitation of Heritage Rail Station (City of PR statement)
December 18 -- CN Waterfront Building Rehabilitation plans move to design phase 
December 13 2019 -- Collaboration the focus for Prince Rupert 2030 Announcements, setting the template for the future as program of civic renewal moves forward
January 2019 -- Council approves request to seek out grant funding for Rupert's Landing proposal
February 2017 -- Mayor unveils Waterfront plan for Rotary luncheon crowd
December 2016 -- Four days of planning sessions deliver many concepts for the Prince Rupert of tomorrow ..

For more notes related to this evening's City Council session see our Council Preview here.

A wider over view of City Council themes can be explored from our Council Discussion page.

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