Thursday, December 1, 2016

Four days of planning sessions deliver many concepts for the Prince Rupert of tomorrow

Workshops and consultation were part of the
process last week when the Ontario
based Planning Partnership was in town

(photo from TPP twitter feed)

Mayor Brain took advantage of the light work load of Monday's Council session to expand a bit on the four days of planning sessions that took place last week with the Toronto based The Planning Partnership.

The Mayor's comments were quite exuberant, as he reviewed some of the work from the Ontario guests, who set up shop at Northwest Community College. during their four days in town.

Mr. Brain called the results above and beyond what he had thought would be delivered when it came to outcomes for Third Avenue, as well as through ways to connect with the Waterfront, Rushbrook Trail and Seal Cove regions of the city.

He made note of some of the new design work that came out of the consultations, many of which would create a brand new vision for how the town could look like, both long term as well as with what Mayor Brain described as some 'quick wins' as they look to move forward on the design work.

He reviewed his impressions as to how the Planning Partnership totally understood the flavour of Prince Rupert and they way that they incorporated the feedback from the community into their presentation at the end of their visit to the city.

A design sketch of what a new Public Space concept for the
area around City Hall may look like

(from the City of Prince Rupert)

One intriguing option that the City featured on its Council Corner Update Report, was a visual look at what would be a Community Festival Space at City Hall (see above), with a covered awning that would make the City Hall area more accessible and welcoming to residents both at day and night.

Design work in progress during  
last week's consultations in  Prince Rupert
(photo from TPP Twitter feed)
Members of the Toronto based Planning Partnership
explored areas of Prince Rupert during their visit
(photo from TPP Twitter feed)

The next steps that will come from last week's consultation process will include the creation of an eighteen foot print out to be taken around town, designed to provide residents with an example of some of the new designs and ideas that could one day be found around the community.

It's anticipated that that visual display will be ready for viewing in the next few weeks with the city still to outlined when and where that display will be available for the public.

You can explore some of his themes from the City Council Video archive, starting at the thirty minute mark.

He offered up some further observations on the consultation from last week through his Facebook portal.

The work with the Planning Partnership is just one of a number of initiatives that the City is exploring these days, some of the other community redesign options that the City is investigating can be found from our Redesign Rupert Archives.

More notes related to events from Prince Rupert City Council can be found on our archive page here.

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