Monday, December 12, 2016

Patrol Vessel Charles Hays makes marine rescue near Butze Rapids

Two young men were rescued following
a marine incident near Butze Rapids
on Sunday afternoon
A Sunday patrol by the Port Vessel MV Charles Hays turned into a rescue mission when just before 4 PM, a member of the patrol vessel spotted an individual in the water at Fern passage near Butze Rapids.

Captains Hailey McIntyre and Randy Knockwood  responded aboard the Charles Hays plucking one man out of the water and then were informed of a second man in the water closer to shore, locating him as well and bringing him aboard the vessel.

The two young men had been using their jet boat in the passage when they hit a wave and ended up in the water. They were transported by the Charles Hays to the Cow Bay Marina where they were met by friends.

The Port informed the Coast Guard Marine Communications And Traffic Services centre of the incident, which took place not far from the Seal Cove base that hosts the North Coast Communication centre.

The Prince Rupert Port Authority vessel Charles Hays
was instrumental in a weekend rescue mission at Butze Rapids

The Royal Canadian Marine Search and Rescue Station 64 was the first to share the story of the weekend incident. That report posted to the RCMSR Facebook page, provided some of the initial notes on the two individuals who were pulled from the cold waters of the Butze Rapids area, with both men reportedly doing fine.

You can review their full account here.

More notes on the work of emergency responders on the North Coast can be found here.

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