Sunday, December 25, 2016

Blog Watching: Week ending December 25, 2016

Merry Christmas to our readers as you settle in for your Christmas Day lounging, perhaps taking a moment with us to catch up on the events of a hectic last week before Christmas.

With a few days to rest up from your busy schedule, we invite you to wander down our right hand column over the Christmas break, our links to a wide range of categories which can provide for a good look back at the events of 2016.

If you have some time, find a few topics of interest and settle in for a review and maybe re-discover some news that may have slipped by when it first was delivered.

As for our Christmas Day review, not surprisingly considering the season, items of note on the week included our look at the schedule of Civic closures and reduced hours as well as the travel schedule for the Digby Island Ferry, with both stories this week finding a large audience.

Our look at the interest generated by an eight part Podcast from the CBC into the 1989 murder of Alberta Williams also found a large audience this week.

While Sports also made for a theme of interest over the last seven days, with our preview of the upcoming New Beers Resolution Curling Challenge for January and our look back at some of the work of Prince Rupert's young athletes around the province making for high volume reads on the week as well.

However, the top story of the week is our look at the holiday schedules for a number of civic departments heading into the holiday period.

City of Prince Rupert heads towards Holiday hours -- With reduced hours and closures the theme of the week ahead, our guide to some of the City's plans over the holiday proved to be a popular item. (posted December 19, 2016)

That article was followed by:

Revised Schedule Now in effect for Transportation to Prince Rupert Airport -- As North Coast residents made their travel plans or awaited arrival of family and friends, notes of the changes in effect on the Digby Island Ferry proved to be of interest.  (posted December 19, 2016)

New Beers Resolution Curling Challenge Rings in the New Year at the Curling Club -- Curling fans and those with an interest in learning more about the sport explored our notes on the first curling event for 2017  (posted December 21, 2016)

Alberta Williams case considered 'very active' after CBC Podcast exposure --  The wrap to an eight episode podcast on the murder of Alberta Williams has provided some increased notice for the unsolved Prince Rupert murder of 1989. (posted December 21, 2016)

Justin McChesney soaking in the tempo of High flying Thunderbirds --  The third item of our look at Prince Rupert residents playing University basketball found a strong audience through the week, with significant interest also found for our items on Kyler Eckess, Celina Guadagni and Junior Hockey Player Judd Repole.  ( posted December 22, 2016)

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