Wednesday, December 7, 2016

On line petition launched to make case for Mills Memorial Hospital replacement for Terrace

A conceptual drawing of what a New Mills Memorial Hospital
might look like for the Terrace area

The public campaign highlighting the need for a replacement for the aging health care facility in Terrace has been picking up steam in recent months, a process which first started with the efforts of Terrace City Council and now has become more of a grass roots community and regional initiative.

In recent weeks Terrace Council has been bending the ear of Premier Clark, taking advantage of her recent visits to the community to begin the process of making their case for a replacement for the facility.

And while the Premier hasn't started staking out foundation concepts or asking to see some blue prints, it being an election year, means that she is certainly offering up some indication that it's a project worth studying.

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One recent development which might help the cause for those advocating a new hospital is the fact that the Liberals recently nominated former Haisla Chief Councillor Ellis Ross as their candidate in Skeena and have high hopes of claiming the riding in the upcoming election.

Mr. Ross's high profile and the Liberal quest for the seat in Skeena will no doubt keep the topic high on the list of any discussion points as the campaign moves into the election phase in the Spring of 2017.

As for the online petition, the information provided as part of the petition request notes that there are over 80,000 residents in the Terrace catchment area in the NorthWest, which is described as a regional centre for health care.

Part of the pitch for the petition is to make note that Prince George is currently the only trauma unit in the North. With advocates for the Terrace option suggesting that a new Mills Memorial Hospital would make for a good location for a Northwest Trauma Centre, something they observe would be of benefit to all surrounding communities.

At 61 years of age, the limitations of the hospital are outlined as well, with the advocates stating that a replacement required, as opposed to any prospect of simple renovation to address the many issues that the current building faces.

The petition is directed to the Premier, Health Minister Terry Lake and Finance Minister Michael de Jong, as well as the Select standing committee on Finance and Government Services.

So far, organizers have received 34 of the 100 names required to submit it to the provincial officials.

You can review the background to the petition and if inclined add your name here.

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