Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Province distributes it's PILT payments for 2016

The Prince Rupert Court House, one of
the few structures in the city that the
Province makes PILT payments on
The reduced footprint that the Provincial Government has on the North Coast is never more apparent than when it comes to dividing up the cash from the Province's Payments in Lieu of Taxes process.

British Columbia released the list for its financial distributions today when it comes to PILT funding, and as we have for a number of years now, the Province's contribution to the Prince Rupert treasury is sparse compared to communities further to the east.

The payments are in relation to the range of provincial offices or buildings in the communities of the region and with but the Court House on McBride and the Service BC office on Third Avenue West, and a few offices here and there, the Prince Rupert allocation is but a drop in the bucket from the 16 million dollars that British Columbia distributes province wide.

As 2016 comes to an end, the Province will be delivering $49,764.39 to the City of Prince Rupert, an amount that is even less than that of last year, when the province had transferred just a shade over $51,000 to the city's coffers.

The payments are designed to be the provincial government's contribution towards such services as sewers, roads and fire protection.

Schools and Hospitals are exempt from paying municipal taxes and are not part of the PILT process.

Other communities across the Northwest to receive PILT payments this month include:

Smithers -- $127,036.64
Terrace -- $116,167.88
Hazelton -- $24,088.63
Masset -- $12,379.82
Queen Charlotte City -- $2,480.91
Stewart -- $2,372.60

Not surprisingly, Vancouver and Victoria receive the largest amounts of PILT payments for the year.

With Vancouver receiving $2,271,218.05 and the provincial capital receiving $3,261,970.92

You can review the full listings and the background to the PILT process here.

More notes on Taxation for Prince Rupert can be found on our archive page.

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