Sunday, December 11, 2016

Blog Watching: Week ending December 11, 2016

It would appear that the start of the High School basketball season has made for a highly welcomed return, with the Rainmakers' journey to North Vancouver's No Regrets tournament finding a large audience from Thursday on.

The prospect of a bit of extra dedication towards Personal fitness also caught the attention of our readers this week, with a look at the plans to develop a new fitness Club at the Rupert Square Mall of much interest.

Holiday travel on the city's transit system was also a popular theme, with a large volume of readers taking a look at the Holiday service plans from BC Transit on the North Coast.

Our review of the City's new approach towards funding for some of Prince Rupert's larger community organizations also captured the attention of our readers over the last seven days.

And wrapping up the list of five was the weather, which always seems to make for a good story and this week's cold snap certainly was a topic of interest, at least judging by the number of views our notes on the arrival of the Arctic front in the region.

However, the top story of the week follows the Rainmaker basketball program as they made their trek to North Vancouver and the high profile No Regrets Tournament.

Rainmakers look to show their skills at North Vancouver's No Regrets tournament --  The Senior Boy's Basketball team at Charles Hays Secondary made their first long distance road trip of the year, heading to North Vancouver for the No Regrets tournament. By the blow of the final whistle of Saturday, the Rainmakers had faced some top competition from the Lower Mainland and finished with a 1 and 2 record. Our preview of the event and the follow up results page proved to be a popular read by week's end. (posted December 8, 2016)

That article was followed by:

New fitness option making ready to enter the Prince Rupert scene  --  Those new years resolutions for a more active lifestyle may come to fruition, if the interest in our story on the plans for a new fitness club in the city is any indication.   (posted December 2, 2016)

BC Transit announces extended Hours and Holiday service for Prince Rupert/Port Edward -- There was a surge in interest through the week when it comes to the holiday plays for BC Transit on the North Coast, with a large number of viewers taking a look at what the Transit schedule will look like.   (posted December 5, 2016)

City makes progress on proposed Funding Agreements with community groups --  The City and some of its larger Community Enhancement Grant recipients are putting the finishing touches on a new approach to Grant applications when it comes to funding for the groups. (posted December 5, 2016)

Arctic outflow warning issued for North Coast -- While a warming trend arrived late in the week, the first four days of the last seven were spent in a deep freeze in the area, with our notes on the arriving cold front finding a rather interested audience.  ( posted December 5, 2016)

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