Friday, December 23, 2016

Missing and Murdered Women Commission launch new website for families

There have not been many developments of note to report on since the September launch of the Murdered and Missing Women Commission, with the first three months of the commission's work seemingly dedicated to planning for when the public engagement process gets underway in the Spring of 2017.

That delay in getting down to the task at hand is making for some concerns for many that were looking to the Commission to jump into their work after the first announcements of August and as a way of answering some of those concerns, the Commission of Inquiry has expanded on its information delivery process over the last month.

One key element of the Commission plans for greater engagement comes with the launch of a new website for the upcoming Commission work. The main focus for that portal at the moment is the eventual plan to provide an area of the website for families to register.

Until that registration page is introduced, the website is serving the role of providing some background to the Commission plans and employment opportunities to work with Inquiry.

Commission members are also suggesting that those that wish to keep up to date on the Inquiry plans make use of their e mail system, when those interested in the process can sign up to receive the latest notes on the progress to date.

You can find that link here.

The Commission of Inquiry has also made a crisis line available for family members, or friends who may require support that number is 1-844-413-6649.

While the Inquiry may not be taking testimony or exploring the range of issues involved in the Missing and Murdered cases at the moment, the interest continues to build when it comes to how the Commissioners intend to handle the list of topics that will form the discussions to come in 2017.

We have been keeping an archive of MMIW related items on our Political Blog D'arcy McGee since the Commission launch of September, you can review those notes here.

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