Monday, December 19, 2016

YPR and Seal Cove Seaplane Base Become No Drone Zones

With the growing availability of Drone technology, the prospect of incidents between Drone users and arriving and departing aircraft at airports across Canada has become a concern for Transport Canada.

As a result Transport Canada has made airports and seaplane bases out of bounds for Drone enthusiasts, with a 25,000 dollar fine and the prospect of some jail time ahead for those that disregard the safety concerns.

Those regulations will include flight operations at the Digby Island Airport as well as at the Seal Cove Seaplane Base and Helicopter zones.

The guideline notes that for safety purposes you are not allowed to fly an UAV or drone within 9 kilometres from an airport, seaplane base or heliport.

The guidelines and penalties associated to the regulations are something that Christmas gift recipients might want to file away for future reference, should Santa deliver the big gifts over the Holidays.

Users of Drones on the North Coast have been reminded of the regulations
now in effect on where you can and cannot fly your UAV's in the region
More background on the Drone Regulations including a detailed look at the issue of Drone Safety can be found from the YPR Website

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