Friday, December 16, 2016

Rainmaker Alumni to hit the hardwood this weekend

The ice packs might be needed by by some by the time Sunday rolls around and the moves of yesterday may be just a little bit rusty, but for those that once wore the Rainmaker uniform in seasons past, Today and Tomorrow mark days to reconnect with their high school days as part of the Rainmaker Alumni tournament.

The popular holiday tournament offers up two days of basketball at the Charles Hays Gymnasium

Friday's schedule features five games taking to the court starting at 2 PM.

Saturday's  four game schedule has a first tip off at 1PM, with the final to the tournament set to start at 7PM.

Teams will be participating in the Jim Ciccone Memorial Alumni Tournament named after the former Rainmaker and community leader.

Some of those that have signed up to the rosters for the weekend that can trace their Rainmaker longevity back to the 1946 era and on through the competitive teams of sixties to nineties.

While  more current versions of the Rainmakers will also be lining up to grab the bragging rights through the weekend.

The Tournament will also include  the current roster players of the Senior and Junior Rainmaker teams, who will be looking to show the old timers that younger generation of Rainmakers are ready to carry on the tradition.

Both the Junior Squad and the Senior Rainmakers head into their Christmas Break with some honourable mentions on the provincial scene, with both teams listed in BC high school polls this week.

Thursday night the Senior girls squad took on the alumni team.

Updates on the weekend event can be found on the CHSS twitter feed.

More items of interest from Rainmaker Sports can be found on our archive page.

Schedule of Games for the Jim Ciccone Memorial

Pool A -- Junior Boys Rainmakers, 1946-2002, 2010-2013

Pool B -- Senior Boys Rainmakers, 2003-2009, 2014-2016


2:00 PM ---  2014-2016 vs Senior Boys Rainmakers
3:30 PM --- 1946 -2002 vs Junior Boys Rainmakers 
5:00 PM --- 2014-2016 vs 2003-2009
6:30 PM --- Junior Boys vs 201-13


1:00 PM --- 2003-2009 vs Senior Boys Rainmakers
2:30 PM --- 1946-2002 vs 2010-2013
4:00 PM --- 3rd Place Pool A vs 3rd Place Pool B 
5:30 PM --- 2nd Place Pool A vs 2nd Place Pool B
7:00 PM --- 1st Place Pool A vs 1st Place Pool B

Update: December 17

The Old Dogs still have game! The 1946-2002 Rainmaker team claimed
the title in the 2016 Jim Ciccone Memorial Alumni Basketball Tournament

(photo courtesy of Sarah McChesney/CHSS Twitter feed)

Winners of the Jim Ciccone Memorial Alumni Tournament were the 1946-2002 squad which defeated the 2003-2009 team in the Final.

Senior Boys finished Third with a victory over the 20101-2013 team, while the 2014-2016 squad claimed fifth topping the Junior Boys in an Overtime battle.

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