Friday, December 9, 2016

All Native Tourney Participants list confirmed; tournament to step away from LNG sponsorship

With November's Qualifying tournament over and the competing teams advancing to February's big show, the All Native Basketball Tournament has outlined the list of participants in all four Divisions for the annual event.

The Women's Competition features 14 confirmed to this point, with three on standby for any potential withdrawals.  November qualifiers are marked in red...

Defending champions Bella Bella, followed by -- Hazelton, Metlakatla BC, New Aiyansh, Vancouver, Rain, Kitamaat, Greenville, Massett, Bella Coola,  Kamloops, Gitwinksihlkw, Hesquiaht, Klemtu, -- Standby: Port Simpson, Kincolith, Kitkatla

The Senior Men also have fourteen confirmed, with two on standby.  November qualifiers are marked in red...

Defending Champions Skidegate, followed by --  Kitkatla, Port Simpson, Massett, Vancouver, Bella Bella, Prince Rupert, Kincolith, Hazelton, New Aiyansh, Ahousat, Gitwinksihlkw, Bella Coola, Greenville -- Standby: Klemtu, Gitanyow

In Intermediate play twelve teams are confirmed, with three awaiting word on standby. November qualifiers are marked in red...

Defending Champions Port Simpson, followed by -- Bella Bella, Metlakatla, AK, Kitkatla, Prince Rupert, Massett, Hartley Bay, Kincolith, Hazelton, Vancouver, Ahousaht, Bella Coola -- Standby: Skidegate, Greenville, New Aiyansh

For the Masters Division, eleven teams are listed as confirmed, with three on standby.

Defending Champions Hydaburg, followed by -- Masset, Bella Bella, Port Simpson, Greenville, Prince Rupert, Kitimat, New Aiyansh, Kitkatla, Kincolith, Gitwinksihlkw  -- Standby: Skidegate, Bella Coola, Hazelton

As well as the focus on the court action, the ANBT board has also made some news off of the playing surface, announcing last night that after a September Board meeting that Board officials had decided that the Tournament will step away from any LNG sponsorship for the 2017 tournament.

Tournament officials posted their announcement to the ANBT Facebook page. With the Board noting how the topic had become a contentious issue for both sides in recent years and with the decision, the hope that attention can be re-directed back to the basketball.

Last year, the sponsorship by LNG companies on the North Coast resulted in a number of protest actions by participating teams and their supporters, with some suggesting that if the sponsorship program remained in place that participation in the annual event could be affected as teams withdrew from future events.

You can review some of those notes as part of our archive from last years event.

The 2017 tournament takes place from February 12th to 18th at the Russell Gamble Gymnasium and Jim Ciccone Civic Centre. You can watch for ticket and tournament pass information and tournament updates from the ANBT website and Facebook page.

We have already started with our archive for the 2017 All Native Tournament, with some notes on the Qualifying tournament and other tournament related news available here.

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