Friday, December 16, 2016

EZ Rock's Lucas Anders Alberta bound

EZ Rock announcer
Lucas Anders is heading back
home to Alberta, Wednesday
was his final on air shift in
Prince Rupert
The morning airwaves will be a little more Terrace orientated for Prince Rupert's EZ Rock for the time being, with the Prince Rupert based morning host Lucas Anders having hosted his final air shift at the Atlin Terminal studios on Wednesday.

The morning host offered up a look back at his two years on the North Coast on his final program, playing some of his favourite morning show features of the past and taking calls from listeners who were wishing him well.

Mr. Anders is returning to his home base of Alberta, apparently destined to take up on air duties at a station in Fort Saskatchewan, close to his home town of Edmonton.

Besides his time waking up in the dark and talking with the EZ rock audience from their studios in Cow Bay, Anders had become quite involved with the local theatre and sports scene in the community, something which he made note of during his Wednesday farewell.

As part of the local acting community he appeared in some local improv projects through Harbour Theatre, though he was perhaps most recognized for the work he and local actor Michael Gurney put into their production of Stones in His pockets taking that play to the larger stage at Edmonton's Fringe festival this past summer.

In addition to those activities, he was also a Teacher on Call with the School District and that work in the community became part of the backdrop to the last shift.

As part of his final day on the air in Prince Rupert, it was announced that a scholarship in Mr. Anders name would be set up with School District 52.

Created by a friend and frequent collaborator, the Scholarship which is to be called the Lucas Anders Legacy Award will provide 500 dollars in award money for graduating students at Charles Hays Secondary who have an interest in the field of broadcasting. The term of the scholarship award will be  twelve years, for a period of time from 2017 to 2028 inclusive.

The full background to the criteria for the award can be obtained from the guidance department at Charles Hays Secondary.

Those who have listened to his work on the North Coast can check the Fort Saskatchewan radio station website for the live feed of his debut there in the weeks to come.

As for the Prince Rupert operations, Bell Media which operates the EZ rock chain of stations in the Northwest has not posted any job opening announcement to their career page to this point.

Something which might indicate that there's no particular urgency at the moment towards filling the local position and returning to a Prince Rupert focus.

The website for the Prince Rupert station currently features the three Terrace based announcers as the North Coast's on air hosts for the moment.

More notes on the media and communications around the Northwest can be found on our archive page.

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