Saturday, December 24, 2016

Santa takes to the skies, as annual journey gets underway

To rework a phrase from Alan Jackson and Jimmy Buffet, It's Santa Time somewhere ...

The annual journey of the North Pole's Number One Delivery Guy is underway and as this Christmas Eve moves through the day on the North Coast and into the evening we will offer up snapshots of Santa's journeys across the many time zones of the globe.

To follow the Jolly Elf and his team of reindeer you can find up to the second reports from the NORAD tracking stations across North America as they take note of stops along the way and where the flight plan is heading next.

The Radar and Satellite Feeds are live and ready to deliver news from this link.

Updates are also available through the NORAD twitter feed.

While a NORAD Tracks Santa YouTube page also features notes on the journey for today.

As well, while the youngsters of the Northwest and Southeast Alaska wait for Santa's stopover, you can explore the music, games and other features available from the NORAD Site Here.

Google has also been busy developing a page of entertaining fun for youngsters to pass the time until they have to head for bed and await Santa's arrival, you can check that page out here.

Our Snapshots for the Day can be found below:

Just After Midnight Prince Rupert time
The 1 AM Prince Rupert Time update
1:30 AM Santa's up and away his journey underway
8:30 AM We pick up Santa's Trail over Central Russia
Here's where Santa has visited so far during his travels this Christmas Eve
Just after 9 AM and it's India calling
At 10 AM Santa was just pulling away from Abu Dhabi
11 AM report finds Santa flying over Ethiopia
Our Noon hour report and It's lamb and feta on the snack list 
as Santa arrives in Greece 
1PM finds Santa travelling across Africa
2PM and Santa is departing Poland destination Stockholm
Hola Ho Ho ... Santa's delivering to Spain in the 3 PM hour
4PM and Irish Eyes are Smiling, 
as Santa heads Belfast way and points South

5 PM and it's on to Argentina
6 PM and Santa hits Canadian Airspace, Newfoundland
 and then to New Brunswick
7 PM Sounds like there's some Country music on the 
 Santa Sound System as the Big Man crosses the Florida/Georgia line

8 PM Bienvenue au Quebec pour Pere Noel ... 
into Easter Quebec for Santa

Midnight in the East, 9 PM in British Columbia ...
Never mind the eggnog, line up the Corona's ... 

Santa's heading to Cancun

10 PM Crossing back into Canada, from Minnesota to Manitoba
11 PM Santa is working his way North, currently on the
West Coast of Mexico
11:30 PM Getting Closer, heading north from Calgary to Edmonton
11:45 Things are getting serious now, Fort St. Johan and on to Cranbrook
Best be in bed soon, 12:50 AM and it's Victoria time
1:03 AM Santa has left Canadian Airspace and is in Alaska, bound for
Juneau and then down to Hawaii

We have received this Eyewitness Account from the rooftops
of a residence on the East Side of Prince Rupert as Santa went North:

"He Sprang to his sleigh, to his team gave a whistle,
And away they all flew like the down of a thistle,
But heard him exclaim, 'ere he drove our of sight!

"Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night"

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