Friday, July 17, 2020

Council of the Haida Nation keeps the Welcome mat off the doorstep for now

The latest update from the Council of the Haida Nation has reinforced their decision to declare the Islands Closed to non-residents.

In their July 15th announcement the CHN notes that all non-residential and non-essential travel is still not permitted.

The Pandemic Response advisory notes that a number of factors were considered as they extended the State of Emergency: with current global trends, the status of the Canada/US border and availability of information sharing, screening, rapid testing and safe contact tracing among their concerns.

We are continuing with our risk assessment, information gathering, and consultation period to determine how and when the Haida Nation will permit non-resident travel. 

This process is transparent and applies to all equally throughout the Islands.

The Council of Haida Nation further outlines that they will issue a formal statement on the next phase of their COVID-19 response following their review, though they do not provide a timeline towards when that is planned.

You can review the full statement from the CHN here.

The renewal of the State of Emergency comes as the Province of British Columbia continues to expand on its restart BC program, as well as during a period of time which has seen some of the Sports fishing lodges on Haida Gwaii reopen for business, some of which have taken some additional steps to reduce any contact between lodge guests and Island residents.

Those looking for more information on the CHN's plans and updates can find further background from the Council of Haida nation website and Facebook page.

For more notes on items of interest from Haida Gwaii see our archive page here.

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