Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Erratic driving in Terrace leads to Thornhill drug bust for Northwest Mounties

Terrace Mounties seized drugs, weapons and cash following an investigation
into a report of an erratic driver on Friday night in Thornhill
(RCMP photo)

A complaint to the Terrace RCMP about an erratic driver heading for the Thornhill area turned into a weapons and drug bust on Friday night with the follow up investigation leading to a seizure of cash and charges of impaired driving.

Terrace Mounties worked a case file that travelled from the downtown
area of the city to Thornhill Friday night

The alert to a member of the detachment in the downtown area by a passerby started the search, with members locating the vehicle in question in the Thornhill area, initiating a traffic stop following the observation of a number of driving offences.

As they investigated further, police discovered a prohibited weapon and placed the male driver under arrest. After a field sobriety test, he was subsequently arrested for impaired driving.

Upon examination of the vehicle, more weapons, drugs, and a large amount of cash were located by police inside the vehicle, all of which were seized. 

The driver received a driving suspension and traffic violation tickets. The investigation surrounding the drugs, weapons, and money is ongoing.

Towards the case file, the Terrace RCMP is asking for those who may have any further information related to the case to contact them at 250-638-7400

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