Tuesday, July 21, 2020

7.8 magnitude earthquake generates Tsunami warning for Alaska mainland

A powerful 7.4 magnitude earthquake (later upgraded to a 7.8 mg event)  struck the eastern Aleutian Islands shortly after 11 PM on Tuesday evening, generating a Tsunami warning for the Alaskan Peninsula.

The quake which was recorded at 11:13 PM BC Time was centred 75 miles South of Chignik, Alaska, 520 miles Southwest of Anchorage.

The Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre issued the Tsunami Warning for the Alaskan peninsula at that time, advising that further evaluation was required to determine if the warning would be extended to the Alaskan Panhandle or British Columbia.

Further notes on the seismic event will be updated here as they become available.

Emergency Info BC has advised residents to standby for further information

11:40 PM -- Tsunami Update Number One 

11:50 PM -- Earthquakes Canada reports a False Alert for a report of a 4.6 mg quake at Port Hardy

11:50 PM -- Tsunami Update Number Two
Magnitude of the event upgraded to a 7.8 magnitude quake

12:20 PM -- Tsunami Update Number Three
Advisory for other US and Canadian Pacific coasts in North America, there is no tsunami threat.

12:30 PM -- Emergency Info BC issues advisory that there is no Tsunami threat to the province

12:30 PM -- Second significant quake recorded at Sand Point Alaska, 6.1 magnitude

Smaller magnitude after shocks continue to be recorded in the area

For more notes on past seismic events see our archive page here.

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